Incentive to not get pregnant

Lately I’m finding myself cleaning. For hours and hours after my daughter goes to bed. I have a dozen other fun and interesting things to do, but I guess the little cleaning habit I developed while trying to persuade my husband on baby #2 stuck.


Two nights ago I cleaned for four hours. Four. Freaking. Hours. Who does that?

Not only that. But I want something I’ve never wanted before. Something I’m almost ashamed to admit I want. Something that puts me in the category with the June Cleavers and Martha Stewarts.

I want a mop.

Not just any mop. I want a fancy steam mop. Don’t ask me what kind. I don’t know. Just one that gets really hot, disinfects, and can make my grout all nice and shiny again cause my Swiffer mop aint doing jack but pushing around the dirt.

My husband knows better than to get one for me as a gift. But it’s something I’m considering investing in. So if you know of any good kind let me know. I may borrow a few friends’ first too to see how well they work.

All of this cleaning got me thinking though. I don’t really like cleaning. I mean, I don’t hate it as much as I used to, and I like the way I feel when it’s all nice and clean and knowing I did it all and that my husband can come home to a nice sparkly clean house. But realistically… After working all week, spending quality time with my girl, writing, photo editing, etc etc etc. I don’t want to spend time cleaning up. I’d rather sew or something. … Add the fact that I’m a control freak and every month I’m not pregnant I’m going to be wondering why (even though I know it’s only been a ridiculously short amount of time). I’ve decided I’m going to give myself something to look forward to either way.

When I was impatiently waiting and trying to get pregnant with Lil’ J I used my blog to raise $1100 for March of Dimes. My plans this time aren’t half as noble.

If I’m pregnant this month, awesome. I’ll be over the moon excited. If not, I’m hiring a maid.

My husband already agreed, saying we can get one to come something like once every-other week (I didn’t note the “if I’m not pregnant” clause, so maybe we’ll get one either way), and a friend of mine has a sister who does house cleaning, so we’re set!

I think I’ll have to come up with an awesome non-pregnancy incentive every month to make the wait more entertaining. Maybe next month I’ll go skydiving.

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  1. Haha, love your post. FYI, I love my Monster steam mop. It was around $80 from Amazon and has washable microfiber pads and gets very hot. Our apartment laminate changed colors the first time we used it and we had been cleaning the floor for almost a year at that point.

  2. This is a great post! First off as I mentioned last month, we are on the same pregnancy journey! I’m not posting about it on my blog because I didn’t with my last and I just can’t find myself sharing that with my readers but I admire you for doing it! 🙂 Here’s hoping our babies are both conceived this month!

    Second I love your incentive ideas. We just got a steam mop from my FIL’s girlfriend and we honestly haven’t had time to use it! We keep saying today we will steam all the tile…yet there it sits. After reading I want to go home and try it tonight! I’ll let you know how it goes. I have had this deep urge to get on me hands and knees and clean the heck out of our grout but I get home play with my girl…and then sit and knit. 🙂

    Thanks for posting! Hope you have a great day and that all goes well with TTC!

  3. I LOVE your idea for non-pregnant incentives. We conceived Baby 1 without trying (actually, while NOT trying) and we’re looking to start working on Baby 2 come September. I’m worried if I don’t conceive right away I’ll get obsessed.

  4. That’s what I have done. Since James and I can’t agree on a date or timeline like you and your husband to start trying for one yet….I’ve set little markers, goals, and achievements to help myself become a stronger better person. And to be completely honest-to keep me distracted or getting to upset that RIGHT now its not going to happen. (I think were getting closer though so I guess thats all the matters) Right now, I’m working on a half marathon. Then after that.. Im getting some dental work done cause heaven knows we wont AFTER I’m pregnant. Then it will be all about saving up for our precious bundle of joy. Annnyyyways. Not that you really needed to know that! I like your idea and if your husband agreed then GO FOR IT! More time to spend with family and ENJOY the family you have. Nothin wrong with a maid. Good for you.

  5. We have a Haan Steam Mop and I adore it. I did a lot of research before we purchased one and this had the best ratings overall.

    I do know that the Sharks are a P.O.S. My Mom & MIL both have a Eureka, and it’s big and heavy and a PITA to use.

  6. I know what you mean about wanting a steam mop. I went through that too and now I have one. I do have a Shark and I don’t think it’s a PITA at all but I’ve never done my steam mop research and I’m sure there are better out there.

    What a great idea to do not pregnant incentives!

  7. Neither of us have a steam mop, but let us know how you like yours if you get one. As for the maid, why not! Once the kids are old enough to clean, then you can put the maid money towards jewelry or something 😉

  8. “…and knowing I did it all and that my husband can come home to a nice sparkly clean house. “

    Um…he has two arms and legs! He can clean if you hate it! You work too! 🙂

    Good luck with Baby number 2!

  9. I was pregnant the same time you were! I stumbled upon your blog by accident via youtube and been reading up to dates since. My girl was born on the 10th of July (2010) and I wasn’t aware I was pregnant w/ my second until I was 3 months pregnant! My 2nd was born on Jan 19 this year. It is amazing that you are thinking of your 2nd baby already 🙂 I can tell you really want to have a big family and I think it is wonderful! You have a career, your husband too, you have everything sorted and well planned because of the experience with your first, now what is so wrong with having a 2nd? I SAY TRY TRY TRY YOUR best and aim for the end of this year to get prego again 🙂 I am wishing you the best of luck and keep up w/ the writing!


  10. I have this horrible habit of thinking if I only had an awesome mop I would not only mop more often but I would LOVE mopping! 🙂

  11. We’re finally getting a steam vac. You’re not the only one who’s been dreaming of fancy mops. LOL. I’m thrilled and have been watching the door waiting for it to come off the UPS truck.

    Having a maid come in and clean once every other week sounds like a sweet deal. Let’s see if I can talk my husband into.

  12. Please keep posting…I only now stumbled upon your blog, and I love, & appreciate, the honesty! I have the same anxiety about becoming (or not becoming) pregnant with baby #1.

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