Is your child a car seat talker or sleeper? – Radian RXT Car Seat Review and Giveaway


My Mom tells me stories of when I was a little girl. Apparently I talked her–and anyone else who came near’s–ears off.

It’s not too hard to believe. To this day I’ll strike up conversations with complete strangers, and my poor husband constantly hears my most frequent question: “Are you listening to me?”

Of course this answer is always yes, and I always proceed to have him prove it by reciting the last thing I said. Most of the time is close enough.

My daughter is no different. Even in her near 19 months of age, she’s always babbling and telling us what she thinks. She’s not much of a loner. At all. She likes being around other people, and us, and getting out of the house.

When we walk into stores she’ll wave to passerbys and give a resounding “HI!” People smile and say hi back.

A lesson of “stranger danger” will have to come much earlier than normal with my friendly child.

In some ways I wonder if she is going to love talking even more than I do.

My mom tells me when I was young, and wouldn’t go to sleep, she’d put me in my car seat and drive around town until I did. To this day, I can still barely stay awake in a car. If Lil’ J is quiet in the back (and I’m not driving) I’m out.

My daughter on the other hand, is not this way. She rarely falls asleep in the car unless it’s really late, or she is just extra pooped from a really long day. Otherwise, she’s up talking my ear off and begging for entertainment.

I don’t know if this is normal for kids her age, but she can’t just sit and ride in silence. I mean, she did have a few months in there somewhere where she seemed to, but now she either needs to have a snack, a toy, or me singing her favorite songs.

Depending how far our trip is, the snacks usually run out, the toys fall, and I’m belting “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” as we are pulling into our neighborhood while I watch her do the hand motions from my rear-view mirror.

The funny thing is, no matter how much she seems to be ticked at me for making her ride strapped down in coach, she never wants to get out right away when we get home.

“Come on baby, let’s go inside”
“No,” This is her new favorite word. Though I don’t totally hate it yet because the way she says it with her country twang accent and drawn out “O” it sounds more like a question. “No?”

I unsnap her buckle and try again.

“Don’t you want to go see Daddy and Snoop? They are inside.” She shakes her head and tells (or asks?) me again…
“No?!” And she buckles herself back into her seat. Yes… She knows how to do this, but thankfully can’t undo it.

She has a love/ hate relationship when riding in the car.
The throne she sits in while we cruise around has varied since the day she was born. Being as tall as she is, she outgrew her infant seat fairly quickly, and the next seat up we had, didn’t face backwards, so we got another. And finally, we have one more convertible seat for our second car. While a second seat isn’t crucial, it’s been a huge help to save us from days where one of us forgets to leave the seat for the other. And let me tell you, that’s happened and it’s not fun.

“Hey honey, how did picking her up from school go?”
“Well, I got there and realized I forget the car seat.”


What seat are we using now? Which is our favorite? Well, we have three Gracos, one that isn’t convertible so she hasn’t tried it yet, and a RadianRXT Shadow. That last one sounds like a car right? Compared to the rest of them, it weighs about as much as one. And since we’re on the topic of cars, I’m going to use this analogy to compare them.

I got one from Diono to review and was totally excited to get it in the car and see what she thinks of a fancy seat. If all of our car seats were cars, our Gracos would be like Toyotas. Not very expensive, but reliable. And our new RadianRXT Shadow would be like a Lexus or a Mercedes. It has the reliability plus all the bells and whistles, but it’s going to cost you quite a bit more.

As I assembled it (which didn’t take very long at all, but there were a few belts I had to move around and adjust) I geeked out and used the QR reader codes with my phone to watch video demonstrations to make sure I was doing it right. And they have helpful people manning their twitter and facebook pages too.

There’s extra padding, a steel alloy frame, it’s the highest rear facing car seat, NCAP tested, and they can ride in it starting at 5 pounds. It seems humongous to me and hard to picture my tiny infant in it, but there is an additional infant support attachment that came with it, that we can add. Kids can ride backwards in it up to 45 pounds, and it’s narrow enough to fit three across. Based on reviews I’ve read with parents who have three kids and a sedan, this is a huge deal.

I’m pretty sure her favorite feature is the cup holder she can fit even her really wide sippy cups into. You can attach up to four(not sure why we’d need four but maybe one day I’ll learn and buy more). That thing has come in handy when I’ve forgotten her cup and we go through a drive through to get an ice water. She kicks her feet with excitement and puts her drink in that thing. It’s just a cup. Seriously. But it helps!

Now how much will this luxury car seat cost ya? About $339.99. Now some of you may be thinking “Oh that’s nothing,” and other like me are probably spitting out their morning energy drinks. But before you waste any more of that drink, I’ll tell you that I just looked it up and they’re only $289 at Walmart.

Still a bit more than the average car seat price, but so is a Mercedes compared to other cars. You can keep them rear-facing longer, which ultimately is declared safer. I’ll let you decide if it’s worth it and give you a chance to win one (below).

I suppose in a few years I’ll be glad I have all of these car seats (which luckily don’t expire for 5-10 years). I’ll have enough thrones, for all my little talkative (and hopefully some sleepy) rug rats.

How do your kids roll in the car? Talk your ear off? Sleep? Comment and you’ll be entered to win. Read the rest of the rules below for more entries.

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  1. Our 3 year old still rides RF in a Britax Boulevard and Marathon. I have been debating buying this exact seat with our tax refund to keep her RF longer and give her more leg room in the process as the radian has the most leg room RF! She rides really well – doesn’t talk our ear off, mostly talks quietly to herself and her baby – and occasionally falls asleep if it’s close to nap time or bed time.

  2. My daughter just turned 2 and most of the time she falls asleep in the car. This is generally good when we’re on longer trips, but it stinks when she falls asleep 5 min from and wakes when we try to put her in her crib

  3. What a fun giveaway post! My kid sings, demands us to “turn da wight on” or to “turn on the mugic (music)”. He talks about the trucks he sees and which ones he likes. And he also reliably falls asleep, too, if we’re anywhere near nap time.

  4. This is the exact seat that I want for my nine month old son so that he can ride RFing as long as possible!!

    My daughter rides FFing in a Britax Marathon. Soon to be a Graco Nautilus. I plan on keeping her harnessed until at least 6 (she’s 4 almost 5 now). Most of the time she’s quiet but she’ll sometimes talk my ear off. If the trip is any longer than a half an hour or it’s been a long day, she’ll fall asleep.

    My son is still in his infant bucket seat and he rides pretty well in the car. He will play with his toys and babble to himself. Usually he’ll fall asleep.

    I really hope I win!!

  5. All 3 of mine are different in the car. But I’m like you and if I’m not driving I am asleep. The oldest is my talker and tries her hardest to not sleep. The boy is quick to pass out and loves to sleep in the car. And the baby will talk just to keep from sleeping. =]

    We have 2 Radian 65 seats. They are expensive but so worth it. Our oldest has always been 98% for height & weight and outgrew the infant seat at 4 months. And before the age of 3 she was over 40lbs. (The maximum weight on a 5-point harness is regular car seats). I bought the Graco Nautilus for her because with gift cards, it was the most affordable at the time. Then with tax money we purchased the Radians. They are the easiest for me to install in a vehicle. I have owned & used almost 10 car seats in only 6 years with 3 children. I wish instead of balking at the price, I had bought the Radians earlier with tax money. It would have saved me so much frustration with installations. (I moved my seats alot when I had an Odyssey)

  6. My 18 month old is talker. She just got a 3 week old baby sister and now instead of talking to mommy, she talks to sissy or wants “sing” (turn up the radio).

  7. My daughter doesn’t sleep in the car very often. She just hates to miss out an anything! This sounds like the perfect seat for her when she outgrows her infant seat which will be very soon with the way she is growing!

  8. I was a carseat snoozer for sure! My parents drove me around just like you. lol… and yes.. I still sleep to this day. Just praying our baby is the same because I can’t stay awake for their sake. lol

  9. The oldest is a sleeper( even as a newborn) and the youngest is a scream ( as a newborn, she screamed her little lung out from the hospital until we got home and took her out of the car seat)

  10. Baby girl is a car seat screamer. She just now started to get out of this phase and will ride for a bit longer without crying or screaming.

    donnyandshelly at yahoo dot com

  11. My little 20 month old is definitely a talker/singer rider. She bobs her head and kicks her feet and DOES NOT like to get out of the car when it’s time. She’s also a finger pointing, neck rolling, little diva that amazes me because I’m not quite sure where the neck rolling came from. It’s been 20 months and I’m still waiting for her real mom to come looking for her, because this kid REALLY can’t be mine.

  12. My son HATES to ride in the car. I think he’s sick of rear facing and wants to see what’s going on in front. It’s too bad he’s so small because he’s going to ride that for a while.

  13. My son is 2.5 and if we’re in the car longer than five minutes, he’s out cold. Whether I want him to be or not. It’s nice for days when he didn’t nap (which is most of them these days), but not great for quick trips to the grocery store.

  14. Layla was a sleeper, up until about 1 and half. Then game on! Sister like to chat and sing and snack as well. Heck, I can’t blame. She comes by it honestly. And lady!!!! How I would LOVE to win this!!!!???!!!! Let me count the ways. Our Britax is heavy. Like whoa. And although you said this one is too, I like the build of it. Since I had to get a new car from our wreck, it doesn’t sit as well anymore. It always seems like it is leaning and well…we all know that is NO BUENO! And I’ve tried everything. Plus lil miss says she is ready for a big girl seat, and I think this would satisfy her. LOVE the cup holder, which we don’t have now. LOVE the fact that it is slim. I could go on….instead I’ll say – SIGN ME UP!!!! And wish me luck. I need this baby. 🙂

  15. Where’s the option for fighting??

    The twins ride in Britax Marathons and usually talk or play the “she’s touching me!!!” screaming game.

    The baby is in his carrier in my husband’s car, and we’re in dire need of either a new seat – or another base. But at the rate he’s growing, I don’t want to sink that kind of $ in a base.

    Either way, we NEED seats that fit 3 across – especially with 4 kids!

  16. we are just now in the market for a new seat – baby boy if 5 months old and getting long FAST!!! this looks perfect, the cadillac of car seats suits this family well 😉

  17. Don’t know yet since she doesn’t make her appearance until June! I’m hoping she’ll be curious like my nephew. He hated his infant seat and when he was finally big enough to sit in a front facing seat he loved it. He points at things out the window and is super happy to be able to see what is going on around him.

  18. I’m currently pregnant with my first and I have no idea how the babe will be in the car. I always would fall asleep in the car when I was younger (still do) and my husband is the opposite.

  19. Clara is 18 months and NOT a car sleeper. Some days I am so jealous of those people who are all “My kid falls asleep the minute I put them in”. Not mine. Even if its naptime. Even if its bedtime. She stays awake. She’s pretty good natured about it. I am dying for a radian. I am saving up my money to get one, but I would LOVE to win one and put that money towards somethings else. :D. Maybe a serger ;). Awesome giveaway, and super cute pic of Lil J. Oh, and the radians actually don’t expire for longer. I think it is somehting like 8 years?

  20. It is so cute that she is so much like her mama! 🙂
    I have one of each… a talker and a sleeper!
    My youngest boy will be needing a new car seat soon so this would be perfect for us!

  21. My babe is 9 months old. We have bought 2 Graco’s. We thought she was uncomfortable in the first becuase she “rolls” screaming, maniac style. Nothing we do seems to change the fact that she HATES the car. My number one anxiety in life. I hate to take her anywhere. Who knew someday, my biggest anxiety would come from traveling with my baby? She doesn’t just cry, she wails that awful can’tcatch her breath kind of cry. Maybe someday when she gets to face forward this will change? For now I’m hopeful!

  22. Your daughter is too cute!! My little one is 16 months old and she is definitely becoming more of a talker in the car. If she’s tired enough, though, it doesn’t take long for her to fall asleep. One of my biggest struggles is on those days when we’re on our way home for nap time, she falls asleep in the car, and then she’s wide awake for the rest of the afternoon. I look like a looney tunes trying to clap, sing, and do everything in my power to keep her awake! Haha. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! Emma’s car seat is totally girly, so this would be nice and neutral for the next baby. 🙂

    Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine

  23. First, Lil J is so cute!! We have an 8 month old, and she is usually babbling, but once in a while she will fall asleep. We will see how that changes once she can actually start talking!

  24. In the infant seat, my girl would be out like a light. When we switched her to her Britax Boulevard (we RF’d until almost 2.5), she stopped sleeping in the car. Cold turkey. Now we are slaves to her naptime at home. 🙁

    She’s not quiet, however, in the car. She yells/sings in my direction: “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!” Over and over. It’s actually very sweet.

  25. Love that it is skinny enough for three in a row, so need that as we plan to try for #3 soon.
    #1 is two and a half and never quiet. Singing, playing hide and seek with #2 and yelling to hold mommy’s credit card (not a good sign for the future I don’t think.)
    #2 is seven months and not much of a sleeper either. She mostly just sits there and talks.
    Both are in Britax Roundabouts.

  26. #1 never stop talking. Ever. I can’t even listen to the radio because I have to keep turning it off to listen to her.

    #2 – I only really hear him when the sun’s in his eyes. He’s hated it since he was tiny. But he won’t wear the stinking sunglasses I got him to help. Grr.

    #3 is only a month old, so he still sleeps. Mostly because I plan our outings around his nap schedule so I don’t have to nurse him unless absolutely necessary. I don’t mind doing it, but sometimes it’s just in convenient, especially with the other two.

  27. We have a Britax Advocate and an Orbit Baby and love them both. They were $379 a piece but so worth it. We still have her rear facing and love the Orbit for this reason, we bought the base for $260 and we just rotate her to get her in and out. It’s 75% more safe to rear face so we shelled out the cash to prolong this!

  28. My 13 month old only falls asleep in the car if it is naptime or bedtime. Otherwise, she is wide awake. One weird thing about her though, she is such an anti-loner (I know that isn’t really a word, lol), that she has a cow if she is in the back seat by herself. When she was like, 2 months old, we frequently had to pull the car over so I could get in the backseat with her to calm her down. It got old fast. I still hesitate to go anywhere now if my other kid isn’t in the car with me. Crying fits that last the WHOLE ride make it very hard to drive.

  29. Talk about perfect timing! We are going car seat hunting (convertible) tomorrow for our ever growing 8 month old! I’m going to scroll back up and read all the comments so I can get ideas on which people seem to like best! This car seat looks amazing!! My girl is definately a sleeper..she falls asleep at least a couple times when we go out for the day..but she also likes to ‘sing’ to us as we say! So she’s a little of both!

  30. We have a Graco as well, but I saw this one at Buy Buy Baby and would love it! Savannah’s getting too tall for hers and will need a new one before long. This would be perfect!

  31. My daughter is a snoozer. If we drive more than 20 minutes she usually falls asleep, but on rare occassion she talks NON STOP. I have Graco car seats. A booster for my 6 year old and a 5 point harness for my 4 year old.

  32. Since my girl is only 5 months, she sleeps most of the time, but there are days where she is awake the whole time just staring. Once those words (or what she thinks of as words) start coming I dont think there will be any stopping them!

  33. my son is usually pretty quiet in the car- he just likes being out. I just have to be careful to not drive too close to nap time or he’s out…and so is our nap!!

  34. My girls can be either/or. Nina can definitely sleep in the car and Sophie can definitely be chatting away back there! We have been so lucky that we’ve never had to give a snack while in the car. I’m pretty proud about that. Trying to keep our van clean! I hope I can win this awesome car seat for little miss Sophie. She’s growing out of her infant seat FAST! (too fast for this momma)

  35. It depends.. if it’s a long car ride, she’ll fall asleep within about 20 minutes. For short rides like, in the mornings, on the way to daycare my 7 mo old usually talks to me the whole way. I think it’s so sweet.

    This seat looks fantastic! Especially, since my little girl is already very tall and will probably be outgrowing her seat soon and we’ll have to buy a new one. I love that it has such a high back and they can stay rear facing so much longer. It’d be awesome to win this because something this fancy is not in our budget.

  36. My almost two year old talks most of the time. She’ll sleep if she didn’t get a nap that day, or if it’s really late, but otherwise, she always has something to say.

  37. My 3 year old is in a Eddie Bauer deluxe convertible. He rides pretty well in it and likes to look out of the window. He is either talking or playing some type of game. He sleeps only when super tired. 🙂 just got a second car so it’s time to get another. Seems so much easier to get another rather than taking it in and out!

  38. For my 9 month old daughter we use the chicco and I love it. It is easy to clean!!! We got Paisley a dvd player for her Baby Einstein videos for our christmas trip up north. So she is pretty quiet the whole time, all you ever hear from her is giggles and her feet kicking from when she gets excited.

  39. My little one is still baking, hopefully for another 3 weeks! But I was the same way, my parents have tons of stories of having to drive around to get me to sleep! We bought a graco snugride but I definitely considered one of the convertibles!

  40. Teo, Lil J is adorable. I like her bow, i should go through your What Im Makin Monday and check for tutorials.
    At the moment our baby has pegperego. She likes to sleep when we go riding, but she is only two months so I don’t know if things will change when she is a little bit older.

    TOI @

  41. Back in the day, when my girls were in car seats, they were singers. One had to hear “The wheels on the bus” song over and over. And she sang it over and over. The other had to hear, Bizets “Carmen”. She would get in her carseat and I had to have Carmen playing. Then she had to have “Mulan.” And I had to play that over and over. Both would sing along with the songs (listening to a toddler/pre-schooler sing Carmen is delicious).

  42. My son is 4 and my daughter is 2. We have the evenflo nautilus 3 in 1. Both kids are sleepers. They fall asleep all the time in there. Trips are really easy. I would love to get a radian for my daughter.

  43. ODS is a talker, he talks nonstop anyways (he is 6 years). DD is 19months and RF. It depends on her mood. She isn’t always a talker but she talks sometimes. She isn’t a big sleeper either but she is a looker. She loves to look out the window. YDS is a sleeper, but he is only 5 weeks.

  44. We have 1 car seat its a first years one that converts with age and it is HUGE in my Corolla. Since day one she hated being in the car seat. I avoided going anywhere for who knows how long because i didnt want to arrive at my destination stressed from the 1530 minute crying no screaming from being strapped in a car seat away from me. Now shes 3 and ive mastered the road trips like no other 🙂 i have a reuseable bag to herright filled with books, toys, stuffed animals, you name it its there. I also tote along a lunchbag with snacks and drinks easy for her to get as well easy for myself to open and hand to her while i drive. Also singing and kid friendly songs shes familiar with are playing per her request. For longer trips we purchased a portable dvd player and the iphone kid apps and disney downloaded movie has helped. I wanted to purchase one of those lap desk so she can use to play with her toys or color but it doesnt look sturdy enough so im still searching. Last she finally falls asleep if shes tired and the trip is long enough, but getting her out asleep is like pulling the handle on a vegas slot machine. I love my little bacseat driver! The other day we were heading home and in front of us was a pizza delivery guy with the triangle light on top of his car and she was overjoyed and yelled “look mom that car has a party hat on it,” oh yes it is a party hat hey it must be his birthday…. she loves birthday’s 🙂

  45. We have 1 car seat its a first years one that converts with age and it is HUGE in my Corolla. Since day one she hated being in the car seat. I avoided going anywhere for who knows how long because i didnt want to arrive at my destination stressed from the 1530 minute crying no screaming from being strapped in a car seat away from me. Now shes 3 and ive mastered the road trips like no other 🙂 i have a reuseable bag to herright filled with books, toys, stuffed animals, you name it its there. I also tote along a lunchbag with snacks and drinks easy for her to get as well easy for myself to open and hand to her while i drive. Also singing and kid friendly songs shes familiar with are playing per her request. For longer trips we purchased a portable dvd player and the iphone kid apps and disney downloaded movie has helped. I wanted to purchase one of those lap desk so she can use to play with her toys or color but it doesnt look sturdy enough so im still searching. Last she finally falls asleep if shes tired and the trip is long enough, but getting her out asleep is like pulling the handle on a vegas slot machine. I love my little bacseat driver! The other day we were heading home and in front of us was a pizza delivery guy with the triangle light on top of his car and she was overjoyed and yelled “look mom that car has a party hat on it,” oh yes it is a party hat hey it must be his birthday…. she loves birthday’s 🙂

  46. Neither one of my children (20mos and 4yrs old) fall asleep easily in the car. They have to be VERY tired. My 4 yr old slept more when she was younger than my 20mos old. He hated the car when he was little.

    I’d LOVE to try a Radian because we want another baby (someday) and can’t afford two new cars to fit 3 car seats. I want my 4 year old in a harness as long as possible.

  47. I’m not really sure what my little dude’s car riding personality will be yet. He used to just scream and cry himself to sleep, but now that we’ve finished sleep training he just plays with his toys until he falls asleep. Time will tell.

    Cam also talks alot so far. He loves hearing his voice and moving his tongue around to makes new sounds. He smiles at anyone he meets, so we may have to have the Stranger Danger talk pretty early too.

  48. Wow! This car seat looks great! I have super tall kids, so we out grow the rear facing thing FAST, but maybe with this one he could have stayed a little longer. Three side by side would be fantastic in my little car! I have a talk, talk, talk, I’m out kinda’ kid. Which is usually nice. He can talk to me and stay awake for most in town things unless it is nap time. But transfers to the house well when we get there.

  49. My little guy is 11 months old. For the first 10 months of his life, he was a screamer in the car. Now, he’s become a sleeper, which is much preferred to the screaming.

    brandielam3 at gmail dot com.

  50. My little girl usually screams in the car, we used to live about 40 minutes away from everything which made it worse, but now we’re in the middle of everything so it’s at least getting easier. When my husband and I ride together I usually have to sit in crazy positions and nurse her so she doesn’t scream…awwww..the joys of motherhood. 🙂

    We are just about to out grow her car seat so would absolutely LOVE to win this, thanks for having a great giveaway!

    As always, Little J just keeps getting cuter (didn’t think it was possible).

  51. Both my kids stay awake in the car. My daughter USED to fall asleep in the car, until she turned 1. From 6 months to 1 yr we’d literally drive her around the church parking lot during Sunday school. The 1st councilor would tease us every week, but she would fall asleep and stay asleep through 3rd hour so it was worth it to us.

  52. Sol Baby is definitely a talker, and it drives me insane when i am in the car with her alone. I hate driving and I pretty much need silence to navigate the Chicago streets. So sometimes I say to her “no talking in the car”,so now if I ask her something in the car, she repeats that to me. lol!

    But she is also a singer, and will sing every song she knows on a car ride…

    I am grateful though, b/c she could be screaming and yelling.

  53. where are the rest of the rules for more entries? I need to win this. I am in the market for two careseats one for Moonbeam and another for Sol, we are having issues with getting her current seat secured tightly to the car, and the straps keep twisting. I really can’t afford to buy two new seats considering I will probably be buying a larger seat for the baby in about 8 or 9 months…

    i’ve been researching seats for the past two weeks b/c I really need Sol to be in this new seat until she is no longer in a seat… and this seems to be the one…. the price tag is just to big.

    Oh back to my original point, how do i get more entries…?

  54. Great review. My hubby and I have been shopping around for our next car seat, and this looks perfect! We want something that looks really comfortable, and isn’t super wide to take up a ton of space in our back seat. I also really like the idea of my son being able to sit rear facing longer.

  55. My 4 month old has gotten much better, she used to cry non-stop in the car. Now she is pretty content as long as the car is moving. Red lights and city traffic are my worst enemy!

    LOVE Diono car seats. Definitely what we want once she outgrows her bucket (which will be within the next 2 months, she’s long like Lil’ J!) It is perfect for our Civic because its just so slim and will still fit when rear facing!

  56. I am pregnant with my first so I don’t know what this little one will do but I used to fall asleep in the car. Even now on long trip I love to sleep my way there.

  57. I would love to win! My 6 month old is still in his rear facing, but I’m already looking forward to when he grows out of it. He is definitely a chatter in the car–I love it!

  58. My honey used to sleep in the car but no longer. Mostly he stares off at the passing scenery or plays with his books/toys but sometimes we have entire sing-a-longs, stories and Q&A interviews. All are much, MUCH better than the brief but excruciating period of car blues where he basically cried the entire time he was in the car seat… and only stopped to fall asleep to me singing old Victorian ditties. Sigh.

  59. My daughter talks until she is sleep. My son sleeps in the morning and in the evening he stays awake, which amazes me as he’s still rear-faced 14 months and it’s dark when we are driving home.

    He needs a car seat for daddy’s car and I would love for it to be a radian. Right now we are taking my evenflo triumph out of the car when he goes with my hubby.

  60. What a fun giveaway! My little boy is only 6 months old and has gone from a screamer in the car to a talker. This morning he just cooed away for our 20 minute drive. I would love to win this car seat for him!

  61. I wish my little guy was a talker OR a sleeper… but he’s a screamer! He hates being in that back seat alone. He’s 4 months so I suppose he may (or may not) outgrow this at some point. We use Chicco’s keyfit 35 however we were thinking of switching to a convertible car seat. He’s a bit big and I think he hates the ‘bucket’ seat. we still haven’t decided on weather or not to switch mainly because with the infant seat you can have a number of bases and just pop the seat in and out. With a convertible car seat I’m not sure if I want to switch car seats between two (or three if he’s going with the grandparents) cars at any point. The infant seat is also conveinent because we can buckle him indoors and that helps in this now cold weather. And in the rare occasion he does fall asleep during the car ride we can take him out without waking him.

  62. this is a great give away! i am expecting my first child in march and there are so many car seats to choose from it can bu confusing! winning this one would be super helpful!

  63. My six month old loves to be on the go. When you put her in the carseat she starts smiling. While in the car she likes to look out the window or in her mirror. She usually rides along quietly – until you come to a stop. She’ll fuss when I stop at red lights, and then stops when I take off again. Sometimes I seriously try to avoid route with lots of traffic lights. LOL!

  64. My 11 month old rides RF in a Britax convertible seat. She’s a talker for sure! Well, more accurately, a screamer. Not because she’s unhappy, just because she likes to hear her voice!

  65. Whoa momma! That is an expensive seat. I don;t have kids, yet… but I do hear people complain about not being able to fit 3 kids in the back of their car when there are two, let alone 3 carseats. I imagine buying 3 of these is less expensive than buying a bigger car!

  66. My daughter is a little over 6 and rarely falls asleep in the car anymore, even when really tired. She still rides in a 5-point harness even thought she is over 60pounds. She is in a Britax Roundabout which goes to 80 pounds. I will be sad the day she is out of her 5-point harness as I feel they are the safest way of buckling kids up. Thanks for the opportunity to win a new carseat- our new baby arrives in May and we would put this to good use!

  67. #1 is 3 and she always wants to listen to Tinkerbell (soundtrack) music or she is busy trying to wake up her little sister. The only times she manages to fall asleep in the car is on trips longer than an hour and on the way home from church.

    #2 is 6 months old and almost always falls asleep in the car!

  68. Sometimes she babbles and sometimes she’s just quiet…but she barely sleeps in her seat anymore. Although, on our way home from church on Sunday’s she’s usually pooped and falls asleep before we can get to a restaurant.

    We soo NEED another convertible seat!! I hope I win!

  69. My daughter rides in a Britax Boulevard. But baby #2 is on the way, so it would be nice to have it available when the time comes 🙂 ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  70. we have three under 5 and a two door Echo… it is a trick to find seats that can fit! All three of yours are pretty good travelers and tend to sleep well in the car but for christmas they got a dvd player for the car and it has been wonderful! I would love to win this seat for our youngest who is almost 18 months but is still so small that she is in the infant carrier but we are getting ready to switch her into a conveyable seat rear facing and with the 45lbs limit in this one she could most likely stay rear facing until high school if she keeps growing at the pace she has been…lol Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. My two and a half year old is definitely not a sleeper. He’s got to be exhausted to nap in his car seat, even on road trips. But, he’s usually fairly content to just ride and watch or at least entertain himself. Our second will be here within a week and I’m hoping he’ll be like his brother… fingers crossed. =)

  72. oh yeah….p.s.
    I did not see anymore rules below to get more entries. And I am desperate. I want/need/beg for more entries!!!! Please do tell if I am missing something. Thanks again for the chance. I haven’t been so excited for a giveaway in a loooooong time! 🙂

  73. She used to be a sleeper, now she is more awake all the time unless it is after noon and she’s tired (she’s 3). But we need a second toddler seat so bad because our 3 month old (!) is outgrowing his infant seat fast and we want to put him in her convertible seat. Oh, and it must be a Diono because we have a tiny car and maybe a third baby in the near future! Yikes!

    anastasia at eco-babyz dot com

  74. My daughter is in a Graco carseat and my son an Evenflo booster. My daughter tries to talk to my son. And my son tries to talk to me. So a lot of the time it’s an endless circle of him telling her to be quiet so he can talk to me, and her crying. Good times.


  75. We have a Graco carseat, but it is a very boyish model. That isn’t the most impotant thing and I can totally live with that. What does concern me is that it is a hand me down carseat from a well-meaning family member. I hear that you shouldn’t use a carseat that is over a certain number of years old, due to the heating and cooling of the plastic over time. My concern lies with the safety of the model in question. We are due to have our little girl, Ruby, in two weeks. So Exciting!!! I just want to know that I am putting my baby girl in the safest possible seat I can give her. This amazing carseat would be a Dream-Come-True for me and my husband’s sense of well being.

  76. Oh Carter loves car rides as long as they are not too long. He love it especially when its dark outside as he is in love with the stars and the moon! Oh..and airplanes! LOL.
    landfjacobson @
    Laura Jacobson

  77. I have two little ones a 2 year old and 5 month old and they are both good little travelers. My two year old son loves to sing and play with his toys or now as my 5 month old daughter is getting to the more aware stage he loves to get her to laugh and they have their own special little ‘talk’! I love to listen to them! I love this car seat as I could use it for my son or daughter and it would be great to have an extra seat in our other car! Thanks so much for the chance to win this AWESOME giveaway!

  78. We have twins on the way – due in April and this car seat is on our list. With our son, we have had two car seats so far, this car seat will enable us to only have to purchase ONE per child! My son currently has a Britax Boulevard. So, I’d love to win this, it would be super helpful to have one car seat go from birth to older child!! Thanks for the chance!!

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