Just keep swimming… And spinning… And dancing

My husband gets grumpy when he doesn’t go to the gym. I get grumpy when I don’t have my afternoon photo shoots with Lil’ J. Because capturing moments like these wash all of my worries away in that instant.

It’s been a busy and difficult week, but sitting down to look these over brought a me much-needed laugh.

I’m not sure how she learned how to move like this but she has the baby ballerina thing down.

Tutu, top and bow from Izzys Boutique

I’m finishing editing my 365 love letters for the week. Hopefully this cuteness will hold you over.

trishy p says:

she’s too cute! here’s to wishing a better week for all of us! 🙂

YUMMommy says:

Aww…she is too precious in her ballerina outfit.

Vivian says:

AWWWW those rolls. I could watch her dance ALL day long 🙂

toi says:

I like Lil J’s day 136 dress. Also your photos are always very nice :)!

Happy Sunday.

Mrs. K says:

this is wayyy to cute

I tell you all the time that Lil J is absolutely gorg, totally stunning. But I can’t help feeling annoyed for you. I just started a blog not too long ago and I’ve been terrified of posting my baby’s pics. I’ve had people email me requesting for me to upload some photos, but I tell them that my hubby and I decided not to. I feel bad because we got so many positive well wishes ever since she was born. It’s only fair for me to post a pic. But, when I hear stories like people just deciding on their own to post pix of your beautiful baby girl, I get angry.

She’s just too precious! 🙂

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