iCute: Wordless Wednesday

But really, it goes without sayin’

Everyone who comments on this post by next Wednesday will be entered to win any item of choice from iStyle Originals, home of a new fun, fresh apparel company which gears to adults, baby and pets. Follow their Twitter or Facebook Page for an extra entry.
*Thank you iStyle Originals for sponsoring this review/giveaway.

Mrs. Stam says:

She is adorable!!! and good job with mama’s milk she is growing so well!!!!

Georges says:

Lil J seems to be getting cuter by the day! Love this giveaway….such a great idea! I love the “I talk, you listen” shirt, but the baby bibs are quite cute too!

stOOpidgErL says:

cute! Love that hot pink and zebra pettiskirt!
Chloe used to have a onesie like that and it said “iPood” on it. 🙂

Chantel says:

Awww..She sure is cute!

Brittany says:

HOW PRECIOUS!!!! I love the shirt, and I LOVE the flower;) She is adorable girl!

Christine Terrien says:

such and adorable picture! I’m going to like their facebook page right away so i can get my kids stuff for christmas!!!

Katy says:

A friend recently told me about your blog b/c I am a new mommy planning on using cloth diapers. Your blog is sooooo helpful, I spent 3 hours one day reading all your blogs! 🙂 I am single & completely broke so I am terrified of having a child, let alone doing cloth diapers & breastfeeding, but your advice has helped more than you know. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day!

Ashley says:

Lil J is so adorable!!! She seems like such a sweet and happy baby!

Arya says:

She sure is getting cuter every time I see a new picture of her…

lmsimmering says:

I LOVE the zebra tutu! Can’t wait to have girls of my own to dress up 🙂

Kristina says:

So cute! I saw a shirt a few days ago at Walgreens that said “iPoop”! I thought it was the cutest thing! 🙂

Cutie bootie!!! I am in LOVE with that bow/flower on her head! I want one too 🙂

Karen says:

Thank you for the contest. iCute is great name for a babies clothing line!

melifaif says:

LOL, yes, she IS cute!!! And I really love that shirt…ha! Because they actually say it like that. At least mine did at one point. LOVE IT!!!

MarciaG says:

Such a fashionista–love it!

Jess says:

How CUTE is she? Seriously?! The onesie… the skirt/tutu… the hair flower…. *dies*.

LisaB234 says:

Lil J’s got it all – the dress, the flower and most importantly that smile! Thanks for the link to istyle – darling!

Alex says:

Awwww she is so cute, but that goes without saying.

Soo darn cute..love it!

allisa says:

Oh my heavens! She can’t get any cuter, can she? 🙂

Brittany says:

That’s too cute! My son has a shirt that says “ipood’!

*Alice Anne* says:

Very, very cute! It’s so much fun to see her little outfits and matching bows. 🙂

Andrea says:

Seriously adorable!

LiciaLee says:

adorable. love!!!

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Mrs. K says:

Such an adorable baby. I love that outfit. So diva-ish with the zebra print.

Deanna says:

Gorgeous as usual!

SumAsch says:

Oh my goodness that shirt is too cute!

Suz says:

She is SOOO cute!

Wow! That is one cute baby!

She’s so cute! Her outfit is adorable too 🙂

MJ says:

Lol, that shirt says it all!


YUMMama says:

Awww..she is a cutie and such a happy baby.

Katie says:

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Katie says:

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MeganS says:

I love this shirt!! So adorable! My husband would get a kick out of it since he is an Apple man!

Jenn says:

Cute shirt! (and even cuter baby!)

Jenn says:

I follow on FB!

Rose says:

I recently reviewed one of their shirts too and I just love it. Your daughter is too cute. Come enter my Giveaway too.

kristelh says:

Love the shirt! 🙂

Nicholle says:

Love that shirt! And the baby that makes it that much cuter!

Crazy Daisy says:

So adorable. The entire outfit is awesome!

bgaskill says:

I love the outfit, but I adore the flower – zebra and pink. I just went searching for that flower and saw it on http://www.polkadotposies.com and it comes in pink, green or red. How clever – you angel is so very cute…I just love babies!!!

bgaskill says:

oh….and I just found out I will be a grandmother for the 4th time – I am so very excited. I used cloth diapers with my children and they are great.

Oh and I am following them on twitter and fb

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