I Love Baby Stuff and $50 Giftcard to Baby Laylah Boutique

Wow… I suck lately. But I promise it’s not my fault. Really, I’m already learning how to blame things on my child. Spawnie made me do it… Spawnie has been sucking the life out of me… Literally. And I’m just now getting around to writing the post that I had been meaning to post Thursday.

Oh but before I get into cute baby stuff let me tell you… Tuesday I’ll be answering your questions from the “Ask me anything” post on my MomTV Show. What I don’t answer there I’ll type out and post here. I’ll also figure out if there’s a way for me to embed the show into a post on my blog so you can watch it if you miss it. I’ll be LIVE Tuesday at 10:30am EST!

Now on to cute baby stuff. I LOVE looking at it, but I CAN’T STAND not knowing if I should buy the cute little sporty blue shoes, or the adorable flowery pink shoes. It’s weird that I even like looking at shoes in the first place cause I HATE shoes. I wear a size 11 and it’s nearly impossible to find adorable cute shoes in my size (and I’m praying my feet won’t get bigger during pregnancy though I hear that’s a symptom).

If I have a girl I want her shoe collection to look like this:They are from Baby Laylah Boutique, and some are as little as $5 a pair!! Cute, AND a bargain!

It’s so weird how it could go either way (obviously) and according to the Chinese lunar calendar I rely so much on, it really depends if the DOC was September 31st or October 1st… And it could be either.

I had a dream I was having a girl, and I can’t help but think/hope I am, so I’m naturally looking at more girl things, but I can’t help but feel a little guilty in case Spawnie is a boy.

Baby Laylah Boutique is a cute little shop with unique and chic fashion for babies and children. Their boy stuff makes me excited to have a boy… In case that’s what Spawnie is. I really like this adorable beanie.. Though I must admit I think the cute little boy model is part of the reason I like it. I can’t help but wonder if my son would look a little like that. Yes… I tend to shop from people with cute baby models. Hint to companies: Hire biracial and ethnic babies!Same with this cute tutu from the same shop and the kid modeling it.My little girl will have a collection of tutus.. I’m not sure why but I’m obsessed with them. Where do little girls even wear these things anyway? I’m such a girlie girl so I think these things are just the epitome of girlie. The tutu’s from this shop start at $15!I’ve chatted with Danielle, creator, via email a few times. She first got the idea of starting an online boutique when her son Rasean was born. He was born in the month of January (like me, woop!) and living in Wisconsin where it was cold and they spent a lot of time in the house.She spent a lot of time shopping online for unique clothes and special things for him. Last year she and her husband were blessed with a little girl, Laylah Rose. Again, being the shopping mommy that she is spent a lot of time online looking for those one of a kind finds. She especially loves to find things that are unique and will make someone ask “Where did you get that?”

She opened Baby Laylah Boutique to help other people find unique and chic fashion and accessories for their little loved ones and to put a smile on someone’s face.
Her favorite thing about what she does is searching for product lines to carry that will make her store unique and different from the rest. “Right now…starting out…a lot of what I have is similar to many other online boutiques..but I am determined to find a niche and make it the online boutique of choice! Even if I have to get crafty myself!” she said.

I know it’s crazy but one of the things I REALLY REALLY want to dress my little boy up in is suits, and little girls in dresses (once again, with the girlie thing). I bought one of my friend’s little boys a complete suit set when he was first born cause I think it makes them looks so stylish!

I KNOW kids just get it messy, and they grow so fast, but they look SO CUTE all dressed up! I love vests, and ties, and dresses and bows! Oh I can’t wait to know what you are Spawnie!

The shop has adorable products for boys and girls, and mom! There are things from diaper bags to tutus to diaper cakes! And there’s something in every price range of shoppers. Danielle also is just starting out so be sure to check back to see what designers she’s adding.

I’m really jealous about this cause one of you… My lucky readers, will get a chance to win a $50 gift card to Baby Laylah Boutique. Here’s how you enter!

1. Be/become a follower of my blog
2. Visit Baby Laylah Boutique and let me know another item you love from there.

Extra entries:
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Contest ends November 30th at 11:59pm! Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I was not given compensation for doing this giveaway! The feature is based on my own honest opinions of the shop!


Winner of Color Consultation from iBaby Interiors: Commenter #11: Jessie.

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  1. OH my gosh could they have any cuter models. Those kids are ADORABLE!!!

    I follow your blog and LOVE the Chocolate Brown Polka Dot Taffeta Dress.

  2. 1) I, too, went into pregnancy with size 11 feet. Happily my feet did not grow any longer, although they swelled up at the end (but whose don’t?). However, after the swelling went down, my feet SHRUNK 1/2 a size. NO ONE makes sized 10 1/2 shoes. This is kind of a bummer. I don’t know what your inseam is, but I have a whole list of stores that sell maternity pants in at least a 36″ inseam, if you’re interested. You can email me at marfmom @ gmail.com and I will send them to you.

    2) I’m totally with you on the biracial models. I’m biracial myself.

    3) Along those lines, I’m having a hard time finding good children’s books with biracial or Latino characters. My son might look White, but I want him to be well aware of his heritage!

  3. Love the tutus and shoes. Oh makes me want another little girl. They are so much fun to dress! My feet get bigger with every pregnancy. I will say though, they get back to normal after awhile. It seems to take a long time but then again it takes me awhile to lose my baby weight too.

  4. No way! I saw the winner of the ibabyinteriors giveaway had my same name, then I clicked on it and it IS me!! I can’t wait to be able to put it to use 🙂 And, for the fun of it, I’ll enter this contest too. I love love love the Shivers the Snowman mary janes. Cutest shoes ever!

  5. Just DONT go out and buy a closet full of one gender of clothes before your US- you will just end up taking it ALL back and getting pennies on the dollars you spent…. Beleive me, not a great idea! 🙂 I love the missy mink pink booties!

  6. I follow your blog!

    I’m in love with all the personalized lunchboxes! I’m a fan of sturdy, durable metal lunchboxes. And with a dry erase board on the inside for notes?!?! I think it would be difficult to choose!

  7. i follow!

    i like the blue superhero onesie for boys and the navy peace beanie hat.

    i don’t DARE look at girl stuff since i just have boys. girl stuff kills me! it’s so precious. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that green and brown tutu!


  8. Hi there. I love this diaper bag http://babylaylahboutique.com/item_232/Brittany-Style-Diaper-Bag-Pink-Brown-Toile-wpolka-dots.htm as I am a giant lover of the brown and pink sets.
    Also, I think that we as mothers, first time or not, just have a good sense of what the sex of our baby is. I knew with both of my last children (1 boy & 1 girl). This time my hubby is hoping for a son, and sadly, I really do think that I am having a girl. We are hoping to find out before the new year.
    As for the foot size, yes, they do grow. But, most the time, they go back to normal, or maybe half a size bigger than normal after delivery. i wish you luck.
    And, because I live through your writing, I nominated you on the blog list. 🙂
    Hope you are doing well, and know I would also love to win this gift certificate. Send an email once in a while. 🙂

  9. OKay here we go…..

    I am currently a follower of yours – avid follower and so excited you’re having a baby! :o)

    My best, Lynn
    *from here on out I’ll abbreviate.

  10. And I also nominated you for Best Pregnancy Blog. And that should be that. See what you will eventually be willing to do for your kids? ;o)

    MB, L

  11. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon

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