Listen to my 4-year-old’s interview and you’ll understand why I’m gray

Wonder why I’m forever calling my son “crazy” or my little “wild card”? Wonder why I have an abundance of gray hairs? Well, you’re about to witness the reason.

silly 3-year-old boy

I asked Big T to sit down so I could asked him some questions. I showed him last year’s birthday interview to refresh his memory of the process, and I incentivized his participation with a bribe of an extra birthday gift.

The result? Well, for one, an extremely frustrated mom.

He wouldn’t sit still and answer my questions. I asked the same thing over and over because he insisted on being difficult. A week went by and I left the video alone before I finally sat down to edit it. Expecting to be utterly disappointed with the result.

But as I pulled up his interview, I couldn’t stop laughing. Yes,  he was all over the place. And yes, he was being so silly, and difficult and just… HIMSELF. Why should I expect him to be sit still serious when that’s absolutely not him?

I told my husband about my revelation and he told me something I’ll never forget.

“The point isn’t to get perfect answers, it’s to capture his personality. And you did that.”

He gets it! Now I should too.

Here’s his 3-year-old birthday interview from last year and here are some prompts if you’re looking for questions to ask your kids, from young to old, to get thoughtful (or not) responses and see how they change each year.

A great guide for getting good pictures of your kids' TRUE personality. Leave the cheese for mice. Capture your child's true personality on camera and in video.

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Ashley says:

A 4 year old sit still? LOL. My son is the same. Such a wiggle worm 🙂

Haha, ok I’m glad mine isn’t the only one. He seemed to do better at 3!

Liz Mays says:

I’m liking his favorite movies! It’s cute that he wants for be a tractor. You can definitely tell he likes the Cars movie!

Haha, yes he’s a huge fan!

Claudia Krusch says:

This is such a fantastic idea. I will have to do this with my kids. I can just imagine the answers I am going to get.

Seriously, I never know what’s going to come out of his mouth. haha

Rebecca Bryant says:

How cute. I think being a tractor is a good idea. Me personal i want to be Maters best friend.

Mater is one of the coolest characters for sure. I’d love to be his BFF too. Thanks for watching! 🙂

Emily says:

This is adorable and such a sweet idea! I want to do this with my kids and get their sweet and silly small person personalities on video. Thank you so much for the idea!

Yea!! I hope you share it when you do!

Nikki says:

He is so cute!!! Thank you for the questions, I’m totally going to use them this year with my kiddos.

Yay! I hope you’ll share it when you do!

Kecia says:

How cute! I am sure my 3 year old would be the same way. He doesn’t like to sit still. I love that you were able to capture his personality though, that’s what matters!

I totally agree. I am sure I’ll look back and we will laugh at it together.

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