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I used to craft all the time. I sewed Jayda’s dresses when she was Lee Lee’s age. And outfitted Ty with some super cute bowties. Fast forward to Lee Lee’s toddler years. With three kids, a business and more on my plate than usual, I’m busier and out of crafting practice.

I was really excited to partner with Cricut and see if it was possible for me to dust off my dormant craft gene.

I’ve made an elaborate mobile for the nursery, laminated door magnets as cruise gifts, painted picture frames and made tutus. One craft I haven’t dabbled with is vinyl.

Maybe I was intimidated. It seemed hard, like another machine and materials to learn and add to my craft room. But when I sit back and look at how much vinyl I have around my house it does seem like a handy tool to have around.

The Cricut Joy is a small little smart cutting machine that’s portable and easily connects with your smart device.

Right away I wanted to break it in making a statement piece for Lee Lee. She’s required more baby-proofing than any of our others and we’ve endearingly called her The Destroyer. When crafting up a phrase for a shirt I thought Tiny Tornado would look cute.

biracial toddler in sunglasses

I’ll admit, it took me awhile to get this shirt just right (this is my first ever experience with vinyl cutting!) But I love how it turned out! I don’t have time for the detailed projects, but simple ones like this shirt aren’t so hard to knock out on the Cricut Joy machine.

I watched a video in the quick start guide and was able to easily make a project and cut it out on the Smart Iron-on glitter. Then I used the Cricut Easypress 2 to stick it to the top. At first I didn’t get the temperature setting hot enough so it didn’t stick, but as soon as I found the correct heat settings it worked like a charm and was fused to the shirt in 30 seconds. I am so excited to make her some more.

Beginners guide to using a cricut

The nice thing is you can easily shop online at Target for all of the materials for your craft, and even the machine itself, and get to work. Unlike sewing, this isn’t a craft that takes hours and hours. Once you get the hang of it you can make cute custom things in a snap.

Now I have all sorts of plans. Iron on for rocks in our garden. Custom signs for our home. Homemade cards to go along with freshly picked wildflowers as a send-off gift. I feel a little twinge coming on, I think it’s my mojo. Can’t wait to show you what we make next!

biracial sister love life during quarantine

I figured I might as well officially document some of my thoughts on this experience here on my blog. I mean, I did document the planning, conception and birth of my three children and this is probably one of the most significant events in our lifetimes thus far–Globally speaking.

We have been at home for 46 61 days now. Well, Ty has REALLY been home the longest. Sometimes his sisters will run with Daddy to pick up some chick-fil-a, or I’ll go do grocery pickup, he hasn’t even gone on a car ride. Mostly because playing with his toys or watching a movie sounds more fun than a food run.

An echo dot for kids playing disney games

“Alexa, play Disney music!”

You know that one right? But what else can she do? You got your first echo for Christmas, or on Prime Day and you’re still working out the kinks. Well I’ve got your back. Especially if you’re a Disney fan. Because today I’m diving into all of the skills you and your family will love to try with Alexa.

We use them for music in the bathrooms, as a clock in our bedroom, and we use the timers all the time in our kitchen. But they can do so much more. From trivia, stories, to fitness. There’s a lot to discover.

Pixar onward party dessert

Onward is Pixar’s latest movie to hit theaters, but sadly the run was cut short because of the pandemic. Good news is it’s already available on digital home video, and will be available to stream on Disney+. We got started on making a Pixar Onward Dessert that you can enjoy with your family while you watch Onward together. And don’t forget to download our free Pixar movie watchlist to check this movie off your list. And follow me on Instagram for more digital checklists.

It’s hard not to love a Disney Pixar movie. All have compelling stories that take us on emotional adventures, characters you learn to love, and teach us important lessons. Ranking our favorite Pixar movies hasn’t always been easy. Especially since the lineup has grown significantly longer over the last several years. But one fun way to do it is with a March Madness-style Pixar movie bracket.

With Onward coming to Disney Plus this week you should be able to watch and rank them all! If you haven’t signed up for Disney Plus yet, now’s a good time to try a week for free.

biracial girl on her laptop doing a homeschool lesson

I homeschooled for two years, and I had plans to begin homeschooling again starting this summer when word of schools around our country shutting down spread. Instilling a love of learning in my children is one of my passions, and I’m always looking for ways to do that.

But I know the idea of homeschooling or helping your kids learn from home can be intimidating. Especially if you’ve never done it before and find yourself in a situation where your kids are suddenly learning from home.

In this blog post I’m going to share some of my favorite resources for free homeschool lesson plans.

marvel movies in order disney plus checklist

If you’re looking for a Marvel movies in order PDF you’ve come to the right place. In case you missed it we’ve got all the Disney movie marathon checklists worked out for you. We’ve got the Disney animated classic movies, we’ve got all the Disney sequels, Pixar movies, live action remakes, and even Black History movies. Now we’re adding the Marvel Movie marathon checklist to our lineup. Whether you want to watch the Marvel films in release order or chronological order, we’ve got you covered with free PDFs of both. And if you want a small mobile version check my Instagram highlights for that!

Helping your child follow their passions. Parenting an all-star youth cheerleader level 1.

Thursday morning at 9am, I felt like a crazy person as I urged the parents in our cheer group chat that we should not go to the competition in Galveston this weekend. I’m normally a pretty confident person, but sticking your neck out with an unpopular opinion is uncomfortable.

“Seriously, it is like a flu. We aren’t going to die.” A mom replied after I voted “no” to attending.

Updated March 16th to include new animated movies like Frozen 2 added to Disney+ With the launch of Disney+ , just about every Disney Animated movie and sequel should is available. If you’re looking for a fun way to keep track of which Disney movies you’ve seen these Disney movie checklist will help. Because with… read the rest.

Pixar movies on Disney plus

Updated March 16th to include Disney Pixar’s Onward In case you haven’t heard, Disney Plus is Disney’s new streaming service. Start your free 7 day trial here. There are loads and loads of content available, including all of the movies from Disney Animation studios. Yes, even the ones in the vault. New movies like a… read the rest.

Frozen 2 coming to Disney plus

If you haven’t gotten around to seeing Frozen 2 yet, I’m not going to ask you where you’ve been I’m here to tell you that you may just want to wait it out or watch it at home because it’s now available to stream. To buy to stream* that is. On Amazon or the like. But Frozen 2 on Disney+? Not just yet.

First off, if you haven’t read our review of Frozen 2 then start there. Then come back to this so you can understand the hype about this dilemma.

Black ariel Disney bpund

This Black History Month I have been so hyped for all of the Black stories and Black Girl Magic happening around the internet. In years past I’ve tried to do roundups of some of my favorite books for Black History Month. This year, I’ve kept my eyes open and tried to share many of my cool findings, across several categories.

I wanted a post I could come back to to find some of the best moments from Black History Month this year.

These are things that came across my life and/or feed, and some were crowdsourced from my Instagram audience. I’ve also thrown in some of my personal favorites like in my opinion, the best children’s book celebrating dark skin that every family should have on their bookshelf. I read it to my son’s first grade class a couple months ago and I had parents messaging me later asking for the name of the book.

From books to commercials to people gone viral. Here’s a compilations of 20 of the best moments from Black History Month 2020. I’m sure some epic moments still slipped through so please share other things you’ve seen this month or even this YEAR so we can keep this blackity black year going!

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