It’s Not That I HATE Prego Pants But…

Before I was pregnant I secretly envied women in their cute maternity pants. Sure, I thought they were extremely weird looking with the huge stretchy blue band that eats up their belly, but I kept hearing about how comfortable they were. Plus, how cool are pants that are especially made for your state of being?

That theory has changed since I myself have become pregnant. At the beginning of my pregnancy, when my belly was still unnoticeable, I looked forward to the day that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed shopping in a maternity store. But I hadn’t started showing, until about 22 weeks or so. Obviously then I’m already more than half way through my pregnancy. I don’t have a personal vendetta against maternity pants or anything, but since I hadn’t bought then then I started challenging myself to see how long I can go without buying maternity pants. I’m about two-thirds of the way there now, and now I’m sorta I’m determined to make it through without getting a pair.
Call it a sick bet with myself. I’m not sure what it is. Part of me thinks it’s my ultra-bargain-shopping self who doesn’t want to spend money on clothes I’ll only wear a few months. I mean honestly… I still have skirts from middle school. And shopping for Ladybug is much more exciting than shopping for myself.

I wear a size 4-long jeans (I’m about 5′ 11″). I’ve always had a somewhat slim figure and my tummy seems to be one of the only parts of my body that’s swelling up so far. Oh yea, and my feet. Since most of my jeans and pants are fairly low rise and my Ladybug seems to be sitting high, there’s no problem squeezing them on.

I do have a secret weapon that helps… I have a few BellaBands that I wear over my pre-pregnancy jeans and pants. I started wearing them around 10 weeks or so when I was ultra-bloated and my bloat was low and squishing my gut. I would just unzip my pants, and slip it on. That’s been a lifesaver when it comes to sticking to my “no maternity pants” plan. I also have several skirts with elastic waists that I wear a lot. There have been a couple of times where I’ve grabbed a random skirt or pair of pants that’s not low rise and I’ll tell you what… Those don’t fit!

Sometimes I’m tempted to give in and join the scrunchy pants club, but other times I can see myself in the home stretch. Every pair of pants I save on is like another little outfit for my little girl. That’s one way to think of it.

I hear their comfortable and great, and that I wouldn’t regret getting them. Part of me thinks if I’m going to get some I might as well now because if I need them when I’m even bigger later that’ll be even less time to wear them. Hmmm, perhaps I’ll give in and try them out. But then again maybe I should have done that MONTHS ago. What do you think?

Where’s the best place to shop for them?

For the recordI know there’s more important things in life than maternity pants. This is a version of a story I originally wrote for my Project Pregnancy blog for, and one of the (anonymous) commenter’s made it sound like I don’t care about my baby cause I’m writing about maternity pants *sigh*… Idiots. You can read my “Avoiding Maternity Pants” post here.

Also, I got a bunch of cute things in a Pregnancy Essentials kit courtesy of BellaBand. An everyday cami I literally wear almost every day, rushed tank, belly leggings, and an organic black BellaBand and a white BellaBand which I LOVE. There’s a ton of online retailers that sell them here.

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  1. I did buy one pair of really cute maternity jeans at Pea in the Pod because I wanted something stylish, but otherwise, I was wearing regular tank tops and a pair of regular shorts the day before my son was born! That’s not to say that I didn’t have any maternity clothes, I just was able to find a nice balance between my regular clothes and maternity.
    You look gorgeous in that last photo!

  2. Good luck, I will be majorly impressed if you go the whole way without needing them! You look so cute…hehehe. I say go to target or old navy. They can handle what you are gonna, excuse me, MAY need!

  3. Oh my gosh, I felt just like you for the longest time! I wore my normal pants with a Belly Button (similar to the Bella Band) and vowed I wouldn’t venture to the maternity pant realm. Everything just looked so maternity, and not in a good way. Until I discovered Heidi Klum’s maternity skinny jeans at Motherhood Maternity. Now, I can’t live without them. They are the best. pants. ever. They make the low rise pant feel like pure torture. I highly recommend investing in a pair, you won’t regret it, I promise.

  4. I only bought 2 pairs of maternity pants but again I have hardly showed. I’ve only gained 8 pounds pregnant. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a pair of pants that has a little stretchy band at the top. It doesn’t come all the way up over the belly or anything like that. They are ultra comfortable and I live in those as well as yoga pants. But then again, I didn’t work in TV and people don’t see me as often as they see you…

    One of my friends just went up a pant size to make her life easier but I’d rather get maternity pants then shop bigger sizes. I mean, eventually you will have another kid right? So how is that wasting money on something for a few months? It’s a few months at least one or two more times in your life right?

  5. I don’t like that someone implied you don’t care about your baby because you’re blogging about maternity pants. That’s ridiculous. You need to take care of yourself and your baby… and you can blog about ANYTHING you want… it all matters. It helps readers like me (living vicariously through you until our husbands let us have babies πŸ˜‰ ) know what you’re going through, so that we can feel more normal when we go through the same thing. Please don’t let that person get to you.

    Also, I think I can sort of understand you’re desire to fight maternity pants. But I think you should just go to the store and try them on. You don’t have to buy… just see… because making life a little more comfortable is a really good idea, especially as you progress into your last few months. I know my preggo sister in law started wearing maternity pants right away just for the thrill. It made me laugh, but she’s really glad she has them now.

    Whatever you decide to do, keep telling us about it! I look forward to your blog everytime a new one pops up!

  6. I didn’t HAVE To buy/wear maternity pants till about 6 months with my first pregnancy but I started wearing them around 4/5 months because they were SO comfortable!! Mine were from the Gap and I wore them almost every day!

  7. I wish I had that problem .I started showing at like 15 weeks and have only grown and grown. I didn’t do a lot of low rise pants, so I went maternity shopping. I got some stuff from friends and colleagues and have bought some. I don’t feel its a bad expense because I need to look presentable at work, its way comfier than squeezing into regular pants with or without the belly band, and I plan to have more kids so I will be able to use them again. I also wear a lot of dresses now that the weather has turned warm and all of my pre maternity dresses still fit. :D. Good luck!!

  8. That’s stupid that the anonymous commenter would say that — hello we can talk about many things and still care more about our loved ones. I didn’t buy put one pair of maternity pants because I felt they are too expensive for such a short time – I just wore my stretchy pants, skirts and dresses. I applaud your efforts – I will probably get the band for this next one – I wanted one last time but I just kinda made my own with my camisoles πŸ˜€

  9. I tried Old Navy but those clothes didn’t work out for me so I went to Pea in a pod. They have really cute things,however, they are a little more expensive than Old Navy but I had fun buying clothes that fit. I would definitely recommend buying some maternity clothes especially pants. I feel like it is so worth the price. I’d rather be comfortable than anything.

  10. You’re lucky you carry high. What are you going to do for the weeks when your baby drops though? Haha. I only got two pairs (one on clearance from motherhood.) I still have to wear them now because of my “fantastic” hip spread. Anyway, cudos to you if you make it 40+ weeks as a size 4. I’m jealous that you haven’t gained any leg fat.

  11. Bella Bands are awesome! I’ll just start there. But I would like to remind you, my fellow Austin mommy (to-be) that w/ your due date early June you’re gonna start feeling the heat. So the pants you’re wearing now may not work for anything other then work. Other times you’re going to be praying for a personal air conditioner. Start planning for shorts now. Or light skirts. I found I was able to wear all my shorts that had any kind of draw string but for anything denim I had to bite the bullet and buy some maternity shorts. I liked shopping at Motherhood Maternity in Barton Creek Mall. Its like the Old Navy of Maternity. And yes, that is what they tell you people compare them to all the time. Plus if you can’t find something there the there are always some of the other maternity shops there too, just much pricier for things you will only wear for a short while. I also liked to buy things from Old Navy online-maternity if they still have that. Also, please keep in mind that you probably shouldn’t run out and buy anything now. Wait just a bit because your body and tummy might just surprise you and bust out bigger all of a sudden and if you bought something now it may not fit in a month. Just wait till you need it but then don’t hesitate to commit to cooler clothing.

  12. You may be able to get away with it although like one person said, you may have trouble when she drops. Because it’s coming up on warmer weather you can wear skirts and dresses. My friends who have been pregnant in the summer just wore sun dresses that weren’t maternity. I would at least try on a pair of jeans b/c even if you don’t gain a lot of weight I am willing to bet the last 10 weeks you will see major changes in your body! Plus like others have said if you buy them and have more kids your not really wasting money.

  13. I got some maternity jeans and khakis at Burlington Coat Factory. Two pairs of pants for $25 was good enough for me! I’m still using my pre-pregnancy jeans with my BeBand, too.

  14. MY bellaband only lasted me the first 4 months before I was too big in the belly for “regular” pants. Macy’s has a Motherhood Maternity line that is WONDERFUL… all the pants and skirts have a “secret fit belly” that is so soft it barely feels like you are wearing pants… I bought a couple pairs of slacks for work and no one can notice the difference between them and my old pairs of pants. they have been a lifesaver to me, and are cheaper than the pea in a pod brand. good luck looking (if you have to, of course!)

  15. I was like you and refused to buy maternity pants if I didn’t have to. I did that through two pregnancies. With my third pregnancy, I buckled and bought two pairs of maternity pants. I don’t know WHY I made myself suffer through two pregnancies without them. Maternity pants are awesome! They made the whole pregnancy so much more comfortable. And pregnancy is torture enough. Give yourself a break!

  16. I can’t believe someone said you don’t care about your baby because you are writing about trying to not wear maternity pants, that is so stupid!

    During my first pregnancy I remember making it half way through still wearing regular pants and loved it. Now on my third… yeah I have been wearing the early trimester pregnancy pants since about 10 weeks. So enjoy it while it lasts πŸ™‚

  17. I’ve been following all your weekly belly pictures, and I would say that you were definitely showing before 22 weeks, and not in a bad way either. I have the opposite problem of you regarding clothes…I bought a TON of maternity clothes on EBay, Kohls, and Old Navy before I was even pregant. Now I know that a lot of the styles (particularly of pants) that I picked do NOT work for me. I’m not comfortable in them. So after all my bargain shopping, I’m buying more pants. Oh well.

    Although, I am wearing a wonderful pair of maternity capris right now that I got fro $3.60 at Kohls. πŸ™‚

  18. I think you’ve been showing since before 22 weeks, and like Emily, I think its a good thing, you’re a cute pregnant mama!

    Btw, I mentioned you on my blog today… πŸ™‚

  19. Omg, you look so cute!!!! lol. Well, I say if you can avoid purchasing additionally maternity clothes, then great!!! But I will admit that I continued wearing my maternity pants long after I gave birth (lol, they were just so darn comfortable!), so they definitely came in handy and I got my money’s worth. But I also like your point about being able to put that money toward buying things for the baby – and of course, that’s always more fun!!!! πŸ™‚

  20. I have a friend that like you is slender and really tall. She could not find any maternity pants that fit her. She just ended up wearing all her normal pants with a bella band the whole pregnancy (her little boy is a month old and was a whopping 10lb 4 oz at birth). I know in the end she was wearing a bunch of dresses but have no fear if you do decide to not go the maternity pants route you should be aokay! It is super hard to find maternity jeans in a long that are not designer (ie at least 100 dollars!)

  21. First of all, oh my goodness you are soooo cute! I wish I could wear my pre-pregnancy pants. I know someone who is due in less than two weeks with her first one and she’s wearing her pants too. I, however, have been wearing maternity pants since almost day one. *sigh* Lets just say my hips don’t love me anymore. lol. Hugs and miss you!

  22. my mom-in-law bought me my first pair of maternity jeans and I was like “OMIGOD! I’ve been missing out!” LOL…i avoided the pants for the longest but the bands kept rolling up on me. The dress pants and the jeans that my MIL got me were from Ross so super duper cheap. I’m kinda upset now cuz they are the ONLY thing that fits me and the doc just told me to get one of those maternity slings…I don’t wanna buy stuff 3-4wks out from my due date!

  23. I know what you mean about spending money on something you only use for a short while but trust me it is so worth it! I’m super thin like you. I can purchase size 16 pants in the little girl section and have them fit perfectly! Well, minus the length but I deal with it. I wear a 5 in womens but the butts always look saggy. Anyway trust me that maternity pants are super comfortable! They have styles that don’t even look like maternity pants if you hate the look of the band. I always went to Motherhood Maternity but mainly because it was the only maternity store that carried my size and even still some of the shirts were too big. I’m totally rambling here. I just wanted to let you know that maternity pants are awesome ;o)

  24. I did the same thing you did. I actually thought the pants were hideous and I couldn’t imagine myself paying for a pair. Then the last trimester hit and I became limited on my pants selection and caved while at the GAP. They were WONDERFUL!!! I could have had that comfort the whole time! Now that I’m back to my old body, a lot of my normal pants are a bit stretched out from squeezing into them. . . oh well. Live and learn, right?

  25. I bought one pair of nice looking khaki pants at motherhood from their clearance rack and then so far I’ve been wearing yoga pants on my really bloated days (still only 15 weeks so not into the full blown maternity yet). I went to goodwill and they had a surprisingly large selection of maternity clothes! Of course there were the obligatory ugly moo-moo type tops, but lots of tops, jeans, and shorts that were from motherhood, pea in the pod, and old navy. I also got a pair of non maternity overall shorts that look cute and are super roomy and comfortable.

  26. lol someone actually posted that?! crazy! i just bought myself some staples from shade clothing. i got a REALLY comfy pair of capris from anne taylor loft for my first pregnancy, that i’ll be wearing again now, for like $15 on sale. i bought 2 pairs of pants from RG Maternity but they’re not in good shape anymore so i am going to try to get through this pregnancy without buying any pants. we’ll see how that goes, haha.

  27. Hi again! Saw this post and thought I would give you a heads up about a product I was considering blogging about as a gift for expectant moms and I haven’t gotten around to it yet but wanted to share it with you because it might be perfect for you! If you try them, be sure to let me know what you think! It is like a Bella Band that people are supposed to see so that you can make your non-maternity clothes fit longer. How awesome is that? πŸ™‚ Here is the link:

    ~ Alyna
    The Gift Detective

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