Some of The Best LGBTQ+ Pride Movies and TV Shows Checklist for Kids of All Ages


June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and for me and my family, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate diversity and learn more about LGBTQ+ rights and issues. Sometimes, this happens through books or conversations with friends, other times while watching movies and TV series that shed light on these sorts of topics. Sometimes it makes it easy for my kids to put themselves in other shoes’ and see new perspectives. That’s why I created this full list of LGBTQ+ Pride Movies and TV Shows that can be a great conversation starter for your family.

There are a lot of reasons why we celebrate pride, but for me this one stands out:

“Queer people don’t grow up as ourselves, we grow up playing a version of ourselves that sacrifices authenticity to minimize humiliation and prejudice. The massive task of our adult lives is to unpick which parts of ourselves are truly us and which parts we’ve created to protect us.” – Janelle Monae via IG

Once we find ourselves, we want to celebrate it. One of my missions in life is to help others, and especially my kids, feel comfortable in their own skin, and help them grow into the best and truest version of themselves.

Check out all of the items I included on the LGBTQ+ Pride Movies and TV Shows Checklist:

This LGBTQ+ Pride Movies and TV Shows Checklist is a great place to start with families. I separated the movies and TV shows based on age – ‘Bigs’ and ‘Littles’ so that you can pick the best option for your kids’ ages. It’s up to you to decide which media you feel comfortable showing to your kiddos. And when in doubt, try watching it yourself first. A lot are thought-provoking for grownups too!

I hope you can watch some of these movie suggestions as a family and have meaningful conversation about the LGBTQ+ community and become stronger allies.

LGBTQ+ Pride Movies and TV Shows for Bigs

Love, Simon

A closeted gay teenager dealing with the pressure of a blackmailer threatening to out him to the school, trying to uncover the identity of a classmate with whom he has fallen in love online, and balancing his home and social life. 

Breakfast With Scot

Eric McNally is a retired gay Hockey player who chooses to remain closeted at work while living with his partner Sam, a sports lawyer. Then their lives are turned upside down when Eric unexpectedly becomes the legal guardian of Scot, an energetic young boy whose preference for clothing and hobbies suggests he may also be gay. 

A Secret Love (documentary)

A 2020 documentary centering around a former All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player and her partner, Terry Donahue, and Pat Henschel, and their experience keeping their lesbian relationship a secret from their families for nearly seven decades.

Suited (documentary)

This documentary offers so much more than a look behind the scenes at the Brooklyn tailoring company Bindle and Keep. This film demonstrates the importance of finding your voice and letting others find theirs. Letting others define how they want to be seen and listening.

The Most Dangerous Year (documentary)

This documentary is about brave families with transgender kids who joined the fight against discriminatory anti-transgender legislation. A present-day civil rights story, these families fought for their children’s lives and futures.  

All in My Family (documentary)

This heartfelt short film documentary about a modern family in America centers on a gay Chinese man from a traditional family who has chosen to have children with his partner via surrogates.

Disclosure (documentary)

An inspiring, investigative, and feel-good documentary in which members of the trans community share their perspectives about Hollywood’s impact on the trans community.

Changing the Game (documentary)

Changing the game tells the inspirational story of transgender high school athletes competing at the top of their sport. It is about challenging boundaries, dealing with the perception of fairness, and working hard despite discrimination.

The Half of It

This 2020 comedy-drama, a modern retelling of Cyano de Bergerac, is an “uncommonly smart, tender, and funny coming-of-age story” about Elli Chu, a teenager who agrees to write love letters for an inarticulate jock only to become his friend, and fall for his crush.

The Intimidation Game

The story of Alan Turing, a British mathematician, cryptanalyst, and pioneering computer scientist who was key to cracking Nazi Germany’s naval Enigma code and helping the Allies win the Second World War only to be later prosecuted for homosexuality.

The Prom

This is an enchanting and exciting musical film about down-on-their-luck Broadway stars rallying behind a teenager in Indiana who wishes to go to senior prom with her girlfriend. It is charming, funny, and easy to enjoy.

Hearts Beat Loud

A feel-good coming-of-age drama, Hearts Beat Loud follows a Brooklyn record store owner who tries to convince his daughter to start a band with him while also telling the young love story of two queer women of color. And the leading ladies are played by real-life, young, out queer women of color.

Freak Show

This film follows the story of Billy Bloom, a teenager who runs for Homecoming Queen despite the disapproval of his ultra-conservative high school. Billy is bold, confident, and wildly eccentric, but most of all, he believes in himself.

Diary of a Future President

A current series on Disney+, Diary of a Future President, follows a young Cuban-American girl who aspires to become the future President of the United States.

Danger & Eggs

An animated series on Amazon, Danger & Eggs is a cute story about a “gender-free female lesbian child and her giant large-gamete friend” and is the first children’s cartoon created by an openly transgender person, Shadi Petosky.

The Loud House

A Nicktoons about the Loud family, this animation series follows the chaotic everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud, the middle child and only son of eleven children.

The Fosters – Freeform series

An American family drama series that follows the lives of the Adams foster family. Led by a lesbian couple Stef Foster and Lena Adams, the Fosters navigates the world of raising a biological son and four adopted teenagers in San Diego, California. 

Love, Victor (series)

A Hulu original series based in the same universe as Love, Simon. This show tells the story of a new student at Creekwood High School. Victor is a half Puerto-Rican, half Columbian-American teenager on a journey of self-discovery. Love, Victor hits themes of challenges at home, struggling with identity and sexual orientation, and trust.

Heartstopper (series)

Heartstopper follows the story of Charlie Spring after he was recently outed at high school. He is seated next to a popular rugby player, Nick Nelson, and falls in love with him. This heartwarming British dramedy shows their budding romance and everything that comes with it during high school. This Netflix series is the perfect Pride watch with your teens!

Queer Eye (series)

This one’s for teens and up! If your family loves some good reality tv, then Queer Eye is the perfect choice! A team of 5 style experts, also known as the Fab Five, advise people on style, grooming, food, design, and more in this highly successful reboot. Watch them transform lives!

LGBTQ+ Pride Movies and TV Shows for Littles

The Little Prince(ss)

This short film follows Gabriel, a seven-year-old Chinese boy who loves ballet and the color pink. When Gabriel becomes friends with Rob, another Chinese kid from school, Rob’s dad becomes suspicious and decides to intervene. This gender-fluid story explores themes of masculinity and acceptance.

The Mitchells vs. Machines

In the Mitchells vs. Machines, a dysfunctional family ends up saving the Earth from a robot uprising while on a road trip. The main character, Katie Mitchell, is an inspiring idol for confused kids making weird art.

Sesame Street Episode 5132 “Family Day”

In this beautiful episode, Sesame Street is celebrating Family Day, and everyone’s family will be in attendance. This includes Elmo, Big Bird, Granny Bird, and the arrival of Nina’s brother Dave, his husband Frank, and their daughter Mia.

Marvel’s Hero Project: Mighty Rebekah

Spotlighting a new hero every week, Marvel’s Hero Project introduces us to young heroes making a difference in their community and the world. During the Might Rebekah episode, we are introduced to a young woman on a mission to shield others from hate. And raise awareness for LGBTQ youth. A modern-day Super Hero, she is a role model for other kids.

One Day at a Time

This reimagining of the TV classic highlights the story of a single Latina mother raising her teen daughter and tween son with the help of her traditional mother. This generation-spanning heartfelt family show introduced a non-binary love interest named Syd for the show’s lesbian teen daughter Elena Alvarez.

Andi Mack (series)

Andi Mack is a coming-of-age story about a relatable teenage girl trying to understand how she fits into the world. And navigate social struggles. Joshua Rush, who plays the role of Cyrus in this hit Disney Channel series made history by becoming the first Disney Channel character to say the words, “I’m gay.” 

Andi Mack (series) - LGBTQ+ Pride Movies and TV Shows

The Owl House (series)

This animated series follows the story of Luz, a confident teenage girl who mistakenly opens a portal to a magical world. In this new world, Luz befriends the witch Eda and a tiny warrior named King. The Owl House is a comedy adventure that made history with Disney’s first bisexual main character.

The Bravest Knight (Series)

Based on the novel by Daniel Errico, The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived, this animated adventure tells the story of a young kid and pumpkin farmer who became the Bravest Knight. He tells the stories of his quests to his adopted daughter. The Bravest Knight was praised for featuring a household of two dads. This making it one of the first all-ages animations to have an openly gay main character.


This film features a young game man who has not yet come out to his parents and whose mind is then magically swapped with his dog. This Pixar SparkShort was both Disney and Pixar’s first short to feature a gay main character.

I Am Jazz – TLC series

This series centers on Jazz, a fourteen-year-old teenager balancing homework, friendships, and being a transgender teenager. This series tackles themes like bullying, diversity, and acceptance in the modern teenage world.

She-Ra and the Princess of Power (series)

After Adora finds a magical sword that allows her to transform into the legendary She-Ra, Princess of Power, she joins the rebellion to fight against the army she was once a part of. Her former best friend, Catra, becomes her mortal enemy, but their relationship remains complicated. There are many queer relationships in the series, and is a great Pride watch for all ages!

Strange World

Strange World is one of Disney’s most recent films, and even though it’s not the most original story, it’s still worth a watch! A son, father, and grandfather find themselves in a strange world where they must learn to work together to make it out safely. On top of stunning visuals, this movie also has the first openly gay Disney character in the 16-year-old son, Ethan!

Dead End: Paranormal Park (series)

Follow two new employees and their dog as they discover the theme park they just started working at. But this isn’t just any normal theme park, it’s full of paranormal creatures and mysteries. The LGBTQ+ representation in this animated series is really well done, so if you’re looking for something to watch with your littles, give this a shot!

Did I include some of your favorites? Or did I miss any that you think should be added? Let me know in the comments so we all don’t miss out on some great LGBTQ+ Pride Movies and TV Shows!


Download and print my Ultimate LGBTQ+ Pride Movies and TV Shows Checklist by clicking here!


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