Little Ms Claus Dress: What I’m Makin’ Monday

Monday is almost over, but I figured it’s better I post it today than next Monday when it’s WAY after Christmas! I’m so proud of my creation!

I can’t take all of the credit cause I got an idea to make this adorable Little Ms. Claus Dress after seeing a similar one by my friend Jess‘s sister who own’s the shop Our Little Tutus. So if you think you can’t make one of these, you can buy one for under $30!

I saw a picture of her Santa tutu dress and decided to create one with the flair of a pettiskirt. So I made a tutu pettiskirt style dress using tulle, ribbon, a red crocheted baby beanie and headband and feathers/more tulle.

I made it by hand sewing together a red baby beanie I opened up to a wide baby headband.

Then I made the tutu dress like I explained in this tutorial. Then I tied small white strips to the ends of the red tulle skirt to make it look like a mock pettiskirt.

I added more frill by hand stitching a feather boa-like embellishment to the top front of the dress bodice. Note: DON’T stitch it all around. I did that at first and forgot that she’d have to fit in it. The bodice gives but the feather’s didn’t so I had to undo half of my stitching around the back.

After a photoshoot with the feather’s I realized baby drool and feathers don’t mix so I went back and tied white tulle to the top of the bodice (the same way I did with the red around the bottom) and trimmed it all down to the same length.

I added a black satin ribbon as the Ms. Claus belt with a rhinestone buckle (I found at Hobby Lobby).


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  1. WOW jenn that is just AMAZING!!! it is really incredible. I am jealous of your mad creative skills…if we ever have a girl, I would love to try this!!

  2. She is just the cutest thing ever!!! I am so impressed by you….I hope you have a glorious Christmas. And a fantastic start to 2011. Many blessings to you and yours…

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