Kathleen Cavalaro: Cutest Pet Contest Sponsor

Some people have been asking how to get their photos in this contest… I took pictures for cutest kids/pets all last week BUT if you REALLY want, let me know. And perhaps I’ll do one more contest as a closing bang to the fundraiser… and run it the last week of the fundraiser!

My laptop has been sent off and I CAN’T WAIT for it to get back! Oh, and if you’re missing my TTC rants… Go here, for today’s new update.

If you’re wondering how all of this cutest kids contest and fundraiser got started and how you can win too read this.

I’ve been having a blast looking through all of the cutest photos! Remember to tell your friends the polls are to the left! That’s where I’m taking tally of the votes, not in the comments section.. Though you can still represent and tell who you voted for if you want!

Also, you don’t have to choose one, you can choose multiple cuties!

Now, on to some of the prizes. I told you the winner may get a prize right? Well I found the BEST sponsors for you proud parents. First, for those who entered the cutest pet contest. You are competing not only for an adorable button for your blog that says you have the cutest pet, but also, a set of earrings from an amazing jeweler!

I want to introduce you to Kathleen, who has the beautiful self-titled jewelry shop called Kathleen Cavalaro. I can’t believe she’s not on Twitter but this is her Facebook fan page.
She got into jewelry making because she was a stay-at-home-mom of 2 under 2. And as she put it “There was a LOT of napping and not much time out in the evenings,” she said, “I am one who cannot just sit still and watch tv. So, I went through all sorts of crafty ventures like knitting/crocheting, needlepoint, etc. Then I walked into a bead store and was floored by the amazing stones. I was immediately addicted. I took classes at the local bead store here and there until I just took what I learned and modified things to fit my own style.” And now here she is with a full shop! Not only that… But I found out she’s made necklaces like this for celebrities! Yep, that’s right, we have a celebrity jeweler on our hands!Her kids are Sophie – age 8 and Michael – age 6. They are both in school and she spend her days making jewelry and trying to make her Etsy shop work (which she said, seems like a full time job!).

Fitting with the cutest pet contest, she has two cute pets herself. Two 1-year-old chihuahuas – Carly and Gizmo.

Kathleen gives to a lot of charities. She says she can’t always contribute financially, and her children keep her busy but she helps that way when she can.

She’s already helping my March of Dimes fundraiser by donating a beautiful set of french hoop earrings to the winning pet-mama! Just look at some of these choices!So if you weren’t excited before, get excited now! Tell your friends to vote for your furry child, and remember… Tell them to check your number box to the left!

Also, remember to let them know about the fundraiser! This is all for a good cause! 100% of donations are going to the March of Dimes charity. I started this because I realized making a baby isn’t as easy as I thought, so I’m raising money to help save other babies. Please let them know that March of Dimes is a great charity spreading awareness about prenatal care… EXACTLY what I’ve been studying and what I’m all about!

Thanks and good luck!

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