Homemaker in the making

Since I’ve become a little craft bug, and since I’ve been making darling dresses for my darling I’m on my way to being a true homemaker. But when I shared my glee for this realization with my husband seemed to dissagree.

See, I guess when he hears the word “homemaker” he thinks “cleaner” “laundry-doer” and “chef.” He also seems to think that the mess I’ve been making with all of my crafts and my “craft crap” which is actually a plethora of possibilities is causing me to go backwards in the homemaking department.

Men just don’t understand.

To his credit, every time I sew something, he does compliment me on how good of a job I’ve done. But then he looks at my trail of scraps and asks if I’m going to clean that up.

He just doesn’t get that works of art sometimes mean a little bit of a sacrifice when it comes to cleanliness.

When my children start school, and I retire in SAHMdom I plan to be the ultimate homemaker. Cook dinner, clean, make lunches, all the fun domestic stuff I can’t ever find time to do now. With the kids in school I’d have all day to myself to do that stuff too. Plus maybe some money-making work from home, who knows!

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