How to Sign Up for Disney+ and Join the Founders Circle

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*UPDATED November 12th 2019 with new offers*

I am not able to offer technical assistance with any of the below offers. This post has been updated to add my referral link.

Disney+ is here! Here’s the scoop on what’s new and how to sign up for Disney Plus right now and join the Founders Circle for free.

You may have been crying at the fact that attendees got to be the first to sign up for Disney+ and even join the Founders Circle. Months away from its November 12th debut!

Previously Disney allowed D23 fan club members to sign up to be one of the first people to subscribe to Disney+ and this early access is free PLUS (see what I did there?) get 33% off the subscription for 3 years. Meaning you could preorder Disney+ for less than $4 a month (normally $6.99)! Miss that deal? It’s ok! Because you’ll still get access to Disney’s library of content from Disney movies, Pixar films, Marvel shows and movies, Star Wars, and National Geographic. All for less than $7, without additional fees for more content (I’m looking at you Amazon Prime).

But how do you sign up for Disney Plus and join in on the Founders Circle? Here’s the scoop…

How to Sign Up for Disney+ for a discount

D23 is the ultimate Disney fan club. I’ve been a member since 2015. You can gain access to this early sign up by becoming a D23 member and guess what? The general membership level is FREE! So yea. Click on over and get your D23 membership then log in to unlock the exclusive deal on Disney+! You should get an email notification but if not, head over to your account information and it’ll be there. Any questions? Let me know!

*UPDATE* This deal has expired, but I’m going to continue to update this post with new deals.

How to sign up for Disney plus founding circle.

1 Free Year of Disney Plus for Verizon Customers

Are you a Verizon customer? They’re giving Disney Plus free for one year to:

  • All of its new and existing 4G LTE and 5G unlimited wireless customers.
  • New Fios broadband or 5G home wireless internet customers.

This comes under a broad new partnership between the two companies. After the one-year promo pricing expires, Verizon customers will revert to the regular $6.99 monthly subscription price (unless they cancel Disney+). Visit Verizon Wireless for more info.

Disney+ ESPN+ and Hulu Bundle Deal

It was just announced this bundle deal pricing is $12.99 a month and includes Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+. Note, if you have Hulu+ ad-free, Hulu Live, or with DVR, it doesn’t come in this bundled rate.


You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Disney+ and start streaming for free today. After the trial period, unless you unsubscribe you will be charged a monthly fee of $6.99.

Disney Visa Card Holders and Disney Destinations

Disney Destinations is a free Disney Parks and Disney Vacation planning tool. You can subscribe for free and use the MyDisneyExperience website when planning your next Disney trip. Or just sign up and you *should* get an email within shortly with this deal:

There was a choice of two options:

  • A 2 Year Disney+ subscription for a total of $119 plus taxes, which will save you $20.
  • A 3 Year Disney+ subscription for a total of $169 plus taxes, which will save you $40.

Disney Visa cardmembers and Disney Destination email subscribers received an offer in the mail with details on how you can save on your Disney+ subscription. If you currently are Disney Visa cardmember or a Disney Destinations email subscriber, then you could enjoy this exclusive discount and become a Founders Circle Member of Disney+.

*Update, this deal had expired.

how to sign up for disney plus for a discount

Don’t care about Disney Plus discounts and ready to sign up early anyway? You can do that now here.

Disney Plus will be available for streaming starting November 12th, 2019. You can preorder and sign up now, or start paying at launch for $6.99/month. There will be bundle deals for Hulu and Disney+ as well as ESPN bundle pricing available which you can read more about above.

What is on Disney plus?

I’ve been updating my blog with free printable checklists with the confirmed complete list of movies on Disney+ so you can mark off what you’ve seen and what you still have to watch.

Disney Animated Movies on Disney Plus

Disney Pixar Movies on Disney Plus

Now a little bit about content… My friend Carly was at the D23 Expo and has a complete list of what they’ve announced to be offering so far. If you think it’s every single Disney movie and TV show ever made, you may be a little disappointed. Not to say that won’t ever happen (perhaps in some kind of rotation). But there are 500 movies slated to be in the starting lineup.

*update!* According to a free trial of Disney+ in the Netherlands all of the animated Disney movies are there. Here’s my new post about the updated list speaking specifically to what movies are on Disney+ (and TV shows too).

Why Sign Up ?

You can read all of the details about parental controls, kids mode, and the very wide selection of offerings on CNET. But coming from a huge Disney movie collector, and someone vehemently against monthly subscriptions, I thought I’d share the benefit for our family that may help your decision.

How to sign up for Disney+ streaming service.

For reference, our personal Disney movie library contains 130 Disney Animated movies and Pixar films. However I still signed up as a Founding Member because of the original content that’s included such as the live action version of Lady and the Tramp, and a hilarious-sounding series called Forky Asks a Question. It’ll also be the only streaming service that will play host to Disney’s 2019 theatrical releases like Toy Story 4, Aladdin, and Frozen 2. I imagine more live action Disney movies as well as animated films, classic and original will make their way there through the years.

We are counting down over here and can’t wait! Stay tuned for more updates, movie checklists, reviews and fun.

Want to kick start your Disney+ fun with a fun checklist? Snag your free one and keep track of your favorite live action Disney movies with this one.

How to join Disney+ founders circle

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  1. Thanks! There was someone bragging about this, but not giving the details on how to do it. I appreciate you for having a searchable way to get into the founders club. cheers.

    1. There are a couple other deals with a (free) Disney vacation club membership and Disney Visa cardholders. I’ll update the post with this and how to do a general preorder.

  2. Hi! So I did my D23 membership but the only thing I see is a member number and nothing else. Could you provide a little more guidance?

    1. So it could take up to 24 hours to show up. But this specific deal has expired. There are a couple other deals with a (free) Disney vacation club membership and Disney Visa cardholders. I’ll update the post with this info!

  3. I got my account on sept 1st and hit redeem when they sent me the link and now it’s telling me I have to pay the 6.99 a month. What happened to less than 4 bucks for 3 years? I even emailed them and their reply was the discount has already ended?

    1. Did you pay when you preordered? If you preordered when you set up your account then you’re paid for the first 3 years already. It’ll go to $6.99 after that.

  4. I signed up for founders and am an unlimited Verizon customer. Anyway to tack on the free year to my account as well as the three years I signed up for?

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