Look who has a new mom cave complete with a Murphy bed!


This Murphy Bed post is sponsored by Serta and Mattress Firm. All opinions expressed are my own.

Since we moved into our house our 4th bedroom has been a cluster. It began as the room we stored all the extra boxes in and slowly transitioned to a craft room that moonlights as a guest room when family or friends come to town. Still, I could never quite get it to look the way I wanted.

My husband has his garage that he’s repainted, decorated, and decked out as a garage gym/man cave. He even has plans to put a projector in there. My kids have their ginormous play room, the backyard as their domain, and their bedrooms that are basically just rooms that hold their clothes and beds they never sleep in.

I didn’t need it as an office space. My office desk is actually set up in the playroom, but I’m all about freeing up more space lately. Maybe it’s having a child who wants to tumble and jump through the house, or a sudden urge to declutter. Or, the fact that everyone else in the house seems to have a place of their own and I wanted one too (and it wasn’t about to be the kitchen). Whatever it is, I’m embracing it. This is why I decided that I needed a mom cave, and what this room really needed was a Murphy bed.


Serta icomfort mattress and murphy bed review. The perfect mom cave.

I’d been researching them for months, and I was pretty obsessed with the idea of a bed that could fold away and fold down when we need it. Freeing up so much floor space for photographs, a video studio space, crafting or even jumping and tumbling.

With a new bed in the guest room, I thought it would be a great time for a new mattress as well. Our spring mattress had been through a lot in the 12+ years we’ve owned it. Though still comfy I thought we could get a nice new comfortable mattress to go with our new bed.

Despite it being a guest room, we actually do use that bed a lot. Whether to escape from the kids for a quick… nap. Or because my husband has an early or late shift and one of the kids is having a rough night.


Serta icomfort mattress and murphy bed review. The perfect mom cave.

Our Murphy bed called for a mattress 12” thick or less. But we didn’t want that to take away from quality and comfort. Mattress Firm and Serta reached out to me to try out some new technology Serta recently developed, sold exclusively at Mattress Firm. After asking me a series of questions about preferences from size, firmness, and materials, we were paired with the Serta iComfort Blue Touch 500.

Serta icomfort mattress and murphy bed review. The perfect mom cave.

Our new Murphy bed arrived a few days before our new mattress. We hired an awesome neighbor/handyman to assemble it for us so we were sure it wouldn’t fall apart. Then when our mattress arrived the Mattress Firm delivery guys hauled our other mattress and box springs away, and brought in our new mattress and set it in its new place.

First impressions: It’s not nearly as bouncy as our other bed. It takes some adjusting to but I’m finding it very comfortable. My kids can hop on one side and I don’t even feel it on the other. It’s kinda strange cause I’m bracing myself for impact and… Nothing! I love the memory foam and the fact that the new cooling technology keeps me cool in these hot Texas summers.

Serta icomfort mattress and murphy bed review. The perfect mom cave.

I ADORE the fact that it fits perfectly in our new Murphy bed. At 11.25” thick it’s comfy and space-saving.

I moved the other desk back in the guest room (now renamed the studio/office) and am writing from here as we speak.

Serta icomfort mattress and murphy bed review. The perfect mom cave.

Serta icomfort mattress and murphy bed review. The perfect mom cave.

All inspired to spruce up the room I added a wall shelf and a couple of wireless Hue lights that can change the background of the walls and the color of the room with a few clicks on my phone. I definitely see that being a fun addition as I record more videos in here. There’s still another wall I want to decorate with more art and photographs, so I’ll share another update once it’s complete.

As for my kids, they love the new room too. From the comfy bed, to the extra space to play (though I’m trying to forbid it). But who cares what they think. I LOVE it! And I finally have a little “mom cave” of my own. It just needs one more addition… A lock!

I love partnering brands that help me tackle the tough parts of parenting—Like getting good sleep. That’s why I partnered with Serta and Mattress Firm on this post. All opinions are my own.

Serta icomfort mattress and murphy bed review. The perfect mom cave.

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  1. I am loving this makeover!!!! The mattress looks super comfy and I love how you strung the pics!

  2. We’ve been looking into a Murphy bed for our guest room/guitar room. I’m a little overwhelmed with all the options. Do you mind sharing what/where you ended up purchasing yours?

    1. Of course! So I was hunting around for a long time too buy kept coming back to Costco. In the end that’s what I wound up going with cause it was affordable and had decent reviews. It’s not solid wood like another option we were considering from a semi-local builder but it was a fraction of the cost. I’m really really hoping this holds up a long time because I LOVE it. We have been putting it up and down a lot and I think I’ll start just leaving it down unless I have something I’m using the floor for so I can keep from wearing and tearing it. Or get my kids to sleep in their room so I can keep it up. haha.

  3. I love this mom cave! I especially love the photos and “Hustle” frame on your desk. I’d probably end up on the comfy mattress more than at the desk though!

  4. Hello Jennifer, wow! It’s a great idea. I am in love with this makeover. The mattress and pillows look so comfortable. I love it. It is a really amazing blog. You have shared beautiful pictures of your home. Thanks for sharing such an awesome blog.

  5. I love this Murphy bed – what an awesome piece of furniture for a guest room – and I loved your printables for a guest room – I am SO going to do that when we move next year! Thanks for an awesome post!

  6. Wow, this is probably the coolest thing. I wish it was more popular as it makes the room so much bigger!

    The before and after pictures are fantastic! I think this would be a great addition to that extra room anyone has, or even in the office room!

  7. Awesome Idea, All the 5 step looks amazing. Forth one was my favorite where you have mentioned about Serta iComfort Blue MaxTemp Touch mattress and their flexibility. Keep sharing this king of the informative article with us.

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