How I Turned from Breastfeeding Skeptic to Evangelist

“Breast is best.”

“Normalize breastfeeding.”

Months before I had my first daughter I saw those phrases repeatedly online. But before I had kids, breastfeeding was anything but normal to me. I was a formula fed baby, and growing up I helped feed my little sisters. Bottle feeding was all I knew. During my first pregnancy I had so much anxiety surrounding weather or not breastfeeding would work for me and what that would mean for my baby.

Photo by Paige Wilks

I wound up deciding I would at least try. Though I didn’t have my family to look to for examples of breastfeeding, I did have their support. I also had support of friends who’d recently had babies, and I reached out to the local La Leche League community. With their help, some determination, and a dash of good luck, I got the hang of it. And I nursed and pumped while working full time and breastfed my first two children for 17 months.

I wanted to be a part of supporting other mothers who want to breastfeed. Especially in the Black community where I think many new moms like myself don’t always have generations of breastfeeders to look to as examples.

My own little sister had a rough time breastfeeding her daughter at first, and she thought of giving up. I told her I’d support her either way, and called and encouraged her through a rough patch and they made it through. She wound up nursing my niece for almost a year.

Black breastfeeding month

Black breastfeeding mom

Strong people can stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others. If we support each other as moms, we can do incredible things.

Today, mom to mom, I’m going to share a little something that’s helped make my breastfeeding journey a bit brighter.

Breastfeeding tips and how to create a lactation station breastfeeding basket

There is never a time I’ve sat on my butt so much in my life more than when I’m nursing. And it never failed, as soon as I sat down and got baby latched on, I remember something I forgot I needed: A glass of water, a snack, that book I was reading, or my phone. I’ve put together a handy nursing essentials basket. Or as I like to call it a lactation station.

When I’m nursing I’m always starving, so I make sure to keep it stocked with lots of snacks. Some of my favorite are the Munchkin lactation cookies. They sent me a box of the chocolate salted caramel and I ate them up so fast I bought two more boxes. Another of the chocolate salted caramel and a box of the oatmeal chocolate chip (that turned out to be equally delicious). I also bought some extra mixed berry Munchkin lactation bars. I love them with breakfast.

Breastfeeding tips and how to create a lactation station breastfeeding basket

Here is how I keep my lactation station packed:
Breast pads
Burp cloth
Nipple cream
Dried fruit
Trail mix
Munchkin lactation cookies
Munchkin lactation bars
Manual pump
Vitamin D drops
External phone charger
Receiving blanket
A book or ebook

And if I’m in another room I can ask someone to bring me something from the basket, or the whole basket itself.

How I turned from a breastfeeding skeptic to an evangelist.

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. And It can feel limiting when you’re trapped on the couch with a baby that wants to eat and eat and eat. But I’ve found when I’m tired and sore a little thing like a handy basket of yummy snacks can make a big difference in the moment. Did you have a breastfeeding support system?

Breastfeeding tips and how to create a lactation station breastfeeding basket



Just leave a comment letting me know with a link to your favorite Munchkin product and you’ll be entered to win a $250 gift card to Munchkin! Giveaway ends September 21st at 11:59pm. Good Luck! 

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Erin A says:

My husband was my biggest support system with my first and is again with my second. This time around I am also in a couple breastfeeding groups on Facebook that really help when I have questions! I don’t have this product, but it’s something I want 🙂

Chana Stone says:

Can I enter again if I won last time? 🙂

I love Munchkin’s sippy cups. They don’t leak and I’ve used them for 4+ years already. They also have the best customer service.

Breastfeeding my first was very difficult, it hurt for 3 months and I was always getting plugged ducts. My second was a breeze, I nursed her for 2 years. Looking forward to hopefully a smooth experience with my third.

emma says:

My husband and family are very supportive of my breastfeeding journey, thank God. I love lactation cookies, and the ones by Milkmakers are awesoms!

Latricia says:

I try to be a support system to my daughter. She is currently breastfeeding her second child. I listen when she needs it and research ways to help her deal with low milk supply and anything else she needs. I would love this pacifier for my grandson

Elizabeth says:

My husband has been my biggest supporter, even when our immediate families were skeptical that or big babies were getting enough (both came from bottle/formula families).
I really like the idea of these spoutless sippy cups when the time comes for new baby.

Pam says:

I was bottle fed as well so breastfeeding was completely new to me, however, it was something that I knew I wanted to try & had hoped would work. My husband was my biggest support. He would bring me a glass of water or see what I needed when nursing. When I had my second daughter he would take care of my first so that I could nurse the baby. I have several friends who nursed their babies & could turn to them for help too, which was great.

When I had my second daughter, I made a snack bin the pantry for my oldest because she always seemed to need something then second I sat down to nurse. I also moved some of her favorites into the lower drawer of the fridge. Between the two, she could easily access a snack or drink while I nursed her sister. I love this idea of a lactation basket! I’m going to put one together when I get closer to having our little boy in January. The munchkin snacks are amazing when nursing because I always felt hungry.

Laura says:

I had to find an online support system and seek out in person support as well. Now thankfully I have great support as I continue to nurse my toddler through my second pregnancy and plan to tandem.

I love these suction cup bowls:

Nina says:

My biggest support was my MIL who initially encouraged me to breastfeed and my husband who helped set up a nursing area in our bedroom. Breastfeeding is natural but doesn’t make it easy so thankful for the internet to connect with other moms who are going through the breastfeeding journey with me.

Nina says:

My husband is my biggest support. He always grabs stuff for me and washes my pump parts which is a huge praise!!!!!

MyChau says:

There snack cups are my absolutely favorite!!! My kids are big snackers and these cups help contain the mess.

MycHau says:

My husband was my biggest support system and my co-workers were also supportive, which really helped when I had to pump twice a day at work.

RichshaNda says:

My boys dad is sooo supportive. When I wanted to give up breastfeeding our first son he pushed me to keep going. Now with our second son he’s a pro at being there when I need him

Richshanda says:

I love their sippy cups we’ve been through plenty of them

Sara Anderson says:

Having a nursing station is so helpful! I finally put together a basket with my third baby and it was a lifesaver! Definitely going to do the same when my fourth is born in a couple months!

The chocolate chip lactation bars look yummy!

Sara Anderson says:

Having a nursing station is so helpful! I finally put together a basket with my third baby and it was a lifesaver! Definitely going to do the same when my fourth is born in a couple months!

The chocolate chip lactation bars look yummy!

(I’m hoping this isn’t a duplicate comment! If so-sorry!!)

MichElle says:

My husband has been supportive with all of our kiddos so far — and I’m sure it’ll be no different with baby number four.

Carly Medina says:

I love the munchkin lactation cookies I have to refrain from eating a whole bag and they really help increase my milk supply!! I would be so excited to win this gift card!

Carly Medina says:

I love the munchkin lactation cookies I have to refrain from eating a whole bag and they really help increase my milk supply!! I would be so excited to win this gift card! Thank you so much!

Jasamine says:

I don’t have anyone in my family that breastfed. Now that breastfeeding is becoming more normalized, I was able to see friends do it and knew it was something I wanted to do when my time came. I am 7 weeks in and loving every second. I didn’t understand the bond people talked about until I did it. It is truly amazing !

I know some people think diaper pains are a waste, but I’m very thankful for mine. Especially during those late night diaper changes.

Sara says:

Good for you, mama–way to go! I definitely had great support when I was breastfeeding, from family and friends, but especially my husband. We used the Munchkin bottle brush and loved it!

Candace says:

I am currently ebf with my second, my daughter, she is 8 months old. most of my family is supportive but i constsntly get the question when will you stop. I plan to nurse as long as i can because i didnt get to nurse my son. I pumped exclisively for him for 6 months, and wish i had more support and help getting him to latch.

Kiara says:

My husband was my biggest support system while breastfeeding my kids. With my son who is now 2, I felt like I needed to ween him off since we are expecting baby number 3 this December. It didn’t go so well and even now he still ask can he have some of mommies milk lol. I found myself not wanting to nurse again if we find out on our delivery date that it’s a boy. I said to myself are boys going to nurse forever lol. I’m so glad my husband talked me into changing my mind to nursing our baby no matter what. At times the journey isn’t easy but it’s so worth it and our babies really need their milk from us.

Hannah says:

My favorite munchkin product has to be the bottle brush set. It works so well to get in all the nooks and crannies of my pump supplies.
My sisters were my biggest supporters with my breastfeeding journey. Although it’s comig to an end so I can start my surrogacy journey for my oldest sister, I still plan to pump and my sister is going to start inducing lactation so this next baby will be getting the best start in life.

Vicky says:

My family have been my biggest supporters. I’m still the only person in my immediate and extend family that breastfeeds. I have 5 children and I am currently breastfeeding twins with no supplements. I love it but I’m always hungry lol. I like these munchkin products

Jennifer burns says:

I nursed my first for 23 Months and am currently on month 4 with my little one. My husband has always been my support system. He was so encouraging when I was skeptical about trying breast feeding prior to our first being born. I’m so glad he cheered me on. It’s such a special time between baby and mama and although it can be tough at times it’s where my heart is. We love to keep all the pumping equipment clean. I’ve just returned to work this week and want to keep my supply up and keep baby girl feed at day care!

Sherron Days says:

I just had my first baby 3 weeks ago and breastfeeding has been hard. My baby was in NICU for most of that time so he was getting fed by a continuous feed tube in his nose and was bottle fed. Because of this, he was not interested in being breastfed and would not latch on.

Since he’s been home, feeding has improved however, I am not making much milk and still have to supplement with formula. It has been so discouraging because I wanted to exclusively breastfeed, but my body is not cooperating. Luckily, I have such a supportive husband who keeps encouraging me and tries he best to keep me from stressing.

Mackenna DARNELL says:

My husband had been my biggest support through the late nights and early morning feeds. He’s always offering to bring me water and snacks. Couldn’t do it without him! Lactation teas have been a lifesaver for me!

The lactation cookies look so good!! I know they help when your supply gets a little wonky sometimes.

Marty Dover says:

I’m literally obsessed these little guys! They are so easy to throw frozen fruit or a Breastmilk cube in for teething! Also I am SO excited to see you recommend keeping vitamin d drops in your basket. Unfortunately rickets is on the rise and so many doctors are ill advised on the risks of low/deficient vitamin d especially for our brown babies!

Cara says:

Love these photos, so beautiful!


My husband was my biggest supporter. He was always there for me when I nursed my first three kids, especially when I had to switch to pumping full time when our third was seven months old. I am now pregnant with my fourth and last baby and looking forward to nursing again. It is such a special bond!

Jami says:

My husband is my biggest supporter. I am a ftm and he knows how bad I want to breastfeed as long as possible. He went to lactation appointments with me and tries to help me at home as much as possible, most especially cheering me on! He wakes up with me during night time feedings to bring me snacks and talks with me to help keep me awake.
I love our changing table pad. I love the safety features and that it never moves on the table. I as well like how easily it wipes clean!

Stephanie Hanes says:

I was very fortunate to have tons of support. My mom is a lactation consultant and my MIL was a la leche league leader so it was an obvious choice for me to breastfeed all my babies. My husband was a huge support too and I’m grateful for him and our mom’s helping me through many hurdles like NICU stays, mastitis, lazy latches, and low milk supply. I nursed my oldest til one year, my second for 18 months, my third and fourth for two years and am currently nursing my eight month old.

I don’t currently own any Munchkin products but this looks like an awesome product I’d love to get!

Romney says:

The munchkin sippy cups are great! I’d love to try the lactation foods, I’m pumping at work and it’s not going great this time around (this is my 4th baby!)!

I struggled breastfeeding my first but now I’m 3 months in with my second and our breastfeeding game is strong. My husband is my biggest support system. When I feel like I can’t take it anymore and I want to give up I lean on my friends though.

I love the lactation cookies ?
They are so delicious, and I don’t feel guilty eating them

shannon fowler says:

I really love the diaper caddy here

Jessica Padilla says:

I would really love the lactation tea coconut flavor.

Ronald Gagnon says:

Nowadays with the way houses are custom made, I think safety is paramount

michelle k says:

I like the, it would be a great gift for a shower. Love the bottle warmer. The mirror is so cute

monique s says:

Munchkin has such great products for us new moms. My favorite is

Angelica Dimeo says:

I like the Learn™ Bath Letters & Numbers-Pastel, 36 Count my son would have a lot of fun with these.

Stefanie G says:

My favorite Munchkin product is the Shhh…™ Portable Sound Machine.

athena graeme says:

My favorite is the inflatable duck tub! So cute! Elizabeth loves rubber duckies!

Kristen says:

I like the Sub Bath Toy.

kathy agate says:

I like the sippy cups for my grandaughter.

Nathan Lapointe says:

Thanks for the contest! Love these products

Sarah Bihms says:

I absolutely adore your message! I am going on two years of breastfeeding my son. You are right about the importance of a support system.

I’m ready to potty train my son so I like the Arm and Hammer 3 in 1 potty trainer.

Teresa says:

I find that the Stroller Organizer Plus is my favorite item. It helps me keep things organized even when everything else is going crazy!

Christy Peeples DuBois says:

There are so many wonderful items to choose from. But I went to the clothing, my weakness. I love this little gingham onestar. So cute yet so easy to change baby in.

Bridget Calfee says:

I love Munchkin’s sippy cups

Tiffany Banks says:

I love this product! It would come in handy!!

nicole woll says:

I love the gate selection!

Clarissa says:

Love their 360 cups!

john says:

Will order the MUIC CUBE…great idea for kids

Tina says:

A support system is so important. Family and friends are so helpful. My favorite item is because I always worry about getting the right temperature.

Susan Smith says: I like the Potty Training Chair. My sister will be potty training my niece in the next few months so this will come in handy.

Alena Svetelska says:

My favorite product is
I breastfeed 1st 6 weeks my kids were big and always hungry so I switched to formula…my daughter was 11 lbs at birth.

Vidya says:

My family and fellow mom friends form my support system. I find a lot of resources online are also helpful. Since I am currently dealing with supply issues feeding my 3 month old, my fav thing to try from munchkin would be these lactation bars

Christine f says:

Firstly (what a CUTIE) and secondly I plan to breast feed baby (arriving next month) too. The lactation cookies and tea sound very helpful.. often its easy to forget to eat!I love their Wipes warmers and saftey gates! Oh and dishes!! So cute!!

Christine f says:

Firstly (what a CUTIE) and secondly I plan to breast feed baby (arriving next month) too. The lactation cookies and tea sound very helpful.. often its easy to forget to eat!I love their Wipes warmers and saftey gates! Oh and dishes!! So cute!!

Christine F says:

Oops sorry about the duplicate! My first comment wasnt co-operating 🙁

heather Kaufman says:

I like the Auto Close Modern baby gate.

Candice says:

I would like my daughter to try the LATCH™ Pacifier and Blue Designer Clip.

With my first I had so many people telling what to buy who had the best, and when it came time for the sippy up everyone wanted to voice their opinion but I went with what I thought was best and now with my daughter we’re waiting to get her the same cup!

Kelsey vinson says:

I’ve had this duck with all four of my littles and will get one for little girl on the way

Missy A says:

With a toddler and expecting # 2 this baby gate would come in handy!

Phoebe says:

My little niece absolutely loves eating fruit out of this feeder. Her favorite by far is definitely watermelon. It’s messy, but she loves it. Exited for another little one on the way! This time a boy!

Aaron says:

My favorite Munchkin product is the Auto Close Modern baby gate.

Coline T. says:

I really like this travel set:
Thanks for this awesome giveaway! 😀

Jan Lee says:

I like the VIB Gift Basket as it can be for a girl or a boy and has a ton of the products any new mom would want and like 😉

Cassandra Huber says:

Unfortunately, I was unable to breastfeed.

Rania R. says: is my favorite product. I purchased this cup for my daughter and she loves it. It is easy to use and clean.

Munchkin lactation cookies

How can you pick from so many great products that they make. I will choose the shades. Our daughter just had twins a boy and a little girl so when they come to visit from afar I don’t want the sun in their eyes for sure. Thanks for the giveaway love this one for sure. You can never have enough of these useful Munchkin products. Great job Munchkin!!

Annmarie W. says:

I have to admit that I did not breastfeed back when my own kids were born, but am happy other women in my family have done so through the years! I love Munchkin products…designed so well and last a long time! I love their safe tubs!

Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

My support system is my hubby! He and my lactation consultant were my cheerleaders with my first. I developed a lot of confidence with my ability to nurse her. Second kiddo was eve easier to nurse. Now, I’m nursing baby #3 & I know just how important just having my hubby as support has helped my journey as a nursing mama! I love Munchkin products! The Light My Way Nightlight is a favorite… especially for night trips in the car so the littles aren’t afraid.

Jennifer says:

My favorite item has to be the ducky bath! Not only did it make bath time fun it made it safe!! I used it for all 4 of my kids!!

Nancy says:

We love this item: Click Lock™ Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup – 7oz. Here’s the link:

Amanda Ellis says:

My favorite Munchkin product would have to be this It is a trunk organizer AND a baby changing station. How cool is that?! I know when I go out and about I like to be at ease knowing that I have everything I need in one spot and on top of that it is ORGANIZED. 🙂

Pat F says:

One of my favorite products we love is Great way to introduce fruits and veggies and not worry about choking.

Anita Duvall says:

This is my favorite product. This would be for my daughter to use for her babies.

Katherine K says:

I love love love LOVE the Munchkin inflatable duck tub
We have used several already! My son loves the giant duck. Also, we noticed that many many small dog owners on Twitter and Instgram use the duck inflatable tub as a DOG boat for their pool.

Nena Sinclair says:

I really love the Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup! It saves so many spills!

James Stringham says:

Anything to make a car ride more comfortable.

Manda B says:

We love the Miracle 360° Sippy Cup!!!

Robin Blankenship says:

I love this brand. Thanks for the chance.

Danielle D says:
These seem so logical and wonderful! Due in January 🙂

Heather Watt says:

My husband is my #1 helper. My favorite item is the duck baby tub.

Robin Abrams says:

My favorite Items is the . My mother was my support team

Edmond says:

I like . . Thank you for the kindness, the contest, and generosity.

Linda says:

My support system was my family who helped a lot. I love the The design is wonderful.

Mary Rutter says:

I like this product the best and not expensive at all.

Pam says:

My fave are the infant spoons, they have lasted with all the kids.

aqdas ahmed says:

I love the latch bottle in the 4 oz size. it is absolutely perfect for my baby.

Stephanie Phelps says:

I love so many of their products but the one I used the most was the

MNS says:

My favorite product of theirs would be their baby gates.

Darlene CRUZ says:
Fishing bath toy will keep them busy and bathing at the same time.

Zoe says:

This would be amazing to win!!! I tryed to Brest feed, went with no pain no gain and I managed for 2 weeks. But I ended up back in the hospital with endometriosis and was put on four different antibiotics and wasn’t allowed to breast-feed For three weeks I pumped every time I fed her formula and took every kind of milk maker mothers milk tablets cookies everything just couldn’t keep my supply, was very upset but I got over it it was the best thing for.

As for my favorite munchkin product I love the snack catcher

Perlita Mata says:

I love the Nursery Organizer and it has always been my favorite Munchkin product. I have used it myself for my kiddos and also gifted it to other mommas and they have loved it as much as I do
I love how it can easily move with you anywhere and it’s very light and convenient

Check it out here

Fonda says:

Thanks for sharing your nursing journey with us!

I love these suction bowls, they are so neat and handy!

Honey says:

Omg I love the car seat cover ❤️❤️ It’s god sent lol so strong and durable and my car stays clean ?

Andrea c says:

Beautiful post!
I love the spoons!

Deidre says:

Easy! For me it’s this booster!

I have been eyeing it for some time now. 🙂

Morgan says:

Thank you for sharing your journey!! I wrote this piece after having my daughter. I was so taken aback by how much I love breastfeeding…I also didn’t realize how much I’ve internalized our cultural views around breastfeeding.

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