July’s incentive NOT to get pregnant

Source: Half-Priced Drapes
Sexy curtains for my bedroom.
If my husband’s swimmers miraculously survive five days and fertilize an egg while I’m out of town at his family reunion… I’ll make the curtains.
If not… I’ll buy them.
Either way having these babies in my bedroom come August can only help the cause.

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  1. Definitely! That will make not getting pregnant a little easier to take. I am, however, routing for you to get pregnant! My hubby and I are going to start trying soon (October or November) as well!

  2. Love the curtains! I’ve been keeping myself busy with tasks around the house (re-caulking the shower, re-doing cabinets) while we play the TTC#2 game.

  3. Those curtains are sexy! Pretty good reason to be ok with not being pregnant haha. A suggestion: Try getting one of the things on your list of to do’s before #2 done. Like the food storage or the dance lesson’s with the hubs. Could be pretty fun and you get to cross something off! Also I’m curious what happened with the maid idea?

  4. Haha! I can’t say I am a True Blood Fan, but from what I heard they sound like they’d fit that description.

    And for all of you who have asked YES! I am hiring a maid! I have one I’m talking to about scheduling our first (of hopefully many) cleanings. Thank heavens!

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