I Can’t Believe I’m 23 Weeks!

Dear Baby Girl,

I can’t believe I’m already more than 23 weeks pregnant and that I’m going to meet you in a little more than 16 weeks. It’s really quite crazy when I think about it. I’m trying so hard to get everything organized before you get here. It’s not as easy as it looks because number one, I work a lot… A lot, a lot. During my free time I usually want to make you something for your room or try to set something up for you but I usually get so tired that it it takes me weeks to do something that would normally take hours.
I know people say having a baby is so hard and so time consuming and can be so stressful, but to be honest I kind of look forward to things slowing down once you get here. Sure, we’ll be up together a lot around the clock, but I think it will be nice to just focus on you for a little while and not have a million other things running through my head. Like right now for instance… I’m thinking about waking up in less than 7 hours to go to work and thinking about what I’m going to be covering. I’m thinking about a post I need to write for another blog that I have, and I’m thinking about a half-dozen emails I need to respond to. Also in the back of my mind is finishing making what started as 90 hair bows for people who donated to March of Dimes just before I found out I was pregnant with you.
Your mommy is one busy lady! One BIG busy lady… I use to be so excited to get all big and fat with pregnancy but I’m really starting to feel like I’d be happy if I stayed about where I am now. I can’t believe my stomach will probably more than DOUBLE in size!
Of course, in my business I’m always thinking about you, and what you’re doing in there, and how you’re feeling, and if I’m eating right, and if you’re going to get here safely. I also am thinking about where I’m going to put all of your clothes!! We really need to get you a dresser because I think you already have more clothes than your daddy. Mommy’s not the only one shopping for you anymore either. Your grandma sent a box of cute stuff for you and your daddy is already scoping out pink sports attire for you. He says he’s rather buy it for you once you get here though.
This week I know your sense of movement is well developed by now, you can feel me dance around, and believe it or not I do that from time to time. Probably more so now that I know you can sense it. You should now be more than 11 inches long and weigh just over a pound. I can even see you squirm underneath my clothes.
(photo from Baby Center)

Blood vessels in your lungs are developing to prepare for breathing. Your ears are getting better and better now too. You can hear Snoop barking and it probably won’t bother you once you’re born! If it does though we’ll understand cause he doesn’t bark often, and when he does it kinda scares us all.

Speaking of Snoop, he LOVES to lay by you. He curls up right on my lap next to you. You even kicked him this week! He didn’t seem to notice… Or mind.
I’ve noticed this week I’ve started to worry more about you when I notice you haven’t moved for a little while. You usually always are moving when I first wake up so when you don’t I worry a little. I guess I’m just going through a worry phase. I hope it doesn’t last for long cause I’m usually not a pessimist. I just want so badly for you to get here safely and I’ve heard so many sad stories that make me nervous sometimes.
I’m so grateful for you and grateful to be having you little girl! Keep growing strong!

For more information on being 23 weeks pregnant visit Pregnancy Corner. (Sponsored)

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  1. What a lovely letter. Snoop is going to be the protective big ‘brother’, how sweet :). You look good. Keep using oils to prevent any future stretch marks (if you have any).

    Oh, Future Mama, could you tell me where you got your illustration because I am trying to update my blog design. Please let me know, because I really love it. I’ve already got the designer but I am looking for nice illustrations to add to the header.

    If anyone know how to get one please stop by at http://msbabyplan.blogspot.com/, thank you, thank you.

  2. Oh honey, one day when you are around 36 weeks and about to kick the next person who says, “Wow! You’re about to pop!” you will look back on your 23 week picture and be AMAZED at how small you really were.

    I can’t believe you’re 23 weeks already. I love it though, it makes me fondly remember my pregnancy (even though it wasn’t that long ago that I was pregnant!). It flies by.. Enjoy those tiny kicks because you will miss them so much when they’re gone!!!

  3. The time is going to fly by from here on out. And babies are more fun on the outside than in. Or that’s how I felt about it anyway. I was ready to be rid of my gut full of human!!

  4. I feel the same way when I haven’t felt the baby move for a while. Eventualy he moves again and makes me feel queezy in the process:) At least it’s a meaningful queeziness.

  5. Following you from FF. And very happily too! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I wasn’t able to have kids – but Hubby had 3 of his own that I raised full time. They’re all grown(ish) now and I have an incredible 2-1/2 yr old grandson.
    I look forward to following you each week! Hope you get a chance to stop by too.

  6. Holy moly, your dog looks identical to mine in that picture. And our dog does the EXACT same thing – rests her head next to my bump. So cute!

  7. This is sweet. 🙂 And, yes, you are going to get much bigger. While it’s nice how (most) people treat you when you’re hugely pregnant, being hugely pregnant is often uncomfortable. Stock up on pillows. 😉

  8. I had horrible pregnancy dreams too. Don’t worry too much, once you’re in there having her the worry sort of goes away.
    New friday follower

  9. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This is so sweet. You look ADORABLE. So super skinny with the perfect baby bump! : ) I am happy for you. Whenever I think about it I get excited. Babies are uber exciting. You are going to be the most wonderful Mommy! I just know it!

  10. Wow time is crusing! it seems like yesterday you just were tweeting whether or not to take a test.. you are such a cutie pregnant!

  11. I already mentioned in 22 weeks pregnant blog about your baby girl that u will get it however, I can see your face & nose here to judge whether ou give birth to a girl or a boy..all the best

  12. I already mentioned in 22 weeks pregnant blog about your baby girl that u will get it however, I can see your face & nose here to judge whether ou give birth to a girl or a boy..all the best

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