Lil’ J says…

My sister-in-law wanted to hear her talk so I recorded and sent her this video.

Cutest little voice ever…

omgosh doesn’t get much cuter than that!

awww I LOVE her little voice!! So precious. You must do more videos of her cuteness..

emily says:

Love hearing little ones learn how to talk. Thanks for sharing with all of us too! 🙂

Jessica says:

if cute could kill i’d be dead as a doornail right now! lol her little voice is adorable, especially her animal impressions! i can’t wait to hear how my daughter’s voice will sound when she actually begins to say words other than “uh-oh” “ba-ba” and “mama”…not that those aren’t great too 🙂

awww…super cute lil’ baby voice! my little one is almost a year. hard to imagine him actually talking!

Wendy* says:

Awww She’s the cutest baby girl ever! I love this. More videos please!

Oh my, super cute! Love the jammies too!

Joanna B says:

Love the video! She’s doing great! My so does the same thing- “dog” (“dah”) is always followed by “woo woo woo”!

A-DORABLE! I love seeing her little personality develop through videos and pictures!

Oh I could just die. She is so cute. I’m so glad I got to finally meet her last month. What a darling peanut she is. Those thighs in those pjs… just too much!

melifaif says:

Ahhhhh… the sweetest thang. EVAH!!!! lol. Seriously though.

melifaif says:

Love how her lil nose squishes up. She is adorable. Love it.

Cute, can’t believe you got hubby in the frame as well 😛

She is so stinkin’ cute I love! Made me smile:)

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Precious! Just makes me smile! Your daughter is so beautiful!

Toya says:

So so cute!!!!

Angie says:

Jay is saying the exact same things, mostly the same way:) Fun to hear how similar thier talking patterns are.

FairyPeacock says:

OOOOOOh my God!!!! this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute :o) she is soooo sweet, i want to hug her awwwwwwwwww

Oh my gosh, she is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!!!!!!!! All of her cute little words and facial expressions remind me of my Emmma when she talks. 🙂 I love it!!!!!

M says:

awww she is so scrumptious!!! I love how she looks like a lovely cocktail of both you and your hubby! Also, I love how big and expressive her mouth is when she speaks – SO cute!!! That’s where that gorgeous smile comes from. Keep up the good work Mummy and Daddy!!!!

Grace says:

awwwww, so cute

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