Honey, Can You Mend My Pants? He Says/ She Says

“Honey, can you mend my pants?” My husband asked me after work. “The seam is coming out at the bottom of my pocket, see?” He showed me.

“Sure.” I say. No Big Deal. I think.


I stall for a few days when finally, the afternoon before he returns to work he pleas.

“Can you please just sew this real quick while I take the kids to school?”

I’ve avoided it long enough, and he was right. It would only take a second.

I pulled the cover off my sewing machine, threaded the needle cracked my knuckles. I was ready to go.

But not before I snapped a picture of my domestic skills.

Mending pants pocket

“Sewing my husband’s pants. Feeling so retro!” Was the caption I had in mind. Or maybe “1950s in the house!”

But halfway down the seam I thought ‘Why is this velcro in the way?’ and realized I was sewing his pocket shut.

“What?” My husband called from the other room.

I pulled out my seam ripper and started to laugh as I considered leaving it this way as a prank.

When I was finished ripping out my mistake I went at it again.–Then sewed half of his pant leg shut.

I would have kept going except my bobbin ran out of thread.

Finally, after ripping the thread out again, I managed to stitch the bottom of the pocket back on and my husband was ever so delighted.

“Thanks!” He said. “That was easy right?”

“Ha! Right.”

Kathy says:

Thank you for the laugh and I totally understand the procrastination! I have sewn many things and spent many hours ripping out seams that I couldn’t get right!

I would love to make just ONE thing without needing to bust out the seam ripper. Just once! I don’t think it’s ever happened.

iamcart says:

OMG this made me laugh so hard! I am an avid sewer and still require that dang seam ripper every single time!

Sheena says:

I am dyiiiing! This is so me whenever I procrastinate!

Kevin ucan says:

That was very nice of you to mend his pants.

you are very much sarcastic. It made me laugh so hard.

Jennifer says:

Happy to have made you smile!

Jennifer says:

Glad it brought a smile to your face 🙂

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