Is Disney+ Worth it?: An Honest After-Launch Review


Disney+ launched and all of the content dropped early this morning. In an eery coincidence many schools around the country were delayed and/or canceled today because of bad weather. My kids included. This gave my family a chance to break in the app together and take Disney Plus for a spin. If you’re already sold and wondering how to sign up for Disney Plus and maybe even get a discount, check out this post. If you still aren’t quite convinced and you’re wondering if Disney Plus is worth it then read on!

Disney plus setting your watchlist is Disney plus worth it?

How to Download and watch Disney Plus

First of all some people were having trouble finding the app. For some people that was because they were searching Disney+ instead of Disney Plus in the app Store. We got it loaded on our Roku TV and Apple TV just fine, but I’ve had some login issues on my phone and computer. Now and then the app freezes up but I’m pretty persistent and keep trying until it works again. I think it had to do with overall excitement about the first day and everyone trying to jump on at the same time.

What to watch first on Disney Plus

There are so many ways to take in this streaming service, it really depends on your preference. Do you run for the old-school throwbacks, the new movies you haven’t had a chance to see yet, or the original content only on Disney+? For me it was the original content because we already have all of the animated content. And my mom has all of the Star Wars and Marvel movies. Together we have a good chunk of the popular content on Disney+ (and I’m not interested in watching The Simpsons).

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Right away we watched the live action Lady and the Tramp. Then all of the new Pixar Spark Short films (new ones will be released on a regular basis). I haven’t watched The Mandalorian yet because I was hoping to wait and watch it with my Star Wars-loving mom, but I may give in and watch it soon. Here’s a review from a friend on how kid-friendly it is.

Is Disney+ Worth It?

As someone who already owns a ton of this content, I was hesitant when I first heard about Disney Plus. But I am a big Disney fan and I knew the original content would be enough for me to sign up. I did so when there was the deal for buying two years and getting one free. When the app launched I went straight to the originals section. Now, about 18 hours in, I’ve consumed most of the original content I had on my watch-list. I’ve enjoyed The World According to Jeff Goldbloom, all of the SparkShorts, Lady and the Tramp, The Imagineering Story, Forky Asks a Question, and High School Musical The Musical the Series to name a few.

Once I plowed thorough those I had a moment where I worried there wasn’t much else to see that I hadn’t already seen, or didn’t already own. Is Disney Plus worth it?! But then I took some time to browse the other categories that I can enjoy. This is great while I wait for new episodes of all these series to update.

Down I went down the rabbit hole of my childhood. So many 90s TV shows I remembered watching on the Disney Channel that I can now share with my kids. I watched Smart House for the first time in maybe 20 years. The nostalgia was strong. Then I noticed movies like Remember the Titan, Queen of Katwe, Sandlot, and so many other movies I didn’t realize would also live on Disney+.

disney+ watchlist is it worth it

In short, Disney+ goes far beyond the classic Disney animated movies, Marvel films and Star Wars flicks. There’s a lot of that too. But if you’re like me and you’ve been a collector for some time, know there’s still plenty left to enjoy. And in my opinion, it’s worth the $6.99 a month for the majority family-friendly content. If you aren’t like me, and don’t have a head start on many of the movies, I’d say it’s probably a no-brainer to give it a go. You can always start with the week-long free trial and see what you think. And after that, you may be eligible for a deal or a bundle discount or even a free year of Disney+. Checkout my blog post on Disney Plus deals for more info.

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Build Your Disney Plus Watchlist

Wanting to keep track as you make your way through the movies on Disney+? Here are some various checklists to help you out!

Disney Sequels checklist, Disney Pixar movies checklist, Disney Animated Studios checklist. And if you want to decide an order to go in, or your family’s favorite Disney movies make sure you try this Disney+ movie bracket.

Have you signed up for Disney+? What did you think? Is Disney Plus worth it to you?

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