An Important Lesson on Perspective


Why is it so difficult to keep things in perspective?

I think there’s an exception when you’re a young child. Things don’t seem as dire when you’re five and your attention span is shorter than a puppy’s at a park.

But once you hit the teenage years it’s all over. Prom feels like life’s be-all-end-all, and sometimes it’s just hard to remember there’s life after high school.

Same thing goes for college. Sort of. Except we think we are SOOOO smart, and we are making plans for the future, but we actually think those plans are going to play out exactly the way we say they will.


Enter marriage and motherhood. When I was pregnant, I thought deciding whether or not I was going to have an epidural was the biggest decision of my life up until that point. As was breastfeeding, and what kind of diapers I used.

Now that I’m out of a haze of delusion I understand those first kid, second kid, third kid jokes. You just ease up and chill out more with each subsequent kid. You gain perspective.

To the teen who worries about having a date to prom–Go, have fun, enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself and not what others think of you. Because in 10 years, you’ll look back and realize you’d only kept in touch with one or two of the people in your group.

To the growing pregnant woman first off–You look amazing!– Secondly, take a deep breath. You have people’s opinions flying at you like bugs on a windshield but the only one that really matters when it comes to you and your baby is your own. Trust your gut. You can do this!

To the tired new mom who feels like she doesn’t know up from down. You rock! Motherhood isn’t as easy as we thought, but it’s a beautiful challenge. I wish someone had told me they also went to work with two different shoes on and didn’t sleep much when their baby was young.

How to photograph your newborn

To the mom struggling at bedtime. You’ve got this! I wish someone had told me the beauty of a night time routine; a walk outside, a bath, some gentle baby massage, and “brushing” those little baby gums with Baby Orajel™ Tooth and Gum Cleanser can calm everyone down and help prepare both you and baby for a more peaceful night.

To the mom who feels like her kid is never going to get the hang of potty training– I’ve been there. They’ll get there. Your child won’t forever be in diapers.

To moms like myself who are striving to teach our little ones to read without losing our ever loving minds.–We will get there. They will get there. In their own time.

In a century we may not be on this earth (unless someone discovers the fountain of youth before then). So let’s not spend too much time worrying.

I’ve got this.

You’ve got this.

We’ve got this!

This post has been sponsored by Baby Orajel™, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Perspective is a big thing. I use to think one thing about having kids, had my daughter- had it figured out, then my son came along! I see things through a while new lens now!

  2. I have learned that no 2 children are the same. I have also learned there is no right or wrong way to parent. We all have the same goal to raise happy, healthy, well adjusted children who will be productive. How we do that is a path that is different for each but we all got it.

  3. Such a great message! This is so important to keep into perspective, every struggle becomes something we overcame. Maybe even look back on fondly, and being thankful for all of the phases of life is a great way to never miss a minute of it.

  4. I never had time to worry about everything being a big deal. Everything snuck up on me all the time because my mind was all over the place. I do agree with the night time routine. It makes a world of difference

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