I’m really excited and kinda freaking out (vlog)

I’ve been thinking it could possibly be fun to do a “sit down and chat with you” kind of video for a bit. Not fluffs, just me, you… And my crazy kids.

Well, the kids weren’t a part of the plan initially but they totally hijacked this little video I was making sharing something exciting and a little nerve wracking. I’ve been wanting to blog about this for weeks but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write it all out, so I thought talking about it could be easier.

Lately I’ve been all about YouTube. I love watching funny videos, hair tutorials, and everything in between. I also finally just watched the Harlem Shake. Yea… I’m a year behind.

Let me know what you think of this style of video, I may do more when the topic arises and make a little “getting to know me” or “chit chat” section of my YouTube Channel. If you hate it, let me know too. I’m not usually drawn to this type of video, but lately it’s been a fun way to “get to know” some of the people behind the channels I like.

Anyway, on to my news. If you have any advice for me please share!

Have a wonderful Easter!!

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  1. Congrats!! Good luck. It will be hard, but good for you. I am not sure about the nursing, but I am sure your little one will be fine either way. No matter what, enjoy your time away. It will make coming home extra sweet!

  2. Yeah for vlogging! I am glad that you are starting these videos. I like the personal aspect about them and the unedited version. It brings out your realness not that you aren’t already open lol. I am super excited to know that you are nursing. I am a breastfeeding mom too. I am far from 12 months though but I am still going strong with our little one:) It was super sweet watching your little boy grab at you, my son does that too and your little girl loves the camera I see lol. Congrats on your invite to the Smokey Mountains. You will love it! I guess that will be the closest that you will come to Memphis where I reside lol. As far as advice for leaving your little ones, yes every mommy needs that experience every once in a while. You will be able to sort of relive who Jennifer is even if it is just for a few days because sometimes you never realize how much you operate in the wife/mommy roles so much that you completely forget about yourself, as an individual, and your specific needs that need to be met just like getting away for a day as an example. I can testify! lol I had the same anxiety when I had to go back to work, after a lovely 3 month hiatus, with just me and our miracle of love baby boy. However, my husband was super supportive and encouraging and he gave me the confidence to be strong and return to work. While you are away: take moments to look at all of their pictures if you have to sit for pumping sessions, face time, journal your experience, and don’t worry your little boy will not wean at all after 3 days because he would much rather nurse than bottle-feed. My son never has a problem feeding while I am away and he is more eager for me to nurse him as soon as I return because he loves the natural feel and comfort of breastfeeding. Enjoy your trip and I am so thrilled and happy for this opportunity for you. You really are such a great wife and mom!

    1. Juzanne, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I know my son loves to nurse, so I’m thinking he probably won’t forget so fast. Maybe if he does he’ll make weaning all the easier but I was kinda hoping to go about the same time as I did with his sister…. About 18 months. It’s so easy to comfort him this way!

      I’m so flipping excited for the trip! Great words of advice about remembering who I am. You rock! Thanks for watching, and commenting!

  3. Have you checked out Gabe and Babe channel on youtube? They are an interracial couple…I love their channel. Also, have you checked out what’s up Elle or what’s up moms? If you vlog I kind of see you doing something like that. I so love those channels and I love your blog…you have a cool personality and are very likeable….I would totally watch you!

    1. So I’m way behind on the YouTube sensations but I just checked out Gabe and Babe and they are so cute!! My hubs would never agree to do something like that, but I need to start finding ways to get him in our photos and videos more. He’d probably agree if I promised not to put it on YouTube 😉

  4. Hey Jennifer,
    You are so cute. Like Juzanne said, taking time for your self helps you to be a better mother. When we are so busy taking care of everyone else it is easy for our tanks to become empty. I hope that the trip is everything you expect it to be, what a great opportunity. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

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