How to Transform an Office into a Wonderful Guest Room in Seconds


This How to transform and office in to a guest room in seconds post is sponsored by Mattress Firm and Serta, but the story I’m about to share and all opinions are my own.

I’ve been going round and round with guest room ideas for years. I had all these plans to decorate it “Be Our Guest” themed (you know, like the Disney jam), but at the end of the day I was more interested in having a space to serve as my mom cave than a guest space. Especially, since we don’t have guests stay over that often. I’ve finally landed on some awesome ideas and I’m dishing them today!

My in-laws recently came to visit and though they opted to stay at a nearby hotel (I think the 4-year-old wakeup call didn’t sound like much fun) I was able to pull down the bed for cat naps, and a nice chill out space. Unprompted, both grandma and grandpa commented on the comfortable mattress. This got me thinking that I don’t need an entire room dedicated to guests to make this space work. I could actually transform the space quickly when people come over.

How To Transform an Office into a Guest Room

So, I gathered up some supplies to keep handy for when guests do visit, but can easily stow away the other 95% of the time my room is a mom cave. If you’re looking to do the same these ideas can help you feel like a super hospitable host in 10 seconds flat.

Office into a Guest Room Step 1: Connectivity

How to transform an office into a wonderful guest room in seconds. My office murphy bed. Free printables.

What’s the first thing a guest wants to use when they come to your house? No, not the restroom–your Wi-Fi. Keep the password handy either on a note pad, sticky note, or if you want to get fancy you can keep it in a frame to set out when guests come over. If you change the password often just leave a space open to write the new one each month. We created a Wi-Fi guest printable you can download for free.

Step 2: Toiletry jar

How to transform an office into a wonderful guest room in seconds. My office murphy bed. Free printables.

How often do you forget something when you travel? Me? 100% of the time. Your guest could run to the store, but if you stock up on some popular toiletry items like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, even your most unprepared guests will feel at home. I went a little overboard and also stocked some deodorant, gum, breath mints, and floss… Just in case. But it just got fun to fill.

Step 3: Water bottles

How to transform an office into a wonderful guest room in seconds. My office murphy bed. Free printables. Water bottle labels

I love going to a hotel that has free water bottles in the room. I mean I don’t like paying the premium $7 water fee. Your guests will feel like they’re in a high-class hotel if you hook them up with some bedtime water bottles. Even more so if you add some custom labels to them. We created some you can download for free here! And here is a different style.

Step 4: Comfy mattress

How to transform an office into a wonderful guest room in seconds. My office murphy bed.

A nice mattress will prevent a sleepless night and keep your guests from getting grouchy. It may also leave them wanting to visit again (which depending on your guest this could be great!). We have a Serta iComfort Blue MaxTemp Touch mattress, which is sold exclusively at Mattress Firm.Like I mentioned earlier each of my in-laws, on separate occasions, complimented how comfortable it is. And these are some very fancy-quality people. Our mattress is on a Murphy bed so within 10 seconds my mom cave can transform into a comfortable guest room.

Step 5: Extra chargers

One of my least-favorite things to forget (besides underwear) is a phone charger! They’re expensive to buy on the road, but when you’re prepared to have an extra or two on hand it can mean the world to a guest. Even if they didn’t forget theirs sometimes it’s just nice to have an extra close by their bed.

So, I keep the frame, basket of goodies, charger and water in a basket in the closet. Then when our next guest comes I’ll pull down he mattress, set out the jar, bottles and charger and BOOM! Transformation in seconds.

Am I forgetting anything? How do you outfit your guest room?

I love partnering brands that help me tackle the tough parts of parenting—Like getting good sleep. That’s why I partnered with Serta and Mattress Firm on this post. All opinions are my own.

How to transform an office into a wonderful guest room in seconds. My office murphy bed.


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  1. This is beautiful! I love when someone can make a guest room feel so inviting and just comfortable! You definitely have it down! Wifi is probably the biggest thing when I have people over, the first thing they ask actually is “What is your wifi” and so for you to have it right there in such a cute creative way is genius!

  2. Those are great ideas! I especially love the toiletry jar. My mom put out a basket for me that had similar items. She had my favorite deodorant, lip gloss, make up remover wipes, lotion and body spray. She also had some other odd and ends that she thought I could use. It’s the little touches that may your visit much more memorable.

    1. Your mom sounds SO sweet! Ok so body spray is genius, probably better than deodorant I mean, it’s kinda a one person use it thing. The room is totally ready for when ya’ll wanna visit!! 😀

  3. I keep a pile of magazine under a side table for reading. I also get over-the-door hooks so the guest can hang up clothes etc without needing to dig through rhe office closets.

  4. My sister-in-law keeps diapers in every size handy in her guest rooms as well as baby soap and lotion.

  5. Your choice is very much like. Great colors used in your guest room. I love the Toiletry jar, Where there is a very special thing that many times guests forget & you also added original flower vase.It is amazing. Thanks for your nice idea. Looking forward to your future posts!!
    Question: I do not understand what the box next to the wifi?

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