Our first apartment when we got married didn’t have a dishwasher (but it did have a lot of bugs – yuck!). We were newlyweds and busy college students though so arguing over the dishes wasn’t something we really spent energy on. We did tell ourselves that our next apartment would have a dishwasher. And it did! We were moving up in the world. But several moves and three kids later, we know dishes better than ever. In this post, I’m going to share the secret key to getting dishes truly clean (without leftover food residue!) with Cascade Platinum + Oxi.

Now that we’re basically pros (ha!) and starting to teach our kids how to help with chores, I thought I’d share three things that can help make doing the dishes easier and have them come out with a clean you can see AND feel. Now I trust my dishes are getting a deep, hygienic clean – and here’s why:

1. Use a detergent that really gets your dishes clean. Even when you have a tough messy dish with grease or oatmeal stuck on it, Cascade Platinum + Oxi cleans both visible and invisible food residue for a hygienic clean you can see and feel. The way it works is the detergent packs have ingredients that break down starch and proteins from stuck-on food and leftover grease, cleaning what you can see as well as the invisible food residue.

2. Make loading and unloading easier by sorting your silverware before you wash it to make unloading faster. You can also assign each family member a water bottle so you don’t have as much drinkware piling up.

3. Know how to load your dishwasher: Dishes should face the center sprayer plates at the bottom, cups and bows at the top. I’m teaching my oldest daughter this because far too often I’ll notice a bowl inside of a bowl and the inside doesn’t get washes *facepalm*. There are a lot of tutorials out there to see how to correctly load a dishwasher. And if you’re using the Cascade Platinum + Oxi, there’s no need to pre-rinse your dishes before loading it in. It works that well plus it saves water. For a more in-depth guide on how to properly load your dishwasher check out the link here.

Who does the dishes in your house? Any tips to add to this list? Click here for $1.50 coupon off your next tub of Cascade Platinum + Oxi! 

Social Distance Halloween ideas like a dance party

Well, I’ve never experienced Halloween during a global pandemic, and I’m assuming you’re in the same boat. The holiday that usually has my kids running and giggling down the streets is going to look a little different this year.

If you’re like me, you still are hoping to make the most of this Halloween even if it means your area is opting out of trick-or-treating all together.

biracial girl standing in a pretty field of grass

My oldest daughter is dyslexic. She isn’t shy about it, and she proudly explains it as a part of who she is and has given me permission to share a part of her story. We recorded this video to answer some frequent questions she gets about dyslexia and shares some thoughts that may be encouraging to others going through it.

interracial family at a camping cabin koa kampground

We took a trip on our first camping trip. Though can you call it camping if there’s no tent involved and A/C? Maybe we should call it glamping. But either way, we are counting it. I was a little nervous going in, not knowing what to expect and how we would manage our three kids on our first ever camping experience but we came out having made beautiful memories and we can’t wait to go again.

Is the live action remake of mulan scary for kids

If you’ve read my Disney movie reviews before you know I’m not crazy about the remake and sequel trend. While Aladdin was done really well, and Frozen 2 was pretty good, I’m over here waiting for more original stories from Disney Animation Studios and Pixar. That said, because I love the original films, I have to see the remakes, and all the sequels, and I like to see how they hold up. And Mulan is the next one up for review.

live action mulan remake scary for kids review

For some context, “T” is my 7-year old son. He loves animals and action. Jayda is my 10-year-old daughter who LOVES Disney movies and she’s a true critic.

They both typically really enjoy the new Disney movies but are honest with their opinions about what they like and didn’t like. Towards the end of the review you’ll see comparisons to some of the other movies we’ve seen. At the very end of the post there are links to some of our other reviews if you’d like a comparison to what we initially thought of some of the other Disney new releases.

Black mother reading to her biracial children sharing tips on quality time with kids

One thing I’ve really come to realize while spending so much time with my kids these last several months, is that quality time and quantity time are not nearly the same. I can spend hours and hours in the same room with my kids and not get five good minutes of quality time because I’m trying to multitask with work, responding to messages, straighten up, or a dozen other things.

This school year I’m committing to a little bit of quality time together each day. I mean, of course hopefully we get more than that, but scheduling a little bit of time where I’m not trying to teach them curriculum, or take a conference call. It’ll be our snack time break time where we can all chill.

interracial family black mom white dad biracial kids

My whole life people have tried to put me into a box. “You’re black so you must…” “You’re Mormon, so that means you believe…” “You voted Democrat, so you are…” “You’re married to a police officer, so you think…”

We’ve become a society fixated on labels and placing people into coordinating boxes with monolithic beliefs.

watercolor homeschool art

School is looking vastly different for all of us this year, but there’s no reason we can’t spread some of that joy throughout the week. Whether you’re doing school at home, or getting ready for homeroom, little snacks and activities to look forward to during the week can bring some joy to your week. And a little something I’ve noticed with my kids… You don’t need to create some elaborate activity for each day. Sometimes just a cool name for what you’re doing + a “Feel-Good” snack is all you need.

Here are some ideas for fun ways to kick off the start of the school year.

The One and Only Ivan disney movie review gorilla

Well it’s been a minute since we’ve done a movie review. I was looking forward to screening “Mulan” in March just before the shutdown began, then “Soul” this summer. While the list of movie releases getting pushed back seems to grow, others are getting pushed to digital streaming release. Movies like “The One and Only Ivan”. Which my kids and I had a chance to screen from our home last week and I’m pumped to dust off my movie review skills and share what we thought of this one.

These last few months have caused us to make a lot of adjustments with how we work, go to school, and interact with others. Next up on the new experiences during these strange times is a virtual press conference with the cast from the latest Disney movie. In the past I’ve had incredible opportunities to… read the rest.

Biracial girl sitting next to her posters on internet safety as she prepares for her quizzes on internet safety

“Yea, I’m dyslexic so it’s hard for me to read some things.”

I overheard my 9-year-old daughter talking on a video chat with her friend. Casually throwing out the fact that she’s dyslexic. Moments later her friend mentioned her own anxiety. I smiled at how confident these girls were in owning who they are without shame or embarrassment.

Each of my kids has strengths and weaknesses… all of us do. This time at home together is challenging because we were thrust into it without much of a warning. But a positive side is it’s giving me a chance to learn more about each of them, their learning styles, and how they learn best.

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