Baby Face Generator: I Don’t Know Why I Do This to Myself

It started about a year or so ago when I found a baby face generator website called Make Me Babies. A friend of mine had used a baby face generator to see what her soon-to-be baby would look like. Hers didn’t come out looking particularly cute according to the website but ya know… We all can’t get lucky with cute kids.
The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!So I decided to take a stab at the baby face generator myself. I’m no supermodel or anything but I like to think my husband and I aren’t BAD looking, and I married him thinking we’d probably make cute babies. So imagine my surprise when the face generator produced THIS as our child:The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!While funny, at the same time it wasn’t. How could my baby come out white, with stringy hair and lopsided cheeks? I won’t go on with my opinion of this face cause I have a feeling someone out there may have a baby that looks exactly like this. In my opinion it just didn’t fit with US. So I retired my desire to know what software generators thought our future baby may look like… Until today. And I’m not gonna lie, I went a little crazy.

First, it produced this child. My husband did have red hair as a baby… A fear I have passing down to our child. I’ve seen some CUTE biracial read heads, but if it looked like this, I may cry.
The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!
So I didn’t give up. I had to try the baby face generator again, and not only that, but see if we could produce a non-white baby. No such luck.The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!The lower one sorta looks like a son of the Adam’s Family Chester guy, YIKES! Then I gave up with letting the baby face generator decide my child’s complexion and I told it to make my baby “dark” so it gave me this:The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!Notice how I keep changing our pictures hoping we’ll get lucky? And where are they getting the big forehead from? Be honest… Is mine that big? Cause I was seeing a trend.The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!And just before I decided to give it up entirely… Realizing I was 0-7 (and knowing there’s NO WAY we’re having even close to 7 kids), I decided to give it one… Ok, TWO more tries at the baby face generator before giving it up.
The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!Slightly better, but I hope my kids are cuter. I’m going to be honest here… I would like a baby girl but really all I want is 1. A healthy baby and 2. A cute baby. Boy or girl, if Spawnie is cute (not just to me, but like to everyone) I’ll be happy!

What do you think? Does Spawnie have a chance at being cute or will we get one of these baby face generator babies?The scary results of our baby face generator. Ever wonder what your potential baby may look like? Give this baby face generator a try and laugh with us!If you go to the site and use the baby face generator and make one let me know! Post the link in the comments, I’m wondering if it’s possible to produce a good-looking baby on this site.

PS: Sunday is my Blogiversary! I almost forgot! Yay! Happy 1-year blogging! Check out more Pregnancy & Baby moments!

I am going to bust a stitch laughing this hard. You are so going to have a white baby! ;)LOL And it will be adorable and not red headed!

(I have no idea what color your baby will be but I just will never forget when the social worker took us to the nursery to meet our son for the first time and I was so stunned the only thing I managed to say was “I thought we were getting a black baby!” You just never know with a biracial child!)

Cynthia says:

I have no doubt the baby will be gorgeous. Having the bi-racial thing only increases the possible combinations of beautiful features. My neice and nephew just adopted the most beautiful bi-racial little girl I’ve ever seen. HUGE brown eyes and deep dimples in both cheeks. Our Katelyn is a stunner and I’m sure your child will be too.

caitlinhart says:

I have tried making cute babies on that site with my husband and my picture and I only got one semi-normal looking one. Then I tried VW’s baby generater and was a lot happier! These were actually cute and not as creepy. And yes that is VW as in Volkswagon the automobile company… Weird huh? You can see mine at my facebook page or my blog!

I was cracking up! I LOVE generator things on the web, heh, to begin with, & this was a treat 😛

I am SURE you’re going to have a GORGEOUS baby! You & your man are nice-looking, so no worries!

I just did it, & I tried to post a link, but it won’t let me..hmm..maybe I’ll tweet it..anyway,(OK..after I signed in, it let me..weird!) my “son” looks a heck of a lot like the second picture they gave you..in fact almost EXACT! LOLZ
And I know for a FACT my son is beyond adorable!
So I don’t think it’s quite accurate!

Ok, I HAVE to, lol….I too tried different pictures…to NO avail. In fact, this time Baby Cute was black! Fine with me–except Peter & I aren’t, lol!

I just tried it out– just for fun, no babies for me for a few years– and oh my gosh was it the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen! Mine came out with red hair! Neither of us have red hair in the family. However, the nose shape was nice! Miles has a big nose and I have a ski slope nose and it’s always been my worst fear that our babies will have horrible noses! Dumb, huh?

I’m sure your Spawnie will be beautiful! And I’m pretty sure the babies hair will be awesome because you have beautiful long hair!

sandy says:

You are cracking me up! Your child will be GORGEOUS!

Mallory says:

Oh yeah, you guys will definitely have a cute baby! Spawnie has no choice! 😀

Mrs. Dew says:

I did this too and our babies came out beyond hideous looking! Don’t worry, you guys are a very attractive couple and spawnie will be ADORABLE!

Emmy says:

I agree with the others, Spawnie is undoubtably going to be cute.

I made 2 of those things last night. They came out… weird. It was hard to do with no good frontal picture of my husband. Here are our results:
#1) http://lh5.ggpht.com/_4MCrtXLRdXk/SxJ0amPQFJI/AAAAAAAACik/7l9tYvGXq_k/s144/babywb200911281130513as826p0aqmgvcchjosj0lcr81.jpg

#2) http://lh3.ggpht.com/_4MCrtXLRdXk/SxJ0a_MBnuI/AAAAAAAACio/06BxRBYWprY/s144/babywb200911281134083as826p0aqmgvcchjosj0lcr81.jpg

Stephanie says:

Okay – I gotta say this – I HAVE RED HAIR and I HOPE my kids get it because they will be adorable just like their gorgeous mom 😉

I just had to put that out there since we redheads were getting the beat down in the comments and the post.

And by the way, I know it’s probably just me being biased, but redhead biracial Kids are by far some of the cutesy kids I’ve seen. You should only be so lucky to have one =)

{this is all in fun but really… Is redheaded so bad??}

Amy says:

Wow, I tried it to see what kind of baby they would give my fiance and I. Let’s just say I am not impressed:


I pray that when we decide to have Baby A, he or she doesn’t look like this! And I’m sure your spawnie will be much much cuter than you could have ever hoped or dreamed for!

Emmy says:

Yeah sites like that just never work, so don’t worry I am sure your baby will be beautiful!

And some of those were pretty scary 🙂

Stupid website! of course your babies will be cute. Alot cuter than the ones they produce. To be fair the last pics you posted are okay. but yours will be so MUCH better.

Cute couple! Thanks for sharing what he looks like.

Clarinda says:

Great article but it didn’t have evriytheng-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

Ashley T says:

First of all, I am jealous! You have all that hair! I want it! Lol. I showed you the picture of Hayden on twitter last night so you know how they can come out. I fogrot to mention a friend of a friend has 2 kids and her first one came out looking like Hayden, the second one was blond hair blue eyes. You wouldn’t even believe they had the same dad! Now your making me think our second one will be completely light skinned! LOL.
Actually my brothers and sisters are a good combination to show. Me and my older sister are full black and the rest are all mixed with something.. most are half black, a quarter white and a quarter Japanese. I think i might do a blog entry and send it to ya. Might ease your mind a little.

I am postivie your baby will be beautiful.
My little girl and I had a good laugh over these images…I think she was afraid of some of them. LOL!

Natalie says:

I was seriously laughing so hard my sides were hurting when I read this post. I KNOW ur kids are gonna be way cuter than that! LOL

Jenna says:

K, these sites are ridiculous, girl. First of all, those kids look like adults in miniature. Freaky. Babies do not look that way.

Second, your baby IS going to be cute because it’s going to be your baby. So you will think your child is cute no matter what. It’s programmed into you to love your child and think they are beautiful.

Not to mention, for every “ugly” baby in the world, there are at least 20 cute ones. Ugly babies aren’t that common. Most of them are cute just because they’re babies!

Alanna says:

LOL I did this once, and was SO horrified at the result, I never tried it again. And I did NOT show my hubby in fear that he’d never want to procreate with me!

I am sure that your baby will be ADORABLE and will look nothing like any of those computer-generated things. He or she will have the best of each of your features! 🙂

Shandal says:

Those pics were hilarious! I’m sure your baby will be adorable. Those sites are silly!

Sevibabyyy says:

Don’t get too down! Try the RoutanBabymaker3000 at the VW site. I do these little things quite often and that was the cutest one I ever got. So cute that I printed it out and it’s on my bulletin board staring at me every day until the day finally happens. (Not sure what that day is, but it’ll happen!) Oh and can I just remind you that you guys are a great looking couple!

Keya says:

All I can say is WOW! LOL
But don’t be surprised if your child comes out really white with string hair. It’s so very possible.
My baby is biracial he came out real light with straight black hair, then changed and got a little darker and now has curly light brown hair. My husband (who I have not seen with hair on his head, he shaves it off) claims he was a blond.
Anything is possible.

allisa says:

Oh my gosh I am DYING with laughter right now! This is soooooooooo funny and I love how many times you tried for a cute kid! I have no doubt you and your hubby are going to have gorgeous (normal forehead sized) babies!

Ghada says:

I have to say – too funny! My husband and I are like you. He’s white and I am black. A friend of ours asked what if your baby comes out white? We all laughed at ther (including her husband the GP). Well…to mine and everyone else’s surprise he was pretty much white. Now just over 2 he’s caramel colored. I don’t know when he darkened and depending on who you ask, it happens at different phases of their lives. Well, whatever color spawnie is I’m sure he’ll be cuter than some of the pics that were generated LOL

Our Family says:

I’m laughing so hard! My hubbie and I did this before we had our daughter. Oh boy! The picture was HORRIBLE! Luckily, our daughter is a little beauty queen. I think you two will have a grogouse child!

Lauren says:

HAHAHAHA I can’t believe you tried it so many times! Your kids will be adorable!

Why oh why did you do this to yourself?? Why did you do this to your readers (I was laughing so hard)? Step away from the baby generators. I did ONE to see what me and my hubby’s mixed race baby might look like and he was grossed out and asked me not to do any more. These baby generators can make some freaky little munchkins.

MCMFamily says:

Oh my gosh, you and your hubby are both absolutley gourgeous. And its my personal opinion that mixed babies are some of the absolute prettiest babies out there! I am sure your little one will be SO cute. No worries! When you see your baby boy OR girl you will fall head over heals in love with him or her!

Execumama says:

I’m sorry, but the pictures are so darn FUNNY!! Not to worry, your little blessing will be beautifully and perfectly made, because that’s how God gets down! Oh, and I’m SO glad I didn’t know about this site during any of my pregnancies, b/c I would have cried myself to sleep repeatedly, for sure!!

LMAO those things arent for sure.
your baby is going to be gorgeous.

Hi Future Mama! 🙂 “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest”. Im a little late on that one too, but better late than never! This post is HILARIOUS! Baby #3 especially gave me the willy’s. LOL . Please, dont so that to yourself anymore!! That’s just horrifying! Your husband and you are both beautiful and will make adorable babies. 🙂 Good luck, and I will be following your adventures into Mommyhood! Have fun, it’s a road full of adventures!

Iris 🙂

Leigh says:

Well, my bi-racial babies are cute as buttons (i have twins) so come have a look and tell me if you think so too 🙂

yours will be a gorgeous caramel-coloured skin, I have no doubt. And a big, beautiful smile like the two of you 🙂

I once had a teacher who was very fair (she looked almost Irish – the red hair and green eyes) and she married an Indian man. Well, when she was pregnant we joked and said they’d be dark with that red hair and green eyes. Thank goodness for dominant and recessive genes… those kids were gorgeous – light eyes but lovely caramel skin 🙂

Leigh from 123 blog http://leighloveslists.blogspot.com

stumbull says:

Funny but not, all at the same time. When I first found out we were expecting (we are a interracial couple also) I decided this would be a good idea. Like your pictures mine were also pretty bad, I changed pictures and tried all different things to no avail. I think all the babies on this site come out not so attractive. I am sure our children will come out looking much better than these pictures!

Em says:

Hey, what’s with all the red-head hate? I have a coppertop and he is ADORABLE! And we get tons of comments on how cute his hair is.

Michelle says:

That was too funny! Hubby and I did one of those at Dave and Busters when we were engaged and the child looked horrible. Individually we both make cute babies so together I can only imagine our babies will be adorable!

Tori says:

This was my biggest fear when I was pregnant… that my kid would be ugly lol! I talked to him every night and told him that he had to promise he’d be super cute. He definitely upheld his end of the bargain 🙂 (You’ve seen his pictures on my blog)

Not getting the red-hair hate either. Ours was born with a fringe of ginger hair, like a little monk (but cuter of course) and we were really excited thinking we were getting a coppertop – I always wanted red hair myself – but then he went sandy blond like me. Ah well. He’s still cute though.
I reckon those generators haven’t a clue. Maybe by the time you’re having grandchildren they’ll be more accurate! 🙂

melifaif says:

Those are freak-ish! You will no doubt have a cuter baby than ALL of those…and I am here to show some bi-racial red headed love. L.O.V.E. people. Shout out to all the red heads!! You are all gorgeous.

MommyJ says:

Dude… I have NEVER seen a bi-racial baby that wasn’t beautiful. Odds are definitely in your favor!

e. says:

Don’t you think you’ll love your baby no matter what they look like? What if your baby was born with a cleft lip? The pictures are funny, but this is all very superficial and totally unbelievable to me. SO SHALLOW. And potentially hurtful to parents of kids who were born with facial issues that would make them less than “cute.” Just another example of “think before you post.”

Abby says:

Its just a bit of fun, of course every mother loves their child no matter what they look like. I have 3 kids myself and find it fascinating to see the “variations on a theme” that they are and noting things about them that are the same as mine or my husbands. My brother (white british) and sister in law (chinese) are having their first baby soon, I can’t wait to see how cute he’s gonna look! Part of the excitement of pregnancy is wondering what your baby will look like, I remember when I finally saw my son for the first time thinking, “yes- he looks just right” he was just so perfect- as all babies are in their own unique way.

elizabeth says:

Your spawnie is going to be cute enough to be in a Baby-Gap ad!!

Sarah says:

Nothing to do with this post but I was wondering if you had thought about cord blood banking? I’d like to hear what you think about it and if you are going to do it.

Mistress says:

You are SO silly!!! You have beautiful hair and your baby will come out beautiful!

Oh my gosh, this is hysterical!! I will definitely try it and post about it…I’ll let you know when I do. And I KNOW Spawnie will be adorable!! 🙂

Sharyl says:

Mixed babies are the CUTEST!!! (I should know, I married one). Your babies will be beautiful. Those pictures were mostly scary, the last two weren’t so bad…but still…

Anthony C says:

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Kinda like “If they mated” on Conan’s show. Good thing I had my baby before I found this site.

Oh my gosh; I’m just now seeing this and I can’t even comment because I’m traumatized. GOOD LORD those were some ugly babies. LMBO

Whew….. y’all will have a pretty baby 🙂 Now stop trying to do a remake of Chuckie and his bride LMBO!

Kat @ For the Love of Chaos

I just foudn yoru blog and can’t wait to read more!

Mary Girdle says:

I am sure your baby will look much nicer than any of those computer generated things. Its obviously totally useless!

Nonka says:

Aren’t u glad your baby came out looking georgeous!

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jenna says:

Hey! My husband and I are a bi racial couple too. That website gave me the exact same pics it gave you!!

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Danielle says:

1) you will make adorable babies and 2)I was just on that site just messing around and it gave me and my boyfriend a kid that looks like chucky… and a mixed baby but the thing is we are both white…

Olivia says:

What’s funny is that I’m white my husband is your color and I quite literally got the same pics as u all ugly all really Scarry so I’m pretty sure this site is a gag for combining your face with a celebs face. Lol not really funny when u want to have the cutest baby in the world right.

Marlo Golden says:

I got all the same results as you did and we are both African American, with one exception all of our babies had grey eyes and my husband’s are hazel.

Hola! I’ve been following your weblog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic job!

vibroplex says:

Our baby photo generator can predict your future child’s appearance with incredible accuracy!

Moon says:

I tried too because im white girl with dark hair and my bf is asian, then our future baby there look blondy and blue eyes and big big eyes, it was so funnyyyy and the baby face i get was really strange, it sucks hahaha

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