Here’s How I Really did on my 2023 Goals

I realized the last personal blog update I did was spring of last year. Yikes! But with Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, email lists, and a half a dozen other platforms calling it’s hard to keep up. Legit hard. I think something I’m going to try to do is write an update on my blog then send it out to my subscribers like I used to back in the RSS feed days. Maybe. If I can remember how to do that. Or maybe I’ll just copy/paste this into my newsletter. Maybe that’ll keep me accountable on both counts, and it’ll help me feel like I’m extra productive doing two things at once.

Alright, there’s actually a lot I want to talk about. What I’m watching, what I’m reading. The pool we’re building in the backyard. Most of these things I talk about in my instagram stories but they go away in 24 hours. Maybe this here will be a better spot to keep it all organized and contained. We’ll see. No promises. No resolutions. However, there will be goals.

But before I jump into this year’s goals how about I share how I did on last year’s goals from 2023? I made a bucket list instead of goals last year.

1. First, to cozyfy my house.

Result: Did it! Mostly. I didn’t manage to do my entire house but some main areas were my back porch, which I did get a sectional for it for my birthday. We also made the piano room SO fun with a book wall.

2. Have fun doing things I’m bad at.

Result: Did it! I ran at 10k at Walt Disney World with two of my best friends. It was so fun. The training wasn’t very fun but the finishline was.

3. Go on a Disney Cruise.

Result: Did it! I was planning to take my family on the Disney Wish which at the time was the newest ship (I think the Treasure is launching this year). But we were invited to attend a Marvel Day at Sea cruise and it was the BEST time.

4. Visit New York City.

Result: Accomplished! I was hoping to take a family trip to go visit our friends. Instead I took a trip with Ty to visit his best friend. Then ANOTHER trip with Jayda for the Percy Jackson premiere.

5. Practice Piano

Result: Did it! I’m still not great, but I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve practiced at least once a week for the last year. Some times more. I’m hoping to practice at least three times a week this year.

6. Sign Lee Lee up for dance

Result: Fail. Ok, I DID sign her up. But she quit after like a month. Thankfully I didn’t pay for the recital and all of the costumes. She seems to like art and less structured activities. I did register her for kinder though and that has been an adventure!

7. Watch Jayda perform.

Result: Accomplished! Jayda performed in Sleepy Hallow and with another cast in The Lightening Thief Musical again. Now she’s performing in two plays this spring at her middle school. Yes, she’s back in public school.

8. Cheer Ty on at football and new friendships

Result: Mostly accomplished. Ty double teamed in the fall and had so much fun. He did make some new friends and I’m hoping we can nurture those more this year. He also got to participate in the BYU football camp and had a blast. I signed him up to do another camp this year and he’s excited.

9. Write more on my blog

Result: Fail! Ok, I didn’t do absolutely terrible. I fell off the wagon for a bit. And I also didn’t do that great promoting my Movie Night Journal. I did find a mentor, more like a borrow-a-mentor like I’d hoped and he kinda talked me down from some other product ideas I had. It was the right decision.

I didn’t have grand goals in 2023 but wound up taking one on when we went from just getting pool bids to actually building a pool. Fixing up the yard and enjoying that are a big part of my goals for this year. But I think I’ll save those for *gasp* my next post. Which hopefully will be sometime before 2025.

I’m still plugging away at movie reviews though. Things got weird in the middle of last year but I’m back on the wagon and trying to keep at it this year.

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