I remember when…

My Dear Little Spawnie, My Journey, Little LadyBug, My Sweet Lil’ J,

I remember when I planned your existence, or tried to at least.
I remember when your daddy said “ok, let’s do this,” or something to that effect.
I remember when I saw two lines on the pregnancy test, and I couldn’t believe it. My arms were shaking, and I took another test.
I remember when the word “pregnant” lit up across the screen. Your daddy still didn’t get it. I had to spell it out.
I remember wondering if you’d stick around, almost every day of my pregnancy.
I remember the first time I knew it was you kicking inside me, and the way your daddy’s eyes lit up when he felt it too.
I remember stressing about how you would come into the world, even though I kept telling myself not to.
I remember the blessing your daddy gave me before you were born, and feeling relief.

I remember the moment you were placed in my arms, and saying “Hi baby!” You were so chunky and big, yet so tiny at the same time.
I remember the first time I nursed you, and wondering how long we’d last.
I remember taking you home from the hospital decked out from head to toe, and dressing you up every day since then.

I remember your first smile. Your first laugh in your sleep.

I remember when you first met Snoop. You were best friends instantly. And he rarely leaves your side today.

I remember our first trip together. You slept on the flight and the first 7 after that.
I remember people holding you as a newborn and wondering what they meant by you making their uterus ache. Now I get it.
I remember how calm you were when you were passed around all day. But how extra happy you were by my side.


I remember the first time you said “dada” even though I had been saying “mama” to you every day from day one.
And the time you said “dada” on command when your daddy was recording it. I was in disbelief.
When you said “mama” my heart melted. Even though you were whining to be picked up. I remember that.

I remember when your first tooth came in.
And the your first taste of food. You licked the bowl afterward.


I remember when you used to cry at night when we’d lay you down to sleep. Now you fall asleep on your own without a hitch.
I remember when you would wake up in the middle of the night, before I went to bed, and I’d bring you downstairs for 2am photoshoots with my phone.
I remember tickle fights, and your belly laughs, they are music to my ears.

I remember agonizing over raising you right, wondering if I was doing it the right way. I still do, but now I’m more confidant.

I remember when you first sat up, rolled over, cruised across the floor–backwards first, and now, your first steps.

I remember these things like it was yesterday, yet it all began a year ago. A year ago today.

You changed my life forever.

I love you.

Happy Birthday

Forever Bliss Photography

Liss@Random says:

O my cuteness! That was so touching, I hope you keep that for her to read. And the last picture is absolutely classic! Happy Birthday, Li’l J!

Happy Birthday little LOVE! Happy joyous day to you as well Momma! Have an AWESOME day!

Ashley T says:

Aw, I’m like crying over here! Happy birthday lil J 🙂

angelirish19 says:

You made me cry…in a good way! You are such a great mom; it’s so obvious how much you adore your daughter. And your husband, too! I love following this blog.

Vivian says:

Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl. I loved this post. So many beautiful memories 🙂

Elana says:

OMG She’s a year old already!!!! Happy birthday sweetie!

Johanna says:

SO. MUCH. CUTE. Happy birthday J!

Rachael says:

Love this! It’s been so fun to follow along the first year of her life. What a cute baby girl you have and what a great momma you are. I have to say, her blessing day picture with the shifty eyes is my absolute favorite.

I feel like we went through our pregnancies together. this post made me cry. she’s so beautiful.God bless that angel

Awww, and I remember all of these moments too because you have done such a wonderful job at documenting all of these amazing moments in your baby girl’s life–from the silly to the milestones.

I hope you and your family enjoy this special day in your lives!

Charma says:

This post is so beautiful! I can’t believe how fast she is growing and how quickly her 1st birthday has come! I can’t wait to read the birthday recap! Oh yeah…I’m totally jealous that you were able to get her to do a messy cupcake picture! My son cried when we tried it! Lol!

so so cute!!! congrats on making it a whole year 🙂 it sure does fly by!!! you are my inspiration on the picturetaking for sure!

I can look at this posting all day 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with us!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Faith says:

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous baby girl! What a great post and the pictures are just lovely!

Chantel says:

Happy Birthday to her! I love how her hair went from laying flat against her head to getting so curly! Get ready for another year of fun. I’m sure that Little J is going to be one of the best dressed TODDLERS around!

Jen J. says:

Aww, nice post, happy bday to your baby girl! <3

melifaif says:

Hush.yo.mouth!!!!! That last photo is totally and completely amazing. So sweet….happy bday lil J boogie!!!

YUMMommy says:

Time flies so fast. Thank God for memories!

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