I’ve named my fetus!


So far, this pregnancy I’ve been debating the perfect nickname for this growing baby. Lil’ J was formerly known as Spawnie, and I loved her nickname. Some people thought it was mean, and as if I was calling my child an alien spawn, but it fit my personality, and how I used to refer to babies, and my friends “spawning” or being “with-spawn.”

I wanted something equally endearing (or not) for this child, along the same theme.

“Parasite,” someone told me. But that seemed a little too mean, even for me. And “Paris” for short seems to “real-namish”.

“Squirt” was another name I thought of, after watching Finding Nemo… But then someone asked if that perhaps correlates with a bladder problem (no it doesn’t) and another said “Aww, Daddy’s little squirt”. Both those things left a bad taste in my mouth.

I went back and forth with a friend about possible nicknames:

Jelly Bean
Sea Monkey
Cheese Fry

I liked Cheese Fry and was going to stick with that. I’ve had a strange craving for cheese fries. But it still didn’t fit with my theme.

Then, on my way to pick up Lil’ J from school, I felt a wave of exhaustion hit me (again). I can’t believe how tired I’ve been. It’s SO HARD for me to feel unproductive for so long. This kid is suckin the life out of me like a leech…


I’ve named my fetus Leechie!

I know no one will like it. I told a couple of friends but their moans and groans didn’t deter me from liking this name. Then this morning I told my husband:

“Hey! Remember [Lil’ J’s] nickname when I was pregnant with her?”

“Yea, Spawnie.”

“Yea, and you know what I’m naming this one?”

“Spawnie number two?”

“No, Leechie!”

“That’s lame.” 

… Whatever, I know it’s equally as cool as Spawnie. We aren’t agreeing on REAL names for this kid right now either.

Love it? Hate it? Don’t matter. I hereby name this baby for the next (+/-)6 months my Little Leechie!!

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  1. Cute! Our little girl was “gummi bear” for the first few months and once she started bopping around we started calling her “Monkey Butt” because it was like I had a crazy monkey swinging around inside me. . . she’s now 6 months old and still often call her “Monkey Butt”.

  2. My son was “Junebug” because he was due in June and looked like a bug on his first ultrasound. Until we found out he was a he, then he went by his name the rest of my pregnancy. 🙂

  3. My second daughter had the nickname “Mickey”. My last name is Moss. My students laughed when I shared that I thought of naming the baby “Mickey” if it was a boy. Hence, everyday, the kids asked me, “How’s Mickey?”

  4. Leechie’s perfect! Totally fits! And you can call your kids whatever the heck you want to! Ha ha. With adopting again, I keep saying “Baby #2” when talking about whatever child we’ll end up adopting… but I hate it! I just don’t know how to reference a child who isn’t growing inside of me, it’s a little different, ya know?

  5. LOL Leechie!!! Reminds me of martinis. Lychee martinis YUMMMMM….

    But yeah… cute nickname.

    My son was Embry when he was inside. Short for Embryo. His father named him, and I loved it.

    Now we call him Sharkie.

  6. I like it. We went with jelly bean cause she looked like one at her 8-week ultrasound. Now we just call her ”our little girl” until she gets here. Hubby and I are still trying to decide on a name for her.

  7. My sister-in-law called her first “Cheeseburger” since that’s all she craved. Her second she calls “Deuce” since it’s her second. I may have to borrow that name when we have our second…we need to get going on our first though lol.

  8. I’m just excited to pop over today and find out that you’re pregnant! Hooray! And, we called #3 Freakin’ Baby. Because that’s what our then 2 year old decided to call him when he was still in my belly. Yeah, we are AWESOME parents.

  9. I love it! We called HP “Wolverine” before he was born (and before we knew he was a boy). It’s a long story (well, not that long, but also not that interesting), but we liked it, and that’s what matters!

  10. I love the nickname! We nicknamed our daughter Roo, and this new one is Piglet. I love having a nickname rather than just “it”. By the way, I LOVE your weekly pictures, and notes to the baby. Those are the cutest thing ever! I’m right behind you-due June 2, 2013. Congrats on your second little one!!

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