I’ve named my fetus!

So far, this pregnancy I’ve been debating the perfect nickname for this growing baby. Lil’ J was formerly known as Spawnie, and I loved her nickname. Some people thought it was mean, and as if I was calling my child an alien spawn, but it fit my personality, and how I used to refer to babies, and my friends “spawning” or being “with-spawn.”

I wanted something equally endearing (or not) for this child, along the same theme.

“Parasite,” someone told me. But that seemed a little too mean, even for me. And “Paris” for short seems to “real-namish”.

“Squirt” was another name I thought of, after watching Finding Nemo… But then someone asked if that perhaps correlates with a bladder problem (no it doesn’t) and another said “Aww, Daddy’s little squirt”. Both those things left a bad taste in my mouth.

I went back and forth with a friend about possible nicknames:

Jelly Bean
Sea Monkey
Cheese Fry

I liked Cheese Fry and was going to stick with that. I’ve had a strange craving for cheese fries. But it still didn’t fit with my theme.

Then, on my way to pick up Lil’ J from school, I felt a wave of exhaustion hit me (again). I can’t believe how tired I’ve been. It’s SO HARD for me to feel unproductive for so long. This kid is suckin the life out of me like a leech…


I’ve named my fetus Leechie!

I know no one will like it. I told a couple of friends but their moans and groans didn’t deter me from liking this name. Then this morning I told my husband:

“Hey! Remember [Lil’ J’s] nickname when I was pregnant with her?”

“Yea, Spawnie.”

“Yea, and you know what I’m naming this one?”

“Spawnie number two?”

“No, Leechie!”

“That’s lame.” 

… Whatever, I know it’s equally as cool as Spawnie. We aren’t agreeing on REAL names for this kid right now either.

Love it? Hate it? Don’t matter. I hereby name this baby for the next (+/-)6 months my Little Leechie!!


joanna says:

A friend of mine named her fetus “Pukey”- you can imagine why….

Shandi says:

My first was Peanut. This one is 2.0. 🙂

YUMMommy says:

Lil Leechie isn’t that bad. It’s a got a ring to it.

Missa says:

I like cheese fry 🙂 And now I want cheese fries!!

Ashley says:

Cute! Our little girl was “gummi bear” for the first few months and once she started bopping around we started calling her “Monkey Butt” because it was like I had a crazy monkey swinging around inside me. . . she’s now 6 months old and still often call her “Monkey Butt”.

Tori M. says:

My son was “Junebug” because he was due in June and looked like a bug on his first ultrasound. Until we found out he was a he, then he went by his name the rest of my pregnancy. 🙂

Mrs Leah says:

Ha Ha your husbands responses are always hilarious!!!

Ruth says:

Love it!!!! To heck with the haters it’s YOUR leechie! 😉

Emily says:

I think it’s cute! (I liked Squirt too and never thought of anything having to do with the bladder…) 🙂

Sharon says:

My second daughter had the nickname “Mickey”. My last name is Moss. My students laughed when I shared that I thought of naming the baby “Mickey” if it was a boy. Hence, everyday, the kids asked me, “How’s Mickey?”

Alice Anne says:

Leechie’s perfect! Totally fits! And you can call your kids whatever the heck you want to! Ha ha. With adopting again, I keep saying “Baby #2” when talking about whatever child we’ll end up adopting… but I hate it! I just don’t know how to reference a child who isn’t growing inside of me, it’s a little different, ya know?

Dani says:

LOL Leechie!!! Reminds me of martinis. Lychee martinis YUMMMMM….

But yeah… cute nickname.

My son was Embry when he was inside. Short for Embryo. His father named him, and I loved it.

Now we call him Sharkie.

JJ says:

I like it. We went with jelly bean cause she looked like one at her 8-week ultrasound. Now we just call her ”our little girl” until she gets here. Hubby and I are still trying to decide on a name for her.

Niki says:

My sister-in-law called her first “Cheeseburger” since that’s all she craved. Her second she calls “Deuce” since it’s her second. I may have to borrow that name when we have our second…we need to get going on our first though lol.

dumb mom says:

I’m just excited to pop over today and find out that you’re pregnant! Hooray! And, we called #3 Freakin’ Baby. Because that’s what our then 2 year old decided to call him when he was still in my belly. Yeah, we are AWESOME parents.

Sarah says:

I love it! We called HP “Wolverine” before he was born (and before we knew he was a boy). It’s a long story (well, not that long, but also not that interesting), but we liked it, and that’s what matters!

Mrs. Match says:

I love the nickname! We nicknamed our daughter Roo, and this new one is Piglet. I love having a nickname rather than just “it”. By the way, I LOVE your weekly pictures, and notes to the baby. Those are the cutest thing ever! I’m right behind you-due June 2, 2013. Congrats on your second little one!!

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