Introducing Sneaky! Aka…

Ok I think I’m officially the worst blogger ever. For 10 years you’ve known it here first. But now in the days of blogging we’ve got Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and YouTube, Snapchat, Stories etc etc etc. I totally neglected to share here about the birth of our baby girl. In fact, today’s the first time I’ve logged into my blog dashboard since my last post. #Shame

Most of you I’m sure are connected to me somehow and saw that I announced her birth either on Facebook or Instagram. But I know that’s not the case for everyone, and I’m sorry. I’m going to make it up to you right now and make it up to myself. This here blog is my little corner of the internet and I shouldn’t do her like that.

So today I’m sharing a first look at these gorgeous newborn photos taken by the fabulous Lindsay Mac Photography. And sharing some details about my little girl.

newborn birth announcement blog

She came July 19th by eviction (birth story coming soon!). She was a hefty 9 pounds 7 ounces. 21 1/4 in long. She loves breastmilk and long strolls in her baby wrap. Big brother and sister adore her. Mommy and Daddy are exhausted and in love.

Blog nickname pending but I’d prefer not to call her Sneaky forever. Maybe Baby A, though she won’t be a baby forever *tear*. I’m open to other suggestions.

newborn birth announcement blog

birth announcement blog

newborn birth announcement blog

So much more coming soon! Life as a new mom of three, expectations versus reality, and of course way more photos.

If you’re in the Austin area make sure you check out Lindsay Mac for gorgeous newborn photos. I have so many more I can’t wait to share with you soon!

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  1. Love the name! I’ve been seeing Aliyah so much more lately, and it goes perfectly with her siblings! Congrats…she is so beautiful! For the nickname, how ’bout Sweet Li? (Like Sweet Pea)….or to keep with the first initial theme, A-Plus, because you just know she’s going to be the best bonus ever 🙂 Maybe not as sweet and cute as you were looking for, but I’ll keep thinking! (I blame no sleep–with no baby as an excuse!)

    And no worries about the lack of posts–although it was a little weird seeing all these pics and not knowing her name! Based on how I was with kid #2, I’d have to think by #3 everything that can be chill is totally chill…when it happens it happens…so soak up every minute of newbornhood while you can!

  2. Shes beautiful.

    I’m no help with nicknames, but baby A makes me think she’s a twin. Lil Sis? I don’t know. I call my kids all kinds of stuff. On blog it’s Sissy, Bubby, and “the twins.” The twins call each other bubby now so I try to call my 1st son big bubby.

  3. She is gorgeous. I really like Sneaky, but it you must change it I think “Ali” would be cute. Enjoy your precious ones. They will be grown before you know what happened. ❤️

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