How to Make the Perfect Potato Bar for Movie Night

It’s no secret family movie nights are a big deal around here (highly recommend them!) We recently started a new trend where the movie chooser also gets to pick the dinner. 

We’ve tried new pizza places, and fun desserts. Sometimes it’s making our own homemade pizza or in this week’s case–A homemade potato buffet. 

If there’s one food every person in the family loves, it’s potatoes. We love them in all forms–Fries especially. Grown In Idaho frozen fries are some of our favorite fries to make at home. From their Super Crispy Steak Cut Fries, to the Super Crispy Crinkle Cut Fries, to the Hand Cut Style Fries and ahhh, the Super Crispy Waffle Fries! We love them all.

Now Grown In Idaho has some new potatoes to enjoy. Mashed Potatoes! No prep, no mess. You can pop these Homestyle Mashed Potatoes in the microwave and heat in minutes! We added Homestyle, Golden Supreme and Roasted Garlic flavors to our movie night potato lineup and enjoyed them all. The kids still prefer fries, but the potatoes are a nice hearty addition, made from 100% real Idaho® Potatoes, portioned perfectly for our family. 

My kids were excited to eat straight off the cutting board and it was a simple, fun dinner.

Another thing we sometimes like to do is pair up a dinner to match the theme of the movie. If you wanted to try this with your family a couple good movie night ideas that would be fun to pair with this scrumptious dinner:

Family Movies to Pair With Your Perfect Potato Buffet

Good Burger (1997): When Mondo Burger sets up across the street, sneaky Dexter and burger-obsessed Ed realize they need to fight to keep their fast food joint going. Their new secret sauce might be the answer, but not if Mondo can grab it.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009): When hard times hit Swallow Falls, its townspeople can only afford to eat sardines. Flint Lockwood, a failed inventor, thinks he has the answer to the town’s crisis. He builds a machine that converts water into food, and becomes a local hero when tasty treats fall from the sky like rain. But he soon finds he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013): Flint soon discovers that his most-famous machine, which turns water into food, is still operating but now creates animal/vegetable hybrids. With the fate of humanity in Flint’s hands, he and his friends set out to save the world from tacodiles, shrimpanzees and other deliciously dangerous creatures.

Try making your own potato bar for family movie night and let us know how it goes!

What toppings do you like in your potato bar? 

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