How to Find a Deal on Etsy

I’m a girl who loves to shop. But I’m also a girl who knows how to find a good deal and won’t get ripped off. I’m constantly posting my finds on my Facebook page and one of my online buddies asked if I’d post about finding deals on Ebay and Etsy.–Cause that’s where I do most of my shopping.

It may come across as strange to some people that I shop for cloths and just about everything else on Ebay but it’s really pretty convenient. I love getting mail so it’s more fun than going to the store. And 90% of the time I’m getting a rockin deal.

I just recently started shopping on Etsy and that’s a little more overwhelming to me, but I’m quickly learning tips to finding a bargain.

1. Be Specific: Personally, I get overwhelmed by just searching for random things on etsy, and that’s a quick way to buy something you don’t need. I use as many key words as possible to get a good amount of return results, but not enough to have to sort through dozens of pages of stuff.

groovymommy baby bloomers
The Groovy Mommy $10
2. Narrow the Results: If I’m searching for something like a “baby dress” and get tons of results, the first thing I do is usually click “sort from lowest to highest” but then the first half a dozen pages seem to be patterns, so I enter a prize range to sort it even more, maybe between $5 and $15, so I can skip through pages of patterns, but scan for the cutest, lowest-prices results.

3. Compare Compare: If you’re coming across several items that look alike and are priced similarly, check out things that may be “deal breakers.” How quickly they ship (is it ready to mail, or made to order?) and compare things like shipping costs. Sometimes buying multiple items can save you on shipping, depending on the seller.

4. Communicate with the Seller: I almost always write to the Etsy sellers and tell them what I’m looking to buy, and ask specifics about the order, (my husband makes fun of me because I can never order a meal without some exception, I think I’m the same way with buying things on Etsy) sometimes (not always) if you get a really nice seller, they’ll offer something extra for a discount.

etsy dress

For instance, I was just going to buy one dress from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff for a rockin’ deal of $10. But then I saw another one that had just sold that I liked, and decided I wanted to buy two, but then I really liked the headbands and wanted one to match one of the dresses, but the seller was nice and said I could get two for $10, when normally they’re $6 a piece. I’ve found lots of sellers who are nice about my custom orders and offer a discount when I’m torn between something. You never know who will hook you up with a deal so you’ll buy more!

etsy headband

So these adorable dresses Lil’ J and I took a photoshoot in today are from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff. I saw one listed on her shop as a tunic top and asked if she could make a dress like that. She whipped them up so quick and sent my like 10 emails to make sure I was getting what I wanted. Etsy ROCKS!

5. Word of Mouth: I’m constantly finding awesome deals by just asking my friends about their favorite shops. I’m always finding things I wouldn’t have found on my own. There are SO many sellers and it’s impossible to see them all. Sometimes I’m looking for dresses and end up finding hairbows I love by a seller who also makes dresses.

It’s fun to hop around, and ask around for favorites.

What are your favorite Etsy shops? Everyone who comments before November 2nd will be entered to win a $15 credit to Sumo’s Sweet Stuff. If you follow her blog or tell me what you want from her shop you’ll get an extra entry! will choose the winner! Good luck!
 etsy pink dress

Cindy says:

I can get sucked in to Etsy for hours at a time if I’m not careful. So far, my frugal nature has kept me from spending too much, but it’s a temptation! I love what these independent little dealers come up with!

Cindy says:

The Fall Blooms Ribbon Tie Headband is sweet!

Ashley says:

I’m an etsy novice so I dont have a favorite shop just yet…but with so many fabulous shops and items to choose from, I know my list will eventually be ridiculously long. I took a looksee at her shop and I am loving the pink and black argyle baby leggings & the purple rose binky clip!!!! Thanks for introducing us to her shop!

Jenn says:

I love the Birdie Baby Boutique!

Jenn says:

I love her springtime pillowcase dress 🙂

Courtney says:

Those dresses are just adorable! I’m off to her shop…

Rixa says:

One of my favorite Etsy stores is ElementalHandcrafts–especially their pregnant or nursing felted wool dolls.

Rixa says:

Teal Funky Baby Legs are my favorite thing from Sumo’s!

Courtney says:

I love The Britney Headband- it goes perfect with so many of my daughter’s clothes!

Mandy says:

so cute!! the dress and the little one! – mandybeez at gmail

Mandy says:

I follow Sumo’s Sweet Stuff – mandybeez at gmail

I love etsy, not only because i sell on there, but i love buying gifts for people and myself on there too! Great tips!

Mama Lusco says:

I’m a sucker for a good Ebay deal, too! I love Etsy and search from low to high. mamalusco at ortelco dot net

Mama Lusco says:

Follow Sumo’s. mamalusco at ortelco dot net

red says:

I am so glad you posted this! I have been searching Etsy all morning looking for cute, long sleeve onesies, & my search brought up 773 pages, so I am feeling very overwhelmed & not really finding what I want. Have you bought any lately?

Lindsey says:

Those dresses are TOTALLY adorable! I’ve had the same experiences – recently I asked if a seller could make me a hobo bag a little bit bigger than the one in the listing and she did it for the same price as the smaller one! I love working with “real people”. 🙂

Lindsey says:

Oh, and I looove the Green Dot Tie Onesie in her shop! 🙂

Stacy says:

I LOVE Three Yellow Starfish on Etsy

Stacy says:

I follow Sumo’s Sweet Stuff and I would get a couple of headbands and some crochet flowers

Jennifer says:

I’ve never bought anything off of Etsy. I get over there and feel so overwhelmed and freaked out that I just end up closing the screen and moving on.

YUMMama says:

All J looks so cute in dresses. She’s growing fast!

LiciaLee says:

Adorable. I love baby dresses. :).

LiciaLee says:

oh and ilove the leggings w flowers from her site

Jamie Lynn says:

Hi I just found your blog from Sumo’s love her blog! I am now a follower of yours! What a cute daughter you have! Love the dresses! Stop by and say hello! Have a wonderful day!

Stam House says:

those little dresses are just ADORABLE !!!!

allisa says:

Could those dresses be any cuter!? I think not!

I could never narrow down my fave etsy shops to anything below 20 shops! I love scouring the vintage shops for linens to make something new!

I’m also a follower of Sumo!

I love so many of those shops, all for different things! I like daydreambelieverwear, purpleducks, and wildmotherarts as a start. I also like to look at what these people have favorited for a new bunch of goodness.

Sumo’s shop: I would love to have her Onesie dress!

Shannon says:

I am a follower of Sumo’s sweet stuff!

Toni says:

Oh, just adorable!!

swank|mama says:

Thanks for the heads-up on Etsy. I’ve browsed a bit before but felt overwhelmed and never went back. Now I’ll narrow my searches down using your suggestions!


PS: Lil J is just too cute. That smirk in the second picture is just to die for! Love the outfits!

PsychoTwin says:

Etsy gets overwhelming for me. I tend to try to find jewelery. Still learning how to properly navigate it.

Heidi says:

I love Etsy too!! The dresses that Lil J are wearing are super cute (and so is she!)!!

froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

Jennifer says:

Thanks for the tips!

Jennifer says:

The green dot tie onesie is too cute!

Quiana says:

I want a custom tutu!

Kirsten says:

One of my favorite ETSY shops are riggsjes. What a fun giveaway.

Kirsten says:

And yes I do follow her blog

Bobbi Janay says:

I love baretree apparel, I have order numerous things from Saul.

MsBabyPlan says:

She’s growing so quick in front of us. she is so cute and I must she is getting her own character ;)!

Such a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing the very decorated outfits you choose for her.

Any of the ribbon tie headbands would be a treat!

LegalChic says:

I love etsy and ebay! I don’t have one favorite shop yet, I like a lot of things on there lol. I also just started up a shop at I don’t have a lot of items yet but I will be adding more.

Girls Curls Hair

Amy says:

Loving her dresses!

Amy says:

I follow Sumo’s blog 🙂

Bella says:

Such adorable stuff!! I haven’t let myself get sucked in to etsy yet but I think I feel it coming on!

AikoArt says:

As an Etsy artist myself, I’m so happy to see your post! It is truly an amazing place where you can find just about anything.
I just love SSS headbands. I have never seen them before & I think my 2yo would look precious in these when she finally keeps stuff on her head.
When you find yourself getting lost or bored in a search, go to the “favorites” of someone you like. You will see what they are interested in & maybe even find things you never knew about.

tanya904 says:

I am hooked on handmade and sweet smelling soaps.. I love all of the cute bright colored soaps at So Stinking Sweet bath and body
tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

Anonymous says:

Okay, those dresses are just adorable!

tystrishy at yahoo dot com

Anonymous says:

I follow Sumo’s Sweet Stuff and I love Etsy! I could shop for days!!!

tystrishy at yahoo dot com

Heather says:

I follow Sumo’s blog already and love that girl’s blog. I also love Charm Design clutches. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Heather @

Kierst says:

I love little towheads shop. She has adorable hand embroidered onesies that she sells, as well as photography prints (cards, prints, magnets, bookmarks, etc). Also, every time I’ve gotten something from her, it’s made to order and shipped super fast and includes a 15% off code for my next order. (I don’t know if that’s an all the time, thing, but it has been for me.) Oh, and she takes custom orders too. There was a character I wanted on a t-shirt for my daughter and she whipped it up. I had it within a week.

Kierst says:

Oh, and I love Sumo’s headbands. If I win, I’m sure I’ll spend most of my winnings on them!

mo mcd says:

LOVE Etsy shopping. Great tips! The only thing I would add is to allow lots of time for custom orders . . . especially this time of year! Christmas orders need to be in before Thanksgiving for a lot of us. 🙂 My fav shops are themudpuddle, likikins14, sarahsstitches, creationsbyeilieen, repurposefulpunk, and haveitsweet . . . and SO many more.

such pretty dresses! good taste mama!

Brandi says:

Beautiful Dresses!!

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