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Let’s skip that part of this blog post where I tell you the last year and a half has been weird and hard. It’s been weird and hard for most of the world, and we aren’t excluded. When it comes to my professional life, I can feel things shifting. I spent more than a decade keeping this space here on my blog, my sacred ground for sharing pregnancy, job, and day to day life updates as well as many of my most personal thoughts. But social media has evolved. My kids have grown a lot, and dreams change. 

So random… I got sucked into the LulaRich documentary last week and couldn’t peel my eyes away from watching some of the inner workings of the company and experiences of some of the women. A phrase that really hit me was the idea of the “Boss Babe” or “Boss Mom.” I remember when that was a personal desire of mine. Craving the business suit, busy schedule and fancy car. Feeling important and valued.  

But let me tell you what, my desire to appear successful–at least by society’s standards– has all but diminished. I left the “9-5” world of news reporting and spent the next 6 years trying to prove to myself that I still had it. Now I’ve become ok with inventing my own definition of success, and knowing that it doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.

I am not going to speak for every blogger or social media creator, but for me, it’s often felt like I’m on this ladder to nowhere. What’s the end goal? Where’s the final destination? There isn’t one, we are sorta paving the way here, but social media and the way we use it are also evolving. 

Self reflection about individuality. Learning to be my best self and inspiring others to do the same.

This last year on social media I’ve seen people climb up to die on so many different hills. Not literally, thank goodness. But figuratively with their passionate political stances. I get it. I was there too, last summer when I felt like I was yet again tight walking a delicate line between explaining and supporting BLM, while also standing firmly against phrases like “ACAB.” 

We all have different hills we are willing to die on. There are so many hills. And two people can stand in front of the same one, and look at each other. One person is like “let’s go!” and the other be like “Nope! This ain’t worth it!” I think respecting and appreciating each other and our choices for what to be passionate about is so important. 

Ok, enough about hypothetical hills and death. Here’s what I’m getting at…

During the middle of the pandemic, after our city’s police department was defunded, and the weird Texas ice storm, and power outages, but before we launched our first product, and started a new year of homeschooling, we made a big life change. 

The last several months have felt like a strange sort of tiptoeing. We’ve had to grieve a loss for the future we had planned. I wanted to respect that, and our privacy. I’ve surprisingly felt an identity shift as I question if I can still be the bridge builder I want to be, though I don’t have as much skin in the game. The last step in this process for myself has naturally felt like sharing it with my community. With you. 

But as I observed my corner of the internet I wasn’t sure where the right place for that was. Here on my blog, where it all started? Where over the years I’ve bore my soul and most inner thoughts, but where my recent posts are movie reviews and parenting tips? On my Instagram feed? Where I share more of my day to day and some who have recently joined me and may not know or understand this history? Where maybe 5% of my community will even see it if Instagram so wishes to display?

Or someplace new and fresh? A place for the OG fam, and those who want to stay connected. 

This blog will still be my journal and space for sharing and connecting with those of you who will give me the pleasure of your company. I’ve also (like, 10 years late) started a newsletter–Newsletter? Is that what I should call it? An emailed blog with periodic updates? Over the years my RSS feed has changed from full blog updates to your inbox, to weekly (or twice monthly) updates with highlights to your inbox. Now, well… This is sorta going back to the blogs in your inbox except some of them won’t also be posted here on my blog. At least not this one I’m working on, not yet. 

If you already have signed up for our newsletter and get our emails (thank you!), you’re good to go. They’re free and will remain free. If not and you’d like to join us you can here

I’ll be sending out an email with the subject line “life update” later this week. If you’d rather wait until I get around to sharing it here in the future, no worries! And if you’re still here, I’d love to know how you keep in touch with your favorite content creators these days. Obviously you’re reading my blog now, but do you pop in often? Do you love/hate emails? How can we stay in touch?

Thank you for being here. And for listening. 

With love,


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  1. I’m looking to seeing what your news is. Hopefully it is good news, if it is a course change for your family.

    For my favorite handful of content creators (you included!), I follow on Instagram, Twitter if they use it, and their blog and email list. I enjoy getting updates via email – as long as it’s not constant or spammy/sales-y.

    1. Thank you for the love Carrie! I really appreciate it. And for the feedback on where you keep track of your favorite creators! Man I used to love Twitter so much more but I just don’t use it like I used to. It’s SO fun for live-tweeting during shows though. haha

  2. I love the standard blog format so much! I miss it. I get sick of the social media dive and love to just “read” what people have to share. A story that is slowly released as it happens of sorts!

    1. Man, I miss it too. It’s hard to keep up with posting everywhere I’m “suppose” to be posting. And as a consumer it’s hard to keep track of all the people I love to keep tabs on!

  3. I just read your life update newsletter and I felt compelled to comment. I know the internet/social media is a weird place to tell a stranger you’re proud of them, but I am proud of you and honored to be a reader of your words. You’re making a giant leap into the unknown and I look forward to reading what you choose to share with us in whatever format you choose.

  4. Came over from the email:
    I pray this change in profession for your husband brings about a sense of peace for your family. I can’t begin to imagine the stress you all have felt throughout those 9yrs but especially these past couple years. I’m sure this will be like a breath of fresh air and give you all a chance to explore something new or revisit some things that might’ve been put on hold due to his profession.
    One scripture that has helped me these past few weeks is Philippians 4:6, write down the scripture along with your goals. I’ll be praying for you all to be blessed with happiness, joy, and wrinkle-free skin like grandma (lol).

  5. What a leap of faith you and your family is taking right now. Thanks for sharing it in your email update. I’ve been around for a while and I love seeing how your family grows and changes. Enjoy it all!

  6. This has to have been difficult for the both of you. My husband have shifted roles in unexpected ways over the years and it just always works out. Trust each other and never forget it’s not my money or your money–silly. As long as I have my husband, I’m not stressed. Love your honesty and perspective!

    Switching topics–our kids are off to college. What about a book for parents to record favorite movies and a few prompts to explain why? Not trying to be morbid, but someday, they might really cherish that.

    1. Most definitely “our money” we’ve never seen it any other way. This will be an interesting shift for sure. And thanks for the journal idea, that sounds so so sweet! Like a personal movie diary?

  7. I am still reading blogs probably one of the only ones left. I love my blog as a journal it’s been so nice to see my kids and I grow within the blog and I can look back and see it. The blog grows as I do my end goal will be when I’m 80 lol. Going over to the newsletter to get signed up!

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