I Will NOT Pick My Kid’s Nose!

You know how there are some things that people say “I’ll NEVER do this… or that…” I’m sure we do that the most when it comes to planning for future children. We start when we’re young.

“No mom, I’m not going to spank my kids”… “I’m going to let my kids eat all of the candy they want!”

Sure sure. Then when we get older, we make plans and say things like “I’m not going to get the epidural” or “I’m not going to force my kid to play such and such sport” or even something like “I’m not using those leash-things on my kid, ” (I’m not).

Well, I try REALLY hard not to do that (often), but there’s ONE thing I think I won’t, can’t/ WILL NOT be able to do.. And that’s pick/ wipe/ TOUCH my kid’s boogers with my BARE HANDS!

I’ve actually been meaning to write about my odd disgust since reading this post by my friend Mallory. I’m amazed by how moms can do this! Not that there is anything wrong with it. I commend you! Really! She shares a story of wiping a booger from her kid’s nose and putting it… Well, you’ll have to read it to see. I LOVE the story because it’s so funny and I can just picture it happening, but I can’t see myself grabbing that booger!! I’m not calling moms who do that gross… My mom did it to me… it grossed me out when she was doing it. It’s just. not. me!

I don’t have a problem with poop… Even puke I’m ok with (even more so that spit actually) but I HATE snot and I HATE boogers!!

Everyone keeps telling me it’s normal, and say things like “Well, you wouldn’t just leave it there!” Ok.. No, maybe I wouldn’t. But if I didn’t have a tissue I would. Maybe I’ll be sure to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have tissues.

I can’t even stick my fingers in my own nose, much less someone else’s!

I worked in daycare for YEARS, and yes, I had to wipe snotty noses… But you’d better believe there were about 5 layers of tissue between my hand and their drippy face. And I honestly don’t think it’ll be much different for my own child.

I’m not going to swear I’ll never do it, but I will put it on my list of things I doubt you’ll catch me doing. In fact… I already have a plan in tact. My first child Snoop… He’s going to help me.

If I’m ever in the predicament where there’s a loose booger and/or snot and no tissue near by, Snoop will have to do the honors of licking it clean for me.

And if we’re out in public away from my furry hero… My poor kid may just have to stay crusty booger-faced until we get to a stack of moist towelettes.

And for those of you who are making bets already… Tell me, did you think you’d pick boogers with your bare hands BEFORE having kids? Or was that a new found bravery once you had your first child?

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  1. oh hun, you will. ๐Ÿ™‚ I said I would never pick out poop from my kids butt, but I have and will probably have to again. WHen your a mom.. sometimes you just have to do things. ANd somehow, when you’re a mom they don’t seem AS gross to you.

    Bet ya 5 bucks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jennifer,

    I’ve never commented before but I’m a long time reader. Your entries are very similar to things that I struggle with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I am not married – yet…making my dreams of motherhood questionable (or very, very distant).

    I recently (very, very recently) started a blog. And I just figured out how to put your button on it! It’s a little unusual, as far as blogs go. But still relevant enough that I thought you might be interested in taking a gander at it some time:


    Regarding your most recent post: I totally feel you! I worked in a preschool for years and guarded my fingers against those oozing boogers with wads of kleenex! People say it will be different when I, “have my own kids”…um okay. I guess we’ll just have to see when and if that ever happens!

    Best, Suzanne

  3. hahaha your disgusting for leaving boogers on your kids face….LOL im KIDDING…. ok only kinda sorta…. cause I cant stand boogers & plz dont bring your child around me with boogers I will think you & your child are ewww. Yes I have 4 almost 5 kids of my own but their noses dont have boogers very often & yes if were out & there are no tissues I will pick then purell ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. I’m the same with other kids but not with my own. The day your baby looks at you thru tears suffering thru a cold and not able to breathe… you’ll deal with snot and be glad to! Lol. I’d love to hear how this turns out. NB – Its not like we love snot or anything… but things are a bit diff with your own…

  5. I will do anything for my children including wiping a nasty booger off their nose when I don’t have a tissue handy. I definitely don’t want them going around in public with a booger hanging from their nose. Now that is just gross.

  6. I said alot of things before I was a mom!! lol I know what you mean but let me tell you when your little one has little nasty boogs in their nose that they cant get out YOU WILL DO IT!!LOL

  7. You will.:) I said I never would, but what do you with the tiny nose of an infant? You can’t have them blow, and you definitely aren’t going to get much done with a tissue!

  8. Before I had the twins I wouldn’t go near another kid’s boogers. Heck no, I’d let it hang there. But honestly, when it’s your own kid it doesn’t matter. All of a sudden nothing is gross anymore. Spit up, poo, boogers…you name it! I’ve totally had to dig boogers out of my kid’s nose (although I put it in the garbage and not in anyone’s mouth). And I’m sure you will have to at some point too…and you’ll be amazed at how not grossed out you are.

  9. I do it. When I held my babies I had a straight shot up their nose, and I couldn’t just leave it alone.

    My husband won’t do it, though. He uses the underside of their shirts. I think that is even more gross.

  10. So if it’s runny-I don’t wipe with my bare hands either. If there isn’t a tissue-seriously I use a burp rag-or if nothing else the edge of their blanket-it will get washed first thing when I get home. I’ve had three kids one more on the way and the only time i get a booger with my bare hands is if it’s a hard crusty one that tissues somehow have a hard time getting at-for some reason. Anyway I don’t like runny boogers either.

  11. Oh you will, you will. We all have done it and we all have said next time I will have tissue, wipes, etc. I usually just use my child’s shirt because they get it dirty anyways and it is a little more sanitized then your hands. But in the end when you sweet, beautiful child has a booger hanging out of their nose or they are so clogged they can’t breath your hand will rise to the nose and fix the problem. We all do it.

  12. You won’t have a choice when they are babies. They can’t do it themselves and those little boogies have a way of getting so far up in there that the only way to get them out is with your pinky finger…tissues don’t work on babies…there noses are too small! Trust me, picking a boogy will be the least of your worries and it will seem like nothing in no time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. hmmm…I’m not sure on that one…I’m not a booger person…but when I watch my nephew, I ALWAYS make sure to have tissues…that kid ALWAYS has boogers…but with my bare hands…yeah, not so much

  14. It’s only gross when it’s someone elses kid! LOL!
    I am a perpetual nose wiper. I can’t stand to see my kids with dirty noses..nope, HATE it.
    I usually use a tissue, but sometimes I dont have one…a finger or the end of my sleeve will have to suffice!

  15. Ok so I just wrote the longest post and it didn’t post:(. I don’t know if I will be able to pick boogers with my bare hands lol. Yuck!!! But I am sure a lot of things will change. I also don’t want to Deal with puke. That’s the worst. The smell is just awful. Can’t handle it. I’m sure my husband won’t handle it either lol. I can say I for sure will absolutely not use a leash for my child. I think those things are scary. Just my opinion though! Liked this post and can’t wait til your oregnant and can post belly pics!!

  16. I have never commented on your blog before although I love reading your posts. This was one I had to comment on though! I am the queen of saying I would never do this or that when I had a child. Guess what? It totally changes when it’s your own kid. I pick boogers and have wiped snot with my bare hands. Is it gross, of course but sometimes your just in that situation and you just do it. I had to smile when you said that you would just always carry tissue. I am so over prepared most of the time but sometimes “mommy brain” kicks in and you forget something at home and those are the times you just may need the tissue you left at home! I hate puke and I hate poop and I have had both shot on me many many times, oh and boogers wiped on my clothes. If any other kid did it I would be totally grossed out but not as much with my own son! Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still gross!

  17. I work in a preschool and I’ve seen parents go crazy after thoese boogers. I’m with you, I take two tissues, a glove, and wipe the nose. For the crusties, I use wipes, and yes, at times its like NASA glue, but we cant just leave them there. My director calls it dignaty to walk around with a clean face, to which I agree, yes, but there are ways of doing it rather than with a hand or your shirt or what-not.

    Again, there are some parents who are truly booger addicts and will stop at nothing to get them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Thanks for the linky love! ๐Ÿ˜€ I never thought I would wipe my kid’s boogers with my bare hands, but I do it all the time! Sometimes I have to get to it before he does (and it gets all over the house!) I like your idea of having Snoop take care of the boogers for you! LOL!

  19. LOL! My grandma loves to remind me how she once had to SUCK the mucus out of my nose because I couldn’t breathe…I always cringed and swore I’d use an aspirator if I were in that predicament. Now that I’m a mommy (and now know that aspirators are mostly useless) I wouldn’t hesitate one second. yucky, I know!

  20. I probably in the minority here, but I DO NOT pick my kids nose EW EW EW EW. That really freaks me out to just think about it. I always carry wipes/tissue/burp clothes with me to wipe noses with..in my bag, in the car, in my pocket. My dh has allergies so he always has a supply of tissue and napkins as well. Now spit up?That doesn’t bother me one bit. Baby gets poop on me?No big deal, I’ll change…for some reason I just can’t do boogers!

  21. I totally pick boogers! And get this. I’ve even wiped snot with my OWN shirt!

    I have a huge problem with boogie and snotty kids. You’ll never catch my kid out with huge rocks in their nose.

    Now OTHER kids snot I find utterly repulsive. Makes me want to vomit, but not my own kids.

  22. Haha. Well, I am going to guess that at some point your child’s nose will be so bad and someone you know and respect will be somewhere in the store and out of nowhere without thinking about it you will want to clean your child’s nose to avoid embarrassment. Maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Oh babe! You will do so many gross things as a mother that picking a little booger will be nothing. I can’t wait until you blog about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~ humps

  24. I was with you thinking that I would never be able to do the gross stuff but I’m starting to rethink it…Its amazing the stuff I do for my dog that I never thought I’d do and that’s just my dog…not my kid….poop grosses me out and i clean her butt and pet her when she pukes…I now know that I won’t find it as gross when its my kid…they need you to do that stuff for them…so i think you just do!

  25. I knew I would do it as I cannot stand a stuffy nose or anything in my nose, so will blow the heck out of it, to clear it out. and I know it drives me crazy, so if it is there, especially blocking my little newborn baby’s nose, yeah I get it for them. And there are some that just don’t come with tissue.

  26. I’m placing my bet now….

    You will do it!!

    I didn’t think I would… I do! I didn’t think I would share a slobbery spoon with him… I do! I can go on and on and on. You definitely find a new sense of courage once you are the mommy.

  27. yep. did it twice today. had no place to put it and was wearing dirty socks so I wiped it on my sock!

    now, had you told me six years ago i’d be picking some kid’s nose and wiping it on my sock? No way! I would have been completely grossed out. Now it’s life as usual.

    But OTHER people’s kids with snot or boogers better be at least ten feet away from me. CAN NOT HANDLE IT. Just goes to show, you really will do anything for your kids.

    I have even held my oldest on my lap, facing me, as he puked gallons right onto the front of my shirt and actually comforted him and LET HIM FINISH even though I was hardcore fighting hurling myself.

  28. Yes, yes, you will. Once you realize that there is no other way to get that sucker out, you will. I tried so hard with that damn asperator, but all it did was tick the boy off.

  29. There is a strong bond/connection you are going to have with your child. You will do anything for him/her & this my friend is one of those things.
    Sorry, but it will happen.
    Now other people’s kids that’s a whole other story-LOL

  30. If you don’t wipe your kids nose with your hand in an emergency be aware that you will be forced to use your shirt. Because there is nothing more disgusting then twin trails of snot oozing out of your kids nose while you’re shopping for your groceries. And personally I’d rather wipe my daughters nose with my hand that I can go and wash ASAP then have to wear dried snot trails on my clothes for all the world to see. And mark my words, if you choose to use your shirt it will be the day that you are wearing black. A VERY revealing color when it comes to snot.

    Snot happens…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh!! And I forgot about the “flappers”!! Those annoying little boogers that cling and flap in and out with your kid’s breath. Kleenex and wet wipes just won’t get those suckers. I even had to bust out my eyebrow tweezers one time because outside of a jackhammer nothing was going to wipe that one off.

    Boogers happen too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Lol. i always thought I would never do it but here I am… Mom of a 2 year old who has no problem picking her son’s nose.. even though he has a problem with it. Everything used to bother me but now, I could care less.

  32. Truthfully, I never thought I would because snot sort of disgusts me, but with an infant, the bulb doesn’t always do the trick. When you have a 2 month old congested baby, you’ll pick their nose if it means they can eat, sleep, and breathe again. Trust me.

    Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

  33. so before having madilyn, i would never ever have touched or worse yet picked my kids nose. gross! but now, i hate to admit but i have done it. sometimes its better than having it on her face or having to listen to her snore as she is just trying to breath. but whenever possible, i use her old burp cloths or even the inside of her onesie over my fingers. but there are still times that its my own fingers… the things we do as mothers!!

  34. Yeah. You will SO pick boogers. And you’ll be lucky if it’s just YOUR kids and not other people boogers. “Oh, sweetie – you have a boogie here..let me grab it.” “Why thank you ma’am…now that will be $24.81 for you purchases.”

  35. Oh girl, please. Here’s a nice list of the stuff you’ll do when you have a kid:

    You will wipe pee from your face and be okay with it. (If you have a boy, he WILL pee in your face.)

    You will catch throw up. Seriously CATCH it with your bare hands. And be PROUD that you caught it before it hit the good couch.

    You will walk around with projectile poop on your shirt/pants/skirt. Because projectile poop ALWAYS oozes out the diaper, down the side of the onesie, and right onto your bestest good dress… in the middle of the store… or a conversation… or where ever…

    If you are breastfeeding, you will whip out a boobie and pop that sucker in the baby’s mouth ANYWHERE if your child is hungry. Judging eyes be damned. The baby’s gotta eat.

    You WILL pick boogers and wipe snot with your bare fingers and be okay with it. Because the only other alternative is letting your kid walk around with boogers and snot on her face. And no mom wants the kid with the boogers and snot on her face. You do what cha gotta do!

  36. Jennifer, sweet Jennifer. Never say you are not or you do not see yourself doing something. YOU will!! Never say your child will never do something. THEY will!! Trust me. I know!

  37. I gotta admit. I am the same way. I am great with poop. Not so great with boogers. I just make sure I always have Kleenex in my purse, car, pocket etc….And, my little girls can get very boogery. Still gives me the eebies!

  38. Yep…I totally wipe, pick, and DIG FOR boogers. I hate when my 2 year old’s nose is plugged or running. It bothers me. The blogger world is going to kill me for this, but I actually use tweezers to get them out of his nose. I have him sit or lay really still and I get them out. I am always checking to make sure there isn’t anything in there. I just want to make sure that he is able to breathe! I also do not want to be one of those moms who don’t care about how their kids look and let them walk around with snot all down their faces and wiping it with their shirt sleeves. Just me. You never know, you might change your mind when the time comes. Actually, I am sure you will.

  39. Haah…just read what Krystal wrote about wiping kids noses that are not your kids….totally agree. I can not even come near another child’s boogers, runny snot, whatever. Can not do it. I can change their poopy diapers though..just can not touch those boogers. Not even with a tissue…or ten.

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