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I saw a comment on my last post with a reader thinking/wondering/hoping if I was in labor. I’ve actually just been hanging out with my grandparents who make a surprise visit to see us! I haven’t thought twenty times twice about labor today thank-you-very-much.

I’m feeling some contractions pressure waves (hypnosis people) though so perhaps better luck tomorrow?
I’m too pooped to keep writing but I’ll also be posting at Project Pregnancy today.
Thanks KarmaPearl for the link and laughs! 🙂

Today is my daughter’s birthday. It’s a beautiful day to be born…but Lil J will determine all of that on her own.

YUMMama says:

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed those pressure waves will turn into contractions!! Have fun with your grandparents. It was sweet of them to surprise you.

NatashaJ says:

Found this link that has good labor tips. Sending good thoughts and relaxing vibes your way.

CalgaryDaddy says:

Waiting for the big news here in Calgary!


MsBabyPlan says:

Wow, the time is coming close. I am very excited for you. Hugs!

Jennifer says:

I hated the “you haven’t had that baby yet” comment. A coworker said it everyday and rubbed my belly. It just annoyed me. I went 2&3 days past my due date with my two. The last week is the hardest.

You will have your girl soon and it will seem like it went fast even though it feels slow now. Best wishes to know when labor is official.

CurlyKye says:

*heehee* 😉 Ok Ok, it was me!

Glad to hear you’re ok though!!!

MsBabyPlan says:

I just posted the second part of your interview. I hope you like it.

Hey there. Heres to hoping you go into labor very soon. Let us know and hope you are having fun with the family.

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