I’m Back… (Sort of): Bring it on December!

“This is my favorite time of year!” My daughter told me as we began unboxing our holiday decorations. My husband pulled down the tree and ornaments from the attic. “Is it your favorite time?”
She does this a lot lately. She’ll tell me her favorite something then ask me if it’s also my favorite something.

“Yes,” I answered. “I love Christmastime.”

It seems the further we get into the year the faster it flies. We’re rounding out 2016 and I have so much on my mind.


First off, gratitude. So much gratitude for this year that was full of so many blessings. I’ve crossed things off my dream board (meeting Disney movie directors), started working on new goals (piano lessons). Then there’s a lot of anticipation for the remaining weeks left in the year (one more family trip to Florida next week). And excitement for the new year around the corner (finishing our first year of schooling at home, and more family adventures).

Right now my mornings are filled with trying my best to keep up with our homeschool lessons, occasional field trips, and making a mess of the house. The afternoons fly by, and my evenings often turn into early mornings as I work through the night.

I’m trying to keep it together for the holidays. For one, we’re trying a different kind of advent this year. One that involves 25 acts of kindness. This year we started a new tradition of volunteering together. It started off slowly but now we’re finding more ways to chip in. I’ll get into it more later, but we’ve helped sort items for families, visited a senior home and helped plant onions at a garden, adopted some foster children to sponsor for Christmas gifts, and we have other acts of kindness on our list to get us through the remainder of the year. (And carry on a tradition for 2017).

It’s a little crazy and sometimes chaotic but I take the good in with the bad. Including cold, allergies and stuffiness unfortunately. Who has time for a stuffy head?! Vicks Sinex helps the hubs and I get some quick relief so we can get back to doing what we love.

Tis the season for spreading cheer, Christmas cards (though mine always turn into New Year cards), hot chocolate, decorating, and time with family. It’s a time for us to stop and reflect on the year we’ve had and plan for the one ahead.

Happy Holidays! Bring it December!

I’m all about enjoying this magical time of year with my family and not letting stuffiness get the best of me, which is why I partnered with Sinex on this post. Sinex helps relieve the nasal stuffiness that often accompanies colds, hay fever, or upper respiratory allergies. Vicks Sinex helps you #ClearYourHead so you can savor every moment.

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  1. Aww, I love the snow angel shot <3

    I'm actually covered in Vicks right now as I have the worst cold I've had all year. I think that means the winter is finally upon us! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

    Louise x

  2. I love the idea of doing 25 acts of kindness! I try to be kind every day but making this a part of the holiday season is brilliant.

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