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Searching for a posts about homeschooling that can be useful in this time of pandemic?

I’ve been wanting to put this post together for awhile. Rounding up my different posts about homeschooling. We’ve been homeschooling off and on since Jayda was in 1st grade. This will be our second (and a half) year homeschooling Jayda and Ty in a row. We take the situation year by year, but right now it’s been such a great thing for our family.

Then bring the pandemic into the equation and things get even more complicated. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager in your last year of high school, a Ph.D. candidate, or a person taking part-time classes: schooling does look different now than it did in the past.

Virtual and online classes have been taking over slowly but surely as our world has become increasingly digital. COVID-19 proved this more than any other time. More and more people are turning to online classes. And this is great! But a less-appreciated method of effective schooling, in my opinion, is homeschooling. Especially for young children.

It does not look the same for everyone, but that’s what makes it great! One child may learn better doing hands-on activities in the garden, while another may enjoy reading at the kitchen table for hours. My youngest Lee Lee prefers to engage with homeschooling on a part-time basis. And even these preferences may change for them in the next schooling year.

Having the freedom to decide how to learn in a comfortable and known environment can make homeschooling ideal for students struggling with the anxieties brought along by the pandemic.

Don’t be fooled, however. Yes, homeschooling is just as valid and educational as the traditional path. But, in the same way, it requires effort. Lesson plans, a balance between academic and social priorities, and discipline are all needed to get the most out of homeschooling! Also, take note that depending where you live, your state may have different requirements. In Texas it’s a very simple process to getting started.


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