Kindergarten Review: From a Kindergartner


We’re halfway through the school year and my 5-year-old is enjoying kindergarten. For the most part.

The morning perkiness and excitement each morning has worn down a bit. I have to wake her up in the mornings now, versus her jumping up at the sound of my alarm. She has yet to tell me she doesn’t want to go, like she sometimes says about her after school activities. I take that as a good sign.

She and I have different ideas regarding our favorite parts about Kindergarten but we sat down to compare our lists. I thought the things she loved were so adorable that I had to document it.

Kindergartner review

Lil’ J’s favorite parts about school so far

1. Shaving cream: “We build words with it,” she told me. “We smooth it out and it feels so good.”

2. Lunch: “Because we get to talk a little, eat a lot, then talk a little more.” She told me at lunch she likes to talk to her friends about what they’re going to do at recess. It’s so adorable imagining her little 5-year-old conversations. I’ve joined her for lunch a couple times and goodness, they’re so cute.

3. Computer labs: She likes playing the learning games, but doesn’t like getting answers wrong.

Kindergartner review

4. Playing with Buster: The school mascot. “We got to chase him around and play on the slide with him. He was lost then he got bigger and bigger! Maybe he was sneaking so hard.” Parental translation: They first saw Buster as a stuffed animal puppy then finally re-discovered him days later as a full-grown dog (principal in a dog suit). This was the first week of school.

5. Her teacher: “I like that she helps me get smarter. She teaches us and I like her teaching. She makes it fun.” She also enjoys “free recess” and when her teacher tells them they’re doing so well at Kindergarten they can work on more advanced workbooks.

As far as me, I love listening to her stories about how her day went. Picking her up from school is still one of the highlights of my day. Hearing about her friendships, breakups and makeups makes me laugh inside. She reminds me a lot of myself at that age.

I ordered her school picture and am a little distraught with how old she looks. It was one of the few days I let her hair all the way down.

School photo

I love seeing her learn so much without my help. She’s SO proud to show me her new skills when we work on her homework together. And like Lil’ J, I love her teacher. She’s so sweet and cares about her students. She’s great at what she does and really helped ease my panic about my little girl starting kindergarten.

Lil’ J and I decided we wanted to do something special for her teacher for the holidays. Using the app we’ve found items we think she and her family would love including cozy slippers, a Disney Christmas train decoration that’s partly because we are Mickey-obsessed and partly because we know her son loves trains like Lil’ J’s brother. And we threw in some gift cards to her favorite restaurants.

We placed an order a couple weeks ago and when I got a notification that part of the order was ready I finally got to try in-vehicle pickup. We drove to the mall to have it brought out to us. In less than two minutes it was brought out to my car. I really wish I could pick up everything this way. Groceries, clothes, my son from preschool!

Lil’ J added the finishing touches on the gift by making a homemade card and writing a little note inside.

Kindergarten teacher

I packed it all up and brought it to her Christmas party this morning. She was excited for me to be there and loves when I visit her class.

I still remember bits and pieces of my year in kindergarten. These are some of the moments and milestones she’ll treasure forever, and I’m happy to have a part in it.

As I watch her grow up so quickly before my eyes I pray that she continues to learn and find what she’s interested in and most passionate about, and that she’ll continue to have teachers as awesome as this years to help her along the way. Yay for teachers!

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  1. We are doing kindergarten also this year and it’s so much fun! Just in the last few weeks she has really been sounding out EVERYTHING! Like actually reading! It’s so crazy to me! And she’s really good at math (I am not lol)-she will randomly say things like 3+3+3=9 mommy! And 100+100=200, which blows my mind! While she is very smart she is VERY social (like her momma lol) which gives us a few issues with behavior. She talks when the teacher is talking and has some listening and following directions problems :-/ so those are our challenges. She LOVES her friends-everyone is her BEST friend lol. It’s been a fun year so far. Looking forward to the other half of the year. I would like to surprise my mom this holiday season because she’s awesome 🙂

  2. My daughter starts kindergarten next year and I’m excited and scared for her at the same time. She’s super excited but we will see how long that lasts. I loved kindergarten. Especially recess!
    I would buy a gift for my husband. He’s always so helpful and it’ll be nice to get him something besides socks. He loves his socks but I think it be nice to get him something different.

  3. My son still has another year and half before Kindergarten but I am looking forward to him beginning that next step of school. I am sure he will love it. I’d like to be able to get my husband more this holiday season. I know we will be on a tighter budget next year with a new baby so it would be nice to treat him extra this Christmas.

  4. My oldest daughter is also in kindergarten and it is so fun to hear about her day! She just had her first Christmas program at school last night and I can’t believe how grown up her and her little friends looked!

  5. My son is a classmate of your little sweetie. We have all the same rave reviews for their amazing teacher. She is truly the best. I can’t believe I was so nervous for him to go to Kinder, it has been a great experience.

  6. My kids enjoy kindergarten and look forward to the school. I’d like to surprise and delight their teachers this holiday season.

  7. My son is in Kindergarten this year as well! He seems to really be enjoying it, although he comes home pretty tired (but that’s not a bad thing!). He hasn’t told me that he doesn’t want to go either, and he always goes right to the bus willingly, so I know that’s a good sign! I would love to share the gc with my father, who is in need of some new tools!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  8. Kindergarten is so fun. My kids loved going and playing with their friends. I would use the gift card for my kids! Thank you!

    Coleslaura2211(at) yahoo(dot)com

  9. My daughter adored EVERYTHING about “school”. She kind of took over the classroom. According to all her teachers, she was VERY helpful and kind of “mothered” all her classmates.

    Thank you for sharing all the adventures of parenting with us.

    Merry Christmas

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