‘Hey, Let’s Ask for Help!’: He Says/ She Says

She says: Where’s the Pirate Booty? I thought it would be right by the Cheetos?
He says: I don’t know.
She says: Ok, can you ask that guy right behind you if he knows?
He says: No.
She says: But he works here!
He says: Maybe they’re over here…

They say men don’t like to ask for directions. My husband doesn’t like to ask for help. He’ll ask me, but I’m special. But ask a stranger for directions? A friend for a hand? An expert for help? Nope. Nope. Nope.

If we go to a store in search for something that seems hidden, he has the patience to walk back and forth (or go home empty handed) before asking an employee where something is.

Asking a salesman which washer/dryer combo is best would be out of the question for him. Which is funny because I’m the total opposite. Maybe it’s the journalist in me, but I want to ask a bajillion questions from someone who is more informed on the subject.

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

My mom and my daughter are my partner in crime when it comes to this. When I go shopping with Lil’ J and I need assistance, she becomes my little bloodhound sniffing out someone with an employee badge or shirt.

Yesterday I was at the mall with Lil’ J to pick up a dress I ordered her from Sears, and I noticed they have new “Meet With an Expert” signs in their appliance department. Now you don’t have to look far for help making a decision. I didn’t need help picking out an appliance, but there were plenty around to ask for help locating the pre-order pick-up section of the store.

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

I could have used in-vehicle pickup but I parked on the wrong end of the mall because Lil’ J wanted to see if Santa was there. So with help, we found the little pickup area and I typed in my phone number on a touch screen. Less than two minutes later (there was a timer) a man walked out from the back room carrying the dress I had ordered online just an hour earlier.

We are going on a Polar Express ride after Thanksgiving, and a Disney Cruise (shhh, still a surprise) a week after that, and I thought the dress would be perfect for both occasions. The look on her face when he walked through the door holding the red Christmas dress was priceless.

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

Nothing like seeing your child beam like this!

It’s fun shopping with her (without her little brother, mind you), but it’s even better when I can run in and out–Or even better, just wait in my car, while someone brings my online shopping items to me.

Now that’s what I call customer service. And it’s the kind even my husband can appreciate.

*Here’s the dress I bought for Lil’ J on sale for $24. What kind of shopper are you? Do you ask for help or tough it out? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to in a $25 gift card from Sears!

Giveaway ends next Wednesday at 11:59pm.

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

This story was written in partnership with Sears as a part of the Sears Bloggers Squad. Check out the hot appliance deals and more during the Veterans Day sales event taking place until November 14th. And be sure to Meet With an Expert while you’re there to help with your shopping. For more information about that service check out Sears.com/ExpertAdvice

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  1. Sooo adorable! She’s gonna love that surprise! Maybe another reaction video?? Lol
    I hardly ever shop because I’m a broke student but when I do I’m all for asking for help but I also tend to feel like I’m a burden when I do that! And it’s silly because that’s what people are there for. With something like appliances, or cameras or something I’ll do my homework online first then when I’m in the store I’ll ask the guys in electronics. Now I’ll ask them a million questions until I feel they’re fed up with me. But I usually already have in mind what I’m gonna get and I like to find my own way around the store but I’ll ask for help too!

  2. I’m like your husband. I do my research before going to the store and I expect to buy exactly what I picked from my online research. I don’t want some salesman trying to steer me to the item he’s been told to sell that day.

    And at the store, it will literally come down to how badly I need an item before I will ask for help. I prefer to find it myself and don’t want any assistance unless I am thoroughly stuck AND I have to have that item before I leave the store. If not, then I’ll drive across town to a more familiar store and get it there. That is why the first time I go to a store, I am there for a good hour. I wander down each and every aisle, taking mental note of the products we normally buy so that when I come back, I have a general idea of where everything is. I don’t want help with this process and there are plenty of times when no one is available to help. So rather than waste my time later hoping to find a sales clerk (when I am in hurry), I’d rather organize things in my mind and do it myself and not have to rely on help.

  3. I usually try to figure things out on my own and do my research ahead of time so I am prepared but if I am at a loss and would like some insight I definitely don’t hesitate to ask for help.

  4. I will ask for help. My husband not only won’t ask for help there are only certain situations that he lets me all for help for him. I hate shopping unless I’m all by myself, that’s the only time I can actually think about what it is I really need. I would online shop but I hate guessing what size I wear since there is no standard for women.

  5. I’m a big asker. I always ask servers at Restaurants what their favorites are, or which of two choices is more popular. And at the store? If I can’t find it in the course of my normal shopping, I’ll definitely ask. Walking around and around with kids in tow is the worst!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love how that picture captures her happiness and excitement!
    I am on the ask for help team. I think it is a guy thing not to ask because my husband will waste hours before breaking down and asking someone for help! So ridiculous!

  7. I’m kinda bad about asking for assistance. I will usually try to tough it out and figure things out and only as a last resort see help.

  8. Funny I’m both depending on my mood. For the most part I like to wonder around a store until I find what I need or find an equally as distracting item to buy. However since becoming pregnant and looking for baby items I want to get everyone’s opinion. I even stopped a couple at a baby store in order to ask what the purpose of a Pack n Play was along with tons of other questions they were nice enough to answer. I also now look for employees who can tell me whether or not they remember an item being purchased and/or returned frequently. So when it comes to regular shopping for just myself I’m like your husband but when it comes to baby shopping I’m like you 🙂

  9. Oh gosh yes I’ll seek out the employees for help. I live almost two hours from the closest department/big box stores so there is no way I’m leaving without what I came to get :-).

  10. Ha! I ask all of the time, but I don’t like when they hound me down in a store or follow me around the store (and not because I’m black, LOL! But because they want the commission.)

    I need to find this Polar Express train ride and we are taking our kiddos to Disney World for New Years (It’s a surprise as well!)

  11. I definitely don’t ask for help. Like, I have left stores without something I wanted to buy because I couldn’t find it. (In my defense, I swear my local grocery store changes where they put the liquid smoke every three months.)

  12. I am a mix of both, but I think I am actually more likely to ask for help than my wife. My default is to do it on my own, but I also tend to know where everything is an value being efficient at getting shopping chores done, so if I waste more than about 5 minutes or so looking for something I will gladly ask for assistance. In fact in some stores I ask right away. For example Michael’s. I have no freaking clue how things are organized in that store and why one item that seems similar to another is located on the other end of the store.

  13. When I shop, I love to go in with a plan and make it a quick trip. Maybe I’m just programmed to do that with 2 kids, but in and out is the way to go (after online shopping/research)!

  14. We’re both horrible askers. We’ll both ask if it comes down to it, but we don’t like to. I can go into a store looking for something, they’ll ask me if I need help, and I’ll still say no because I just don’t want their help. I’d rather spend 20 minutes searching for one thing rather than talk with someone. It’s bad. P.S.- I love the dress!!!

  15. Such a cute dress!!

    Whether or not I ask for help depends on a few things like I’d I’m in a rush or not. Usually I don’t mind going at it alone but if it starts taking too long or I never wanted to be there in the first place- I’m asking somebody!

  16. I like to ask for help and thank goodness my husband does too. Even better he always try to get an additional discount. His motto, “You don’t know if you don’t ask.”

  17. Last time I asked for help was in Wal-Mart because I was looking at knee braces for football. I asked for help and they still turned the security cameras on in the isle I was in because it comes over the intercom. I ended up grabbing some juice for the kids and leaving after I realized they were thinking I was shoplifting. I felt disrespected and sterotyped and haven’t been back to that store sense.

  18. LOL. I can totally see your husband walking around and then leaving without what he was looking for. The store and my time limit usually dictates whether or not I ask for help. If I go in target, I’m all about the looking, but if my husband asks me to pick up some random bolt in home depot, I’m finding a guy.

  19. I like to use nap time or after bedtime to do lots of research online. Then in the store I will ask an associate for help or even additional questions that I couldn’t satisfy through Google.

  20. Well, it depends. If I’m in a hurry and I don’t feel like driving my cart all around the store dragging my babies, I will ask. If I’m cool and in no hurry, I’ll look for myself, especially if shopping alone. My son has no problem asking for help. Everyone knows him at Sprouts. lol

  21. I will try and figure things out on my own, but if I absolutely can’t find it and Jada and Jason are working my last nerve I will ask for help lol. The dress is adorable. 🙂

  22. I ask for help if I am at the point where I know I plan to make a purchase. Otherwise, I usually tough it out. It’s really nice to work with knowledgable staff when you need them!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  23. It honestly depends on where I am and who is with me. I don’t like people trying to sell me things so I am least likely to ask at a place where they will continue talking to me.

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