I HATE Shoes… Or I So I Thought

I’ve always been a prissy girl. I’ve forever loved to get all dolled up especially when it comes to dresses. But one thing that’s been sort of against the grain among my girlie instincts is my distaste for shoes. So much so that I don’t even pay attention to the shoes I put on my feet sometimes, which is probably why I wound up wearing mismatched shoes to work last week. True story.

I’ve never really liked shoes that much. Part of that I attribute to the fact that I wear a size 11… 11 WIDE now thanks to pregnancy. There’s hardly anything cute in my size, and I don’t like spending a fortune on things that just sit on my feet and get walked in. That said, I DO NOT share the same aversion for my daughters shoes. Oh, it’s quite the opposite. I can’t stop buying shoes.
I think it has to do with the fact that they aren’t the size of clown shoes. Miniature-anything is usually cuter than most extra-large things, so looking at these tiny shoes and socks for my baby girl just gets me all giddy inside.

Like her clothing, I’ve been trying to spread out the sizes I buy, and since I’ve heard certain types of soles aren’t good for babies to wear until they’re walking, I’ve stuck with booties and shoes like Robeez. I haven’t bought a TON or anything but I have scored some pretty good deals on about seven pair. Being the bargain shopper I am, I’ve been buying some at consignment sales and eBay. I got these pink boots brand new at a consignment sale for under $10! Another thing I’ve been completely obsessing over are socks that look like shoes. I think it’s an ingenious idea, especially for babies who have a hard time keeping their shoes on. I found my first pair at a consignment sale and bought five pair for $3.50. These styles are normally way more so I was happy with my find! I hear socks are something you loose on every trip out, so I’m trying to prepare myself to not flip out when that happens, I’m also kinda stocking up so I don’t run out. For her first year of life Baby Girl already has over 28 pairs of socks that look like shoes (I’m sure I have at least another three pair somewhere of the cowgirl style but I had already misplaced them before this picture).
I’m not sure how many is too many or if there is such a thing, but I do know that I have found a new love for shoes… Baby shoes that is, in a size much smaller than 11.

This post was originally written for my Parenting.com Blog on Project Pregnancy. You can find more of my pregnancy rants there!

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  1. Those socks are ultra-cute.

    I will confess that my son didn’t wear any type of shoes until he started walking. Not that I didn’t buy them, he just never wore them.

    But socks were a passion and I did the same thing as you are doing. His socks always matched his outfit.

    I think I need a girl…

  2. It is very true that you lose a TON of socks on the outings. Heck, my daughter has also lost one Puma shoe (baby) and one Nike shoe (baby) It sucked because the Pumas were her first shoes, so I was sad. 🙁 But it does happen so make sure you are prepared to just shrug it off. (that’s why I NEVEr paid full price for my baby shoes/socks. lol. It’s like when you do laundry and you always come up one sock short.
    Love those pink boots and the sock shoes. They are so cute.

  3. I lurve those shoes and socks! Well, you are so lucky you’re not Chinese… oh superstitious like my MIL… she forbids any shoes until my boy turns 1 year old… By the time my boy can wear shoes (he’s 13 mths old now), his size is 4.5 inch… quite a big size for a toddler here in Malaysia… I had quite a difficult time looking for suitable shoes for him because of this! 🙁

  4. Awwww those SHOES. I used to try and put socks on Nellie’s feet but she was really into kicking them off. Also, I feel your shoe pain. I have a weird, wide spot on both feet and can NOT fit into anything cute, strappy, or remotely attractive without being in massive amounts of pain.

  5. Holy Mackerel! Look at all those Robeez shoes!! ($$$$$) I LOVE those things, but I would never buy a pair at full price. I was given two pairs that my son was able to wear when he was just learning to walk. I don’t think I’ll ever buy shoes for my kids until they are learning to walk. Then they will get the leather soled shoes. I’ve already promised myself that I’m going to let my kids run around barefoot if they want to. (Love socks, though! And, I don’t think you can have too many, as long as they are the kind that stay on better than others!)

  6. One that I have learned is that you can never have too many socks when it comes to babies and toddlers. You are so bound to loose them either in the wash or on an outing, especially when they hit the age where they can take off their own shoes and socks. I can’t tell you how many pairs of socks I’ve purchased from Walmart. It’s crazy.

  7. Wow FutureMama, the socks are so cute and the shoes, I would like to have them all. Especially those pinky boots. Little LadyBug is going to look gorgeous more than mummy :)!


  8. i feel you on hating shoes. i wear a size 11 too and i hate shoe shopping…especially since i almost always have to buy my shoes full price. if i wait till they’re on sale, they won’t have my size anymore. booo for clown shoes. but those socks are adorable!

  9. I LOVE them all… I LOVE Robeez shoes especially on my son – with my daughter I found something I liked better – sorry (LOL) are you ready for this? PEDIPEDS!! Its like a more girly version of robeez – I especially like that theres no elastic around the ankle part (my son was a chubber and it used to leave a deep line) – I’m going to try and leave a link… lets see if this works…
    Good luck and have fun shopping! (btw – I find lots of good deals for these on ebay!)

  10. The baby socks are going to drive you insane! I still cant find a pair that my kids will keep on their feet! Especially before the age of a year old.
    I love the Robeez though, that is all we really use in the house. My oldest turned 2 in December, and he is just starting to be interested in shoes with actual real sole’s on them. And that is only because Cars (Lightening McQueen) is on them.
    Pediatrician loves them though because it doesn’t cause any problems with their feet from being forced into certain positions at a young age.

  11. Even though I am not pregnant( I hope I do get pregnant this month) and don’t have any children I have a strong urge to go out and buy those shoe socks. They are super cute!

  12. Wow! You are so ready for this baby! She is so lucky, I don’t think I ever bought her shoes while I was pregnant! We love Stride Rite shoes.

  13. i love your daughter’s shoes! Me, I love shoes. I believe they make the clothes I wear look better. Unfortunately, I live in a city where we need to walk from one place to another pretty often. So I’m stuck with sneakers and flats 🙁

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!! 🙂

  14. oooh i love the little pink boots!
    i think i will have the same problem when i have kidlets someday, things are too cute to stop buying! happy sits saturday

  15. Never enough socks! I will probably spend an hour today with a big basket of the kids socks I’ve collected around the house and try to match them up.

    Lil’Bit (my 1 yr old) hates socks, and will take them off and throw them at every chance she gets. Da Boy (my son) will hide socks under things and my 8 yr old just doesn’t know how to get things in the hamper and I find them under her bed, or in the bathroom.

    So, no – never enough socks! and OMG, those pink boots are ADORABLE!!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!

  16. Those little boots are adorable! I love shoes, but I hardly ever wear them. I like to go barefoot. I bought a lot of shoes for my daughter when she was an infant, we lost a lot of them, usually just one of the pair. I love the sock idea. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

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