Hiring moving help: He says/ She says

She says: “So do you think we should ask for help from our ward [church members] or hire movers?”

He says: “Hire movers, definitely.”

She says: “Even if it’s expensive?”

He says: “I don’t care if we have to take out a second mortgage, I’m never moving ourselves again.”


When it comes to hiring help with hauling, we pretty much agree. The last time we moved was a nightmare, we promised ourselves we’d hire movers for our next (and ideally final) move. With two kids we’re swimming in to-do lists, jobs, and baby stuff. We need all the help we can get.

We’re also toying with the idea of hiring packers as well. Sure, we could do it ourselves, but it would be so nice to go out for a day, and come home to a completely packed house, and the next day the movers move it all. My husband hates packing too, which is funny because every time we move I do almost all of the packing myself while he stands and waits to haul the box away. So needless to say, I’m leaning towards packers.

A friend of mine has a husband in the military and when she relocated, they had packers come in for them. She said they would pack everything, and she meant EVERYTHING–Including gently wrapping and taping a bag of half-eaten beef jerky and placing it in a box.

Hearing that reminds me how packing is a great time to declutter a lot of stuff we won’t want to bring. If it’s possible I may try to go through and declutter and pre-pack as much as I feel like, then leave the rest to packers and movers. Time is money (and in this case, also my sanity) so we’re heavily considering both services.

Have you ever hired help to move you? What say you?

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  1. I’ve hired movers before. We were moving out of state and being reimbursed for it so it was a no-brainer for us. However, if we never got reimbursed for moving again I’d still hire a moving company. Just as your friend said- they pack everything. We found some strangely packed items in a box too like wrapped, padded, and taped potato chips. It is actually funny. Plus they have to pay for damages so I let it be known that we had pictures of everything in our home and they were super careful with things like the TV and all of the baby’s stuff.

    As far as cost I think most companies charge by the weight. So we took books with us because books are heavier and let them load up with everything else! Whoever you go with should come out to do a survey and give you an estimate- our estimate was pretty dead on, we actually came in under the estimate!

  2. We moved when I was 13 (so this has been a while) and I remember them packing up everything including asking my mom if she wanted to pack the bag of chips on the counter. Needless to say they were very through.

    My husband and I have said that the next time we move we are hiring movers to move all the big furniture and moving the small stuff ourselves.

  3. I hired movers for my last move, and it was the BEST decision ever! I packed everything myself and the movers just came in and QUICKLY picked up everything, loaded the truck and drove to the new location. Once there, they once again, QUICKLY unloaded the truck and placed the boxes/furniture in the rooms where those items were supposed to go. There was no taking breaks, stopping to buy/eat pizza, asking for beer, playing around, NOTHING. They came in, did what they had to do, and got out. Oh, and if anything was scratched or damaged, they would pay for it. Nothing was broken, but there was a smudge mark on one of the walls, which they cleaned up once the move was complete. If “friend” movers had damaged or broken anything all I would have gotten was a “Oops, sorry”.

  4. We have hired movers everytime we’ve moved. I highly encourage it! Oh and do get the insurance coverage. They dropped a box filled with glasses but I got a check a couple of weeks after filing a claim.
    If there are any items you consider heirlooms or precious, move them yourselves. Even an insurance check can’t pay for the memories.

    But I am with your hubby. Get the movers! It makes life so much easier.

  5. When I moved out on my own, I left my Mom’s house with nothing but a suitcase filled with clothes. Moving into my apt was easy because I had no furniture.lol. I was alone and didn’t need much. I ended up buying just a few things, including a bed and a coach. After getting married, we bought a house and moving furniture was pretty easy. We had to by new furniture which led to issues w/ delivery.

    We would like to move within the next few years and best believe we’ll be hiring someone. The only thing is that I won’t be leaving movers in my house unattended. I’ll be watching them like a hawk. I learned my lesson from previous delivery guys. I found feces on my carpeted floor and saw someone break a chair and my storm door. ugh. Hiring packers sounds like a great idea.

  6. If I ever move again I swear I’m hiring movers, packers and possibly Jesus to help! Moving is TERRIBLE! Lol so get all the help you can! Good luck and happy moving!

  7. My husband is in the Army, so we had packers and movers the last time we moved. Just keep in mind that with most packing companies you do have to be home to supervise the packing. And while it is nice to declutter while packing if you do it yourself, I found it was super easy to just get rid of stuff while I unpacked the boxes in our new home. If you hire movers, I would either have someone watch your kids, or have one parent take them somewhere for the day so the other can watch the movers like a hawk…I’ve heard one too many stories of movers marking down that expensive looking items were already damaged before the move (even when they are not), so if something does get damaged they won’t be on the hook to pay for it.

    But, yeah, as awesome as ward helpers are, if you can afford to hire movers I would definitely do it!

  8. I have hired movers for local moves and across state. for local moves, definitely hire reputable movers and they usually charge by how many rooms and stairs you have but it’s usually under $1,000 if you are in ranch or apartment. Make sure to follow them to the new home! When I moved across state for the military, it cost $6,000 – I did pack myself but the movers lost numerous boxes in transit (including all my pots and pans, silverware, stereo and DVD player – coincidence that it was all nice stuff? hmmmm, I don’t think so). They also broke the glass on my hutch and many pictures. I fought for 2 years trying to get reimbursed for the losses with no luck (and reimbursement is based on weight, not value of the item so I wouldn’t have gotten the worth anyways) – plus they were a day late and arrived at 10pm! Not fun watching movers unpack your stuff during the wee hours of night after sitting on your bare floor for most of the day waiting…plus they couldn’t even speak English so complaining to them did no good. It was a nightmare! So my advice, just do A LOT of research on the movers…check BBB and other references. I based my selection on price instead of ratings – big mistake!

  9. HIRE MOVERS! I’m going to be honest. Someone gifted us movers but I don’t care how much they cost I would never move without them again. We have moved 4 times in the last 5-ish years and we did all but the last one all on our own. Never again.

  10. We live in Austin too, and hired two men and a truck (actually three men) our three bedroom house, garage of stuff, and fridge barely fit in the truck but they made it. It was totally worth the $700 bill (with tip) I only wish we had hired packers and had decluttered before they came.

  11. Don’t even think of having non-pros move your stuff. Hire reputable movers, check them out on Angie’s List or Yelp or other local resources.

  12. I’ve moved 5 times in 6 years and always hire movers and use packers just for the kitchen (the most annoying part IMO!). I’m a huge cook and baker so we have tons of kitchen gear. Definitely worth the investment!

  13. We hired movers for our last (and final) move. Then we hired them again to move some heavy furniture we bought from a friend. Love them. Don’t know what I was thinking moving myself.
    Good luck,

  14. I like the forced de-cluttering that moving creates, but I always get exhausted halfway through the de-cluttering/packing/moving and kind of just want to give up. I definitely think hiring packers and movers would alleviate a lot of stress. But I’d worry if I hired people to do all that work for me that I would just avoid the de-cluttering all together. That I’d just let them pack up all the crap along with the good stuff… and bring all the crap with me to the new place.

  15. Hire movers, we just moved and hired. They pack and unpack as well. So all I did was direct them to unpack them where I wanted. And these guys even dusted the furniture hahaha. But what a relief. All the best with the move and settling in. Exciting times for your family.

  16. Decluttering AFTER the move is wasting money on boxes and time. Always get rid of stuff BEFORE a move. You know this is right…

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  23. Yeah, it depends a lot on the situation you’re in. Sometimes you have to trust your guts: if you just don’t want to do it on your own, you don’t feel like it – you should definitely hire a moving company

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