Are you looking for black-owned businesses to support? Check out my favorite 13 black-owned businesses you can check out during Black Business Month and beyond.

It’s August which means it’s Black Business Month. Small businesses are one thing that we love to support. And many of us understand how important it is to shop small. For many reasons, Black-owned businesses are hard to come by. And if you do discover one, many don’t survive for the long haul due to inhibiting factors. Black Business Month is a great time to celebrate and shine a light on Black-owned businesses that are changing the game!

You can help make a tangible difference today with your buying power. I try to support Black-owned businesses at every chance I get, and I hope you will too by checking out my list below for brands you might enjoy and support.

1. Pouring Over Book

This exceptional subscription service provides book and coffee lovers with a monthly dose of carefully curated ‘me time.’ My friend Lashawn started this business and every book she has recommended to me has been stellar! Self-care has never been so easy!

Cherish365 Black-Owned Businesses - Pouring Over Book

2. Danielle Faust

Get your stuff together with the help of this brilliant manifestation mentor, spiritual guide, healer, and life coach. Danielle Faust is a Black woman on a mission to propel you past your fears and doubts to live your best life. You can sign up for some personalized one-on-one time or take some of her courses to educate yourself on manifestation. I consider myself a pro at manifesting and she has even helped me take it up a notch.

3. Melanin Hair Care

I always get so many questions on how we do wash day here at the Borget house so I know you’ll love this black-owned business: Whitney and Taffeta White saw a need for simple, natural hair care for people of color, and they delivered! I’ve followed Whitney during her Naptural85 days and her Youtube videos taught me how to manage my natural curls. Melanin Hair Care is a family-owned and black-owned business that places a huge focus on high-quality, natural ingredients. It’s natural, luxurious, simple, and affordable, all rolled into one perfect bottle.

4. Home Made Luxe

Ever wanted to spruce up your home with a creative decor project you saw and loved on Pinterest but found the planning to be too time-consuming and stressful? Enter Home Made Luxe by Keitha Moseley-Dendy! They provide a curated craft kit containing all the crafty materials you need to DIY your project, plus detailed step-by-step written, photo and video instructions. Great for people like me who like to pretend they’re crafty but need a bit of handholding to get the job done.

Cherish365 Black-Owned Businesses - Home Made Luxe

5. Ditto Kids Magazine

Talking to your children about race and identity can be a tricky thing, but it’s something I think is so important. Ditto Kids Magazine, founded by a Black woman, Alexandria Scott, helps parents, educators, and caregivers talk to their children about race and racism so that they can open their minds, see new perspectives, and accept everyone, no matter their race.


Bia Blooms, founded by Bia herself, is a Black woman-owned floral studio whose creations will leave you breathless. She even has her creations in a Pharrell x Jay Z music video! If that isn’t a top-notch endorsement, then I don’t know what is.

7. The Milk Manual

Erica is a former Mother/Baby Registered Nurse and current Lactation Consultant who founded The Milk Manual after having a revelation about prenatal education for breastfeeding mothers — the infant feeding journey can be tough and confusing! If you’re looking for educated guidance on how best to navigate this time, then The Milk Manual’s tips, tricks, and consultations may be the thing for you.

Cherish365 Black-Owned Businesses - The Milk Manual

8. The Best Today Brand

Want to be more intentional with your time? The Best Today Brand helps you do just that with their The Best Today™ Guide, a paper product that walks you through 14 weeks of introspection, vision, and consistency to uncover what your best looks like one today at a time. You know how I love journals and self-growth and this combines both! Founded by Shunta Grant, the company strives to bring a new perspective for those longing to live lives of intention. Sign me up!

9. Attay Mik Baby Couture

Adorning your kids in beautiful clothes has never been so affordable! Toddlers and infants don’t have to wear boring clothes — everyone deserves to be bold and stylish (just ask Lee Lee), even ones who may even throw up on their outfit of the day. With a Black woman CEO, Kimyata Smith, Attay Mik Baby Couture is spearheaded into being in everyone’s closets sooner rather than later. I’ve loved styling Lee Lee in these rompers.

10. Formed Clay Designs by E.King

Formed is a clay jewelry brand founded by Ebony King which aims to celebrate and decorate you for every occasion. Her pieces are of high quality, colorful, and worth every penny! Even though my ‘uniform’ is usually a comfy robe, on the days where I do feel like dressing up a bit, a pair of earrings can go a long way and Formed jewelry has a beautiful selection!

11. Simply Light Candle Co.

Every home has its signature scent, so why not make yours one from Simply Light Candle Co.? Every candle is hand-poured in small batches using 100% soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and lead-free cotton wicks. The brand embodies health, cleanliness, and family. Check out Amazing Grace.

12. The London Grant Co.

Less is more, and never has this been more true than through The London Grant Company’s body care products! Founder Tiffany Staten started this journey in 2016 when she was pregnant and eager to make clean and safe products for her changing body. Fast forward to today, The London Grant Co. is making waves in the home and body industry!

Cherish365 - The London Grant Co.

13. Garden 24

Morgan Harper Nichols is a multitalented artist/poet who created a beautiful line of inspirational planners and gratitude journals. The perfect way to start your day and plan a productive week. Morgan’s stationary line has everything from stickers and greeting cards to sketchbooks.

14. loose seeds

Do you have curious kids who you want to help explore their genius? Loose Seeds might be the perfect option for you! They sell great tshirts right now, but they are also developing a course to teach kids and families how to run businesses and become content creators. This is a great black-owned business to support!

15. Happy and Bilingual School

Are your kids interested in learning a new language? Happy and Bilingual School is a great resource to both learn a second language or supplement your child’s second language education. It’s fun, convenient, and all online! Check out this black-owned business now for both your kids or yourself!

Do you have any black-owned businesses that you love supporting? Share them below!

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