How to make easy hanging shelves for kids room: What I’m Makin’ Monday

I saw the cutest image on Pinterest of these hanging wall shelves. I followed the link and found pictures of an adorable little girls room, but no tutorial for these cute hanging shelves, but it looked simple enough so I decided to try it myself.

Source: Bees Knees Bungalow via Order in the Court! -Organization on Pinterest

My first idea was to use fabric like in the picture, but after a long week of work I was too lazy to cut and sew a bunch of fabric so I decided I’d make it even easier–A four-step process on how to make easy hanging shelves for kids room that’ll get you some cute shelves for less than $5.

How to Make Easy Hanging Wall Shelves

I like it because it’s a quick and easy way to decorate a wall and hang stuffed animals and other light things we might want on display. I’ve never been good at hanging real shelves on the wall, with all the extra mounts and screws needed, big gaping holes my husband hates, so this works great! And they look like fun little swings for your stuffed animals.

All you need is some wood planks, ribbon (or fabric), and D-rings.

I got about 1.5in D-rings (you can get these at craft stores or online for way cheaper, I got brass as Home Depot which ended up costing a bit more-Like $1.50) and used 1.5 in wide grosgrain ribbon, and since I have SO much tulle I’m trying to utilize, I used some of it for these shelves. I started to buy paint to paint some 2x4s for planks but then found some 1x4in-ish primed wood that was 8ft tall in the trimmings (like baseboard area) section of Home Depot (is it just me or is everyone here SO helpful?!). I had it cut into four 2-foot planks. That was $6. So I didn’t need to paint it (I may add some fun color to the sides later with my craft paint).

So once you have all of your supplies here’s what you do:

1. Cut your ribbon/fabric. I did mine about 35in long, because once it’s folded in half, and the board is placed inside, it’ll hang about 15in.

2. With right sides of the fabric/ribbon together, sew a straight stitch across. For safe measure I went back and forth a few times.

3. Place the D-Ring upside down, between the two halfs of fabric/ribbon and sew another stitch across just below the first line of stitches, sandwiching the D-Ring between them. Go slow, if your needle pounds the ring it’ll break. One of my needles fell victim to the D-Ring.

4. Turn the ring and fabric/ribbon right side out, repeat process with another strip, hang with some little nails or hooks, add wood plank and enjoy!


What do ya think? They aren’t perfect, but they’re good enough, and that’s my style when it comes to crafting.

Please excuse my horrible photos. It was bedtime, so no sunlight, and harsh lamp lights. I’ll try to take better ones for examples today.

If you made something this week (or any week) and blogged about it I’d love to see. Let us know in the comments so we can check it out!

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  1. Wow, I love these! I don’t have a sewing machine though…I wonder if I could hand stitch the ribbon around the d rings and have it be strong enough?

  2. Love it! I have tons of this really wide ribbon that looks a spotted cow. This is the perfect project to incorporate into Moo’s room!

  3. These are so cute! I think I’ll add them to my never-ending to-do list! And maybe I’ll put them near the top of the list. 🙂

  4. WOW! Fantastic idea! Thank you so much… I think I am going to try this when I redo my girls’ rooms!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the idea. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to put up soft shelves for stuffed friends, that if they were to accidentally fall no one would get hurt. Stumbled across your shelves and wow, the lights came on. I know just how to do this. Thanks again.

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