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I don’t know why it’s been so hard for me to write about this. Self-promotion doesn’t come easy to me, but this is something I’m really excited about so here goes nothing!

I’ve slipped a mention about it here and there in a couple of blog posts and mentioned it on Facebook but it’s time I let everyone in on something I’m very proud of… My first photography course! All my tips on photographing kids and childhood memories photography in one place.

photographing children- childhood memories photography

We purchased my first DSLR camera when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had no idea how to use it but I tinkered with it a lot along the way. I learned from professionals, read and practiced A LOT. It’s crazy but some of my photographs have been featured on national TV and even on the cover of a textbook.

But I don’t love photography for that reason. What I love most is capturing the fleeting moments–(Yes, childhood is fleeting). My kids and I love looking through our photo books, and digital pictures we’ve taken together.–Photos I didn’t realize would hold as much value as they do when I re-discover them months or years later.

Biracial siblings Spring Texas Bluebonnet pictures- Childhood memories photography

I also love capturing those special moments for my friends. It’s not something I’m pursuing professionally like I once thought I would (I now call myself a professional photographer of my family) but I do share my talents from time to time with my friends who ask.

Created in partnership with Canon I share all of my tips on photographing children. From capturing the sweet tiny details of your newborn, to photographing an active toddler or a reluctant tween, I’ve compiled it all into an 11 episode video course great for beginning to intermediate photographers. Here’s a preview:

With Christmas coming up it could be a great gift for yourself or a friend you know with a new camera. On sale right now at

Though I mostly focus on DSLR cameras the tips I share could be use with any make or model. And hey, if you have any specific questions you know where to find me.

Behind the Scenes

Here are some fun facts about the making of this thing:

1. None of the models in the shoot are my actual children, but they were all fun to work with and arguably easier to photograph. Ha! But there are plenty of examples of photos I’ve taken of my own kids throughout the course.
2. I sorta got a bit of baby fever while working with the newborn. I’ve since been cured.
3. Filming this course was nothing like filming a news segment. More cameras, lights, and producers behind the scenes, but it was really fun.
4. We filmed it in Tampa, FL and I actually saw a crocodile in the pond we filmed near.
5. It took several months for this all to come together. In fact, this process began over a year ago and I’m glad I got the nerve to FINALLY officially share it with you.

babys first christmas childhood memories photography

So if you’ve been wanting to up your photography game, or have a friend who wants to, please let them know about my new course (right now it’s at a great price of $29.99)! If you buy it please please please let me know so I can send you virtual hugs and kisses.

Now please excuse me while I go and add this to my list of favorite life moments.

A beginner's online photography course: Photographing children.

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  1. Congratulations! I haven’t made the leap to a dSLR camera yet (still loving my Canon G10 from several years ago). If I make the step up to a dSLR, I would be certainly buying this course. Your pictures are beautiful!

    One question for you… you mention in your post about photo books. I would be interested in hearing your workflow on how you create them (which website do you use for printing, are they per event, per period of time, etc.). I create one photo book per year for each of my kids that is just all about them. One 2-page spread per month.

    1. Thank you Nicole! Man, you know your workflow for printing sounds more fluent than mine. I’ve changed it a few times because I was taking SO many pictures and I felt like I wanted to print them all, now I mostly make books for trips/ big events, but I love your idea for a two-page spread per month. I really like Snapfish. I know a lot of people use Shutterfly but I just haven’t been able to get down with the styles and Snapfish works out way faster for me. I’ve tried many though for different projects. I kinda like to work and see who has a deal. I’m better with my backup workflow than anything else, and I talk about that in my course too haha, and a little about printing from home.

  2. Congrats on launching your class! Taking high quality photos can be really though, but it sounds like you’ve got some good techniques to make anyone look like a pro!

  3. Indeed your photography represents your love and passion for both life and children. Continue the great legacy of being you and spreading those passions to others. Best, Darren Chaker

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