How to put out a fire: He says/ She says

A fire breaks out on the stove while I’m attempting to cook dinner.

He says: “Throw water on it!”
She says: “On an electric stove? HA! No, grab the flour!”
He says: “Flour? That will make it worse!”
She says: “No, trust me, I did this when I caught the oven on fire.”
*He throws a handful on the flame*
Flame: *Gets bigger*
He says: “Told you! That made it worse!”
She says: “No, you need to throw MORE to smother the fire!”
He says: “I’m not throwing more on, it’ll blow up the house.”
*He grabs the fire extinguisher*
He says: “How do you use this thing?”
Flame: *Dies down and burns out without drastic measures*
She says: “Told you the flour works!
He says: “No. Don’t throw flour on a fire.”

Google says: “Flour is combustible.”


Don’t tell him he was right.

Mrs,ShoeBox says:

But at the same time if you used oi water would make it worse too! And make sure its a kitchen grade extinguisher. There are different types of extinguishers for different types of fires… the wrong one can cause a fire to… well blow up.

Randifity says:

Use a large pan lid.

Kim says:

Turn off the burner. Put lid on fire.

As far as the extinguisher is concerned – look at the letters on the canister to show what types of fires it works for.

Then, when ready to use, think PASS.

Pull the pin (or tab) to activate the foam), Aim the nozzle, Squeeze the nozzle and finally, Sweep the extinguisher back and forth across the flames while squeezing.

I’m sure your local fire department would be happy to tell you more.

So…..if my laptop is now broken from the tea I sputtered and sprayed all over it from laughing at this post, I’m totally sending you the bill for the repairs. It’s your fault.

My first thought would be a big pan lid or a wet dishtowel depending on the size….but then again…I’d probably just scream and make John take care of it. I ought to get an extinguisher before I have kids huh…. 🙂

Faith says:

hahaha, i am dying over here! so funny!

i guess this remains me that we need to learn how to use an extinguisher too … what good is it if you can’t use it? haha.

Gena says:

LOL Um I would have used flour too! Of course it’s also a huge mess to clean up too.

I think you were shooting for salt, or baking soda. Those are the ones people throw on stove fires to kill them.

I think I heard baking soda works, not flour. I think! Luckily you had hubby there to put out the fire. hehe. Glad you guys are ok!

Sarah says:

This is too funny. We just bought a new stove and it had this old pamphlet from the 80s with it telling you how to put out a fire. It specifically said to smoother it or put baking soda on it and never ever use flour or any liquids to try and put out the fire. As for the fire extinguisher PASS: Pull the pin, Aim at the base, Squeeze the trigger, Sweeping motion. (Thanks chemistry classes for teaching me how to use one!)

YUMMommy says:

LOl. Thank goodness nobody was hurt and the fire didn’t get out of control.

melifaif says:

This is the funniest he says/she says I have ever read. For that, I thank you!!!!

Seana says:

Ooops, I thought you throw flour on it too!

Baking soda works or salt- i think. But I had a similiar situation where E and I debated whether it was baking soda or powder, and he chose powder, am um yeaa… it just made tons of smoke that took forever to get out of the house…

M says:

Baking soda. I grew up knowing this and thought everyone else did too until I married and my husband threw flour on a stove fire and discovered that you should never use flour on a stove fire because it makes the fire worse. But you already know this 😉

If you do not have a kitchen fire extenguisher then it’s baking soda that puts out fires. We were in a friends house and my husband was baking something. What he didn’t know was that this person didn’t clean out the stove and the remanants caught on fire. We argued for a minute bc he wanted to use water or flour and I told him my grandma always said baking sod. Poof, fire out, but it was smokey and smelly for a while. But at least in the end the house didn’t go down. :

Myne Whitman says:

Hilarious, glad the fire died down anyway…

Arya says:

Salt is what I use to put out fires on the stove…it’s what my grams and mother both used so I use it too…

KIKA says:

hahaha! oh goodness. So happy everyone’s ok though!

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