I Wanna Know!! Boy or Girl?!

I can’t wait to find out what Spawnie is. I’ve had a couple of dreams about this baby being a girl, which make me think it’s a girl. After all, I had a dream about a big fat positive test result just a day or two before I got it!

My husband and both our moms also think Spawnie is a girl. But there are a few things that make me think maybe not. I got really bored and took just about every online baby gender prediction test I could find.

For one… The Chinese Lunar Calendar. I almost sweat by it. Tell me, look at it… Was it right for you? It has been right for my moms kids I think, as well as several of my friends.

I’m not sure if Spawnie was conceived in September or October (it could be either) but both give me the blue result which = BOY.

Then there’s Old Wives Tales. I took a quiz on Childbirth.org And it gave me this result: BOYAnother one on BabyGenderPrediction.com with some similar questions ALMOST said girl, but the last five questions pushed it the other way: BOY.I found another on BabyGenderPredictionTest.com and got the opposite. This one asked me questions about birth dates and my cravings and what not. Ok I’ll be honest, I took it twice and the SECOND time I got this result: GIRL. So one, (or several) of these are right. Know of other fun tests you can try? I’m sorta having fun with this now. All of the sites have a 50/50 chance but it’s kind of amusing to guess, and it’s especially funny when I’m laughing at myself trying to figure out which answer is more likely to give me the GIRL result.

Of course all I want is a healthy baby but if you couldn’t tell, part of me REALLY REALLY wants a girl. I’m so girlie and I can just dress her up in so much cute stuff! Plus, I sorta just FEEL like Spawnie is a girl.

But then again, I kinda feel like Spawnie is a boy when we’re at the doctor’s office and looking at ’em on the screen. I wish I knew!!

There are a few gender prediction home tests I’m thinking of taking. One I reviewed before and it was right for my friend… Intelligender. Another is an at-home blood DNA test called Pink or Blue. I’ll let you know if and when I do one of them.

What about you… Any guesses? I’m thinking of starting a pool thingy but I’m trying to decide on a site to do it through. Know of any good baby pool sites? Here are a few I’ve found so far:

I’ve found PregPool.com and it requires people enter $10 to make their guess for gender/due date/ weight etc. Then mom gets a percentage and the winner of the pool gets a percentage (after the site takes 10%, which I DON’T like).

Then there’s ExpectNet.com It’s free, and the pool is free, all for fun, and I think there’s added questions like length and stuff. I like that and that there’s space for the couple to write updates about their pregnancy and notes to family and friends.

There’s also BabyPool.com it also appears to be free, but not as pretty-looking as ExpectNet to me. Like ExpectNet there’s a place to put your registries, photos and notes to family and friends.

I’m not sure if it’s polite to ask people to put money in a pool that ultimately goes to you, but at the same time, you usually put some money in a pool. But either way, I think it’s mostly for good fun, and maybe we could think of a prize for the winner.

Either way, I added a poll to the left for my blogging friends! So make your vote! I am guessing about 49% chance for a girl 51% chance for a boy myself… Because that’s my luck.

Did you know what you were having before you found out?

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  1. I did the Chinese Gender one and it was right.

    But I also from the very moment I got pregnant (and I know the EXACT day) I knew, knew, like I know my own name that it was a boy.

    I of course thought having a little girl meant dressing her up and cute clothes, and a boy would resign me to teddy bears and baseball rompers.

    But it doesn’t at all.

    To dress a boy super cute you’ve got to pretty fashion forward yourself (If I can be a bit biased LOL)

    And willing to experiment with patterns and colors.

    Its a lot of fun to dress a boy.

  2. I used a chinese gender predictor for my last two. They were all wrong for my daughter. All of them said she was going to be a boy, but she wasn’t. They were, however, all right for my son, who we waited to see what he was, and he was a boy. Parents magazine did an article last month about the best gender prediction tests. You might be able to find the reviews on their website. If it were me, I’d do the pools for fun. I wouldn’t ask people to pay cash. They might do that on their own amongst themselves when you are getting uncomfortable and ready to pop.

  3. My cousin was sure that she was having a girl…WRONG…it’s a boy. She had a “feeling” and was thinking she was 99% sure she was having a girl. Just sayin’… πŸ™‚


  4. I check this Chinese thing for my previous pregnancy and both time said boy and we have 2 girls LOL Also for both of those pregnancy I was dreaming of having a boy and we got girl!!!

    But this pregnancy no dreams but all the other prediction things on this post makes me guess boy!!!

    The Chinese Lunar Calendar, was the only one to predict girl and so far it was always wrong for me!!!! So this little goose might be our so desired BOY!!!! still have a while to meet baby#3 so I have to wait. We won’t be asking to know the sex before birth!

    So what do you think, are we having boy or girl?

  5. I posted the same calendar on my blog a few months ago because I was really curious as to whether I could use it to choose the gender of my future child, and I found that it worked for most of my friends who were under 30-years-old

  6. The chart was wrong for our little one. πŸ™ I didn’t use any other gender predictors, I just waited for the ultrasound, so I am not the best for advice. Good lucky gender predicting!

  7. If you did the basal body temperature and all that, you can take a guess with a decent level of accuracy based on when ovulation was and when you DTD! The closer to actual ovulation, the more likely to be a boy. But if there were multiple baby dances, then I’d go with the Chinese predictions! πŸ™‚

  8. Really, the best way to guess what you are having is looking at the day of ovulation on the cycle you got pregnant and how close or far away from that day you did the baby dance. The farther away from ovulation day means you are more likely of having a girl. The closer to ovulation means you are more likely to have a boy. Of course, this won’t help if you did the dance every single day around ovulation. But it all has to do with the sperm. Girl sperm swim slower, but live longer. Boy sperm swim faster, but aren’t as resilient.

    I think you are going to have a boy.

  9. I did Intelligender twice with this pregnancy and they both said boy (I was skeptical the first time, LOL!) Who thought after 6 girls, I’d have a boy? But, it was right. Ultrasound confirmed it was a boy.

  10. I tried the Chinese Lunar Calender with both of my pregnancies. The first time we used it, the prediction was a girl. This pregnancy the prediction was a boy. Well we have a three year old girl, and a boy due in December. Good Luck!

  11. I just looked at the Chinese lunar calendar and it was right for me.

    The old wives tale I have heard that seems to be most right is if you have bad morning sickness it is a girl. Not much morning sickness most likely a boy. It has been about 75% right for my friends and co-workers.

    And of course once you are further along people with boys tend to carry low and right in front. People with girls tend to carry higher and wider.

    Best of luck! So much fun!

  12. The chinese calendar was right for one kid and wrong for the other.

    The old wives tales quiz I just answered for how things were with this last pregnancy (boy, as you know): it said I had a 68% chance of having a girl. Um, nope!! Also, some of the things that supposedly indicate a girl (craving sweets and fruits, wanting lots of OJ) are things that I have gotten with both pregnancies–and I have all boys. So obviously some of those things hold more water than others LOL!!!

    The other old wives tale one gave me 60% boy…ummm, pretty sure he’s all boy. LOL!!
    A lot of those things you can’t tell very well yet though–like whether you’re carrying high or low, round or oblong, or where the kicking is…you’ll have to retake the tests in a couple of months!

    About half of this list was right for me: http://www.intelligender.com/pages.php?pageid=27

    As for dreams, well, I had dreams of twins several times at the beginning of this pregnancy, followed by one where I had a boy and the next day had boy/girl twins… (once we’d had the ultrasound DH said maybe that was a quasi-prophetic dream–have a boy this time then twins next time…oh my I hope not! I don’t need twins!) Anyway, in the couple of weeks before the ultrasound I also had a dream and a growing gut feeling that this baby was a girl–I was actually surprised at the ultrasound when it was obvious that he wasn’t! So don’t put too much stock in dreams, or in intuition (although intuition was right for me with two prior pregnancies). πŸ™‚

  13. The Chinese Calander was wrong for me. My guess for you is girl. Would you ever be team green and not know what your having, leave it to suprise???

  14. I had a feeling I was having a boy (which I am) and when I looked on the Chinese Birth Calender it also said boy. The Calender also worked for ALL 7 of my moms kids…

  15. The Chinese chart wouldn’t work for me since I had boy/girl twins. πŸ˜‰ I actually had a dream (as did my mom) before I got pregnant that I was going to have boy/girl twins. For you, I think you’re having a girl.

    I used expectnet and it was really cool to have people guess. You should do that!!!

  16. Ohhh I knew all 3 times I was having a girl Lol. But I took those little tests and 75% of the time they were wrong. I just looked at the Chinese Calendar one and it was wrong for all 3 of mine! =)

    Girls are lots of fun. I’m excited for you to find out what you’re having! Its funny how it never gets old, no matter how many kids you have!

    Good luck hun =)


  17. The Chinese calendar told me “boy” — all the other tests said “girl.” I dreamed by baby was a girl once during pregnancy.

    Penelope was born on October 20 πŸ™‚

    Also, I used PollDaddy.com to make a simple fill-in survey for our birth pool (see it here) and transferred the results to Google Docs for public viewing once I closed it (see here).

  18. We decided to keep our baby a surprise. I was absolutely SURE that we were having a boy. Everyone else thought so too. The Chinese Gender tests said boy. All the gender predictors said boy. I dreamt at least twice a week that I was having a boy.

    Then about a month before I gave birth, I had one dream about a toddler girl with red hair and blue eyes. Two weeks before, I was standing in Target and a woman walked up to me and said, “You’re having a girl.” Then she walked away.

    Turns out, we had a girl. Go figure! You have a 50/50 shot as my OB told me all the time! :o)

  19. The Chinese test was right for us, we did have a boy. We waited to find out his gender until he was born, but I just knew the entire pregnancy that he was a boy (although I dreamt about a baby girl).

    Also, my friend’s daughter is biracial with red hair and she’s adorable πŸ™‚ She’s got big blue eyes, too.

  20. I tend to go with the “how you are carrying” mode.
    It was true for all 3 of mine…and many that I guessed. If you carry low (and belly sticks out like your wearing a basketball)–it’s a boy.
    If you carry high, and are round all over (meaning you can tell your pregnant even from the back)…it’s a girl. I was big as a house with my girl!
    That’s why I say you’ll be having a boy.

  21. I knew with both of my kids way before I even found out what they were, my gut was right, and so was the Chinese test. πŸ™‚ This time around hubby is hoping for a boy, but my gut says Girl all the way. πŸ™‚

  22. So, we just found out Saturday – we are having a girl! The gender predictors all came out at about 48% girl and 52% boy for me. Your Chinese chart said girl for me, but the Chinese chart on thebump.com said boy. So, you could still get either one! πŸ™‚

  23. Greeks have a saying that if you dream its a girl then its a boy. If you dream its a boy its a girl. I didn’t dream of the baby but my husband did and he saw a little boy and its a girl!

    Everyone is convinced I’m having a boy…even though the ultrasounds show its a girl.. People are like “Well aren’t you going to have a shock when its born and a boy!”

    Chinese Gender prediction was right for me: GIRL!

  24. Then about a month before I gave birth, I had one dream about a toddler girl with red hair and blue eyes. Two weeks before, I was standing in Target and a woman walked up to me and said, β€œYou’re having a girl.” Then she walked away.

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