I Did Something for My Baby

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Did you miss my pregnancy announcement? I’m now going back to the drafts I saved from before I told you.

5 Days past BFP Written 10/20 but saved for today

In order to make things feel more “real” I bought something for the little Spawn. Oh yea, did I mention that’s its nickname? I know people have cute names like “sweet pea” “blueberry” I dunno… There’s a lot. But one of the first things that came to mind after finding out I was pregnant was “I’m with-spawn.”

I know it’s kind of alienish, but it’s also different, and my little nudge is gonna be different… In a good way of course!

So far I’m the only person who likes it but whatever… I can call it what I want and for now, it’s Spawnie! And I think it’s cute.

Ok anyway, I went to Babies R’ Us today to buy something for my best friend, who is having her baby shower soon, and I bought the CUTEST stuff for her little boy. I also really wanted to buy something for my baby to make this pregnancy feel more real.

I browsed the onesies and couldn’t find anything gender-neutral and cute enough. Just when I was giving up (because my impatient husband was ready to go) I saw the cutest thing that I KNOW my baby will look cute in. Boy or girl!A cute little hat with ears and booties to match. I know Spawnie is due in June 25th but the hat is for 0-6 months, and they can wear hats in the summertime right? If not, by 6 months it’ll be perfect for winter! And to be TOTALLY honest… This is the FIRST thing I’ve EVER bought for my baby! Yep… I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything for a baby I wasn’t pregnant with first. But now… I can shop ’till my heart’s content (or until I give my husband a heart attack)!

I think I’ve found a way to cure my fears about something bad happening during pregnancy… Shopping!!


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  1. TOO cute! Yes, babies are so tiny no matter how big…. they wear hats when they are first born no matter what month! Yippee for gender neutral….but when do we find out the sex? 😉

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! I”m so excited for you. And the hat is too cute!

    Having a baby month on my blog. PLEASE come over today and read my update and give an update on how you are feeling. Giveaways going on all month too.

  3. That is super cute!!
    But a bit of advice, don’t buy too many little size clothes. Since it goes 0-6 months you should be fine.
    But the 0-3 month, unless you have a really little baby they wear those for about 1 month usually. 3-6 month stuff they will probably wear from 2-5 months… you get the idea.

  4. Shopping is awesome!! I just got my BFP last week and I’ve already bought a few things too – however, I had been slowing accumulating stuff for years. Apparently, I’m not as patient as you are! Can’t wait to find out the gender so I can really get started.

  5. OH my Gosh! I totally missed your pregnancy announcement ( I was taking a blogging break) CONGRATS! okay now I need to stop squealing..Love it!

  6. So cute! I have the hardest time not stopping in the baby section to look and buy! That hat will be perfect for you little one since babies get colder easier then we do and they need protection from the sun. Spawnie is cute in an original sort of way ;o)

  7. I called our baby Booger until we found out we were having a girl and then I just called her by her name. But my husband, along with everyone else, hated it. But I of course didn’t care what anyone else thought.

    As for shopping…I did it too when I needed to keep my sanity or feel comforted when I got in one of my “What if…” moods.

  8. Just thought I’d stop by and say congratulations on your pregnancy! My best friend {Danielle} told me the exciting news 🙂 She did an amazing job on your blog, too!

  9. I like Spawnie! lol!!

    We called our 1st “the Parasite” and our second “the thing” even after finding out the sex, since we wanted to surprise our friends/family with the name.

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