My kids are weird and awesome

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I compiled a list of every local story time within a 10-mile radius of my house, and logged all of the weekly free fun activities nearby. They’re saved in my phone just dying for me to venture to.

So far we haven’t made it past our neighborhood playground and visiting our new home site (and friend’s houses along the way). But they don’t seem to mind.


My little big guy is sitting up now, and he has two teeth… I’ve been in denial for weeks about this–I don’t know why–I guess hoping they’d disappear. Can my kids please stop growing up.

Sure, sometimes the craziness and 3-year-old tantrums drive me mad, but their smiles keep me coming back for more. I need to start writing down the funny things my daughter says and putting them in a quote book.

little girl playing on playground

Currently she’s a little bit obsessed with death, but not just any death… The death of Jesus Christ. Let me explain…

I was reading her the preface of a New Testament children’s book and it explained Jesus dying on the cross. She was really into this and kept asking questions like “why” and “who didn’t like him?” I tried my best to explain and move on to the beginning of the story about when He was born but it keeps coming back to “And Jesus died?” In her sad little voice.

Now at any mention of Jesus or something dying it comes back to this. Like at church…

“Time to go to Sunday school and learn about Jesus,” we’ll tell her.
“Yea, but Jesus died,” she’ll explain to us.

I just got her a new flashlight of her own, and my husband tucked her in with it last night. He told her not to keep it on all night or the batteries might die.

“Like Jesus?” She asked. I don’t even know what he said to that, but I laughed in the living room.

These kids are my everything.

I’m putty in their little hands. And I think they know it too.

baby boy on slide

And I just want to add something about little boys… I had no idea they could be so sweet, loving and adorable. Maybe it’s just a phase? I hope not. I always wanted a little girl and was indifferent about having a little boy. I don’t know if it’s just my son or what, but I’m pretty sure that my little guy is the most awesome baby in the entire world. I could take six more just like him.

That’s all.

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  1. Your kids are so adorable and I’m totally jealous that it’s October and they’re still wearing shorts, dresses and short sleeves! We live in Michigan but I’m from the South so I am not at all a fan of the amount of bundling up we’re doing already when we take my oldest to the bus stop in the mornings.

    I’ll have to let my husband read this post about boys…he wants all girls…he is one of 5 kids and the 2nd oldest. His 3 younger brothers were “nightmares” according to him and it has totally skewed his thoughts of little boys so he wants all girls. So far we have 2 girls and are currently trying for our 3rd child and I am so hopeful that it’s a boy. I LOVE my girls but I want a little boy so much.

  2. Baby boys are amazing! I too, had no idea how easily they could steal a heart. But Avery had mine wrapped around his finger the day he looked into my eyes and gave me a gummy smile. Your daughter is so inquisitive. She has a child-like faith that can be so refreshing this day and age!! It’s good that you’re teaching her the Bible…and what Jesus went through to save us. 🙂 Kids may be weird…but oh, such blessings!

  3. I think your daughter’s obsession is on the normal side. One of my kids also did this at the same age. She is 7 now and still has great faith. I think her early obsession lead to a better understanding of Christ and his resurrection. She can now explain it to anyone probably better than a few adults I know.

  4. He does seem very, very gentle and mellow! Especially around Lil J. Your kids ARE awesome! And so very, very cute! Oh, and T’s hair is amazing – so thick! Love it. 🙂

  5. Oh wow the battery dying like Jesus is too funny and cute! My daughter talks about Jesus a lot too and makes up songs about Him. I agree with the earlier commenter how much we can learn from their childlike faith!

  6. Like Jesus? Oh my gosh I bust out a huge laugh just now! So cute. So innocent.
    Gotta love kids. I cannot wait til my little tornado starts talking. I know he’ll be cracking me up left and right. Your son looks SO sweet.

  7. Maybe you should play the news boys ‘God’s not dead ‘ for her! Read the part of the story where He comes back to life…the best part! And about boys? I cried when I found out my second was a boy…I wanted all girls. The second I saw him? In love! For real…there is just something amazing about little boys! Girls somehow get all the credit though haha! I DO love both my girls though!

  8. Oh my, such cuteness! He is so big already! I was reading and nodding my head because my daughter (almost 5) also listens to me reading about Jesus and asks such serious questions. Yesterday she really got me and asked “Mama, who made God?” She recalled us talking about creation and how God made everything, and she came up with this question! I was like “WHOA!” slow down little girl, don’t ask such complex questions yet 😉

    Your boy is so sweet, I just want to cuddle him. I miss my son being that small, he’ll be 2 next month. They change so fast! He’s still cuddly and sweet but in a little bit of a different way. We kiss and hug, a lot, and I feel so blessed!

    People always ask me “Have you been there with kids?” “Did you take them to story hour?” “Have you been to this playground (half hour away)?”…and I’m like thinking to myself “I’m perfectly busy enough as is and they just love being with me, they don’t need to be constantly going somewhere and being entertained” 🙂 Anyway, keep it up, you’re doing awesome!

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