Her First Teddy Bear

I grabbed the first bear I got her from her display shelf in her room. I took it down and pushed his hand and the sound of a heartbeat filled the room. Her heart beat. I remember the day I recorded it when I was very pregnant and eager to meet my little princess.

biracial baby and her bear

I picked this bear because it reminded me of the one I had when I was a little girl. I named him Teddy Jr. After my Teddy.

I left him naked thinking someday my little girl can pick out clothes for him–If she chooses. I sorta like the look of naked bears.

Though she has a growing slew of stuffed animals and baby dolls, it appears she has a sweet spot for Teddy Jr. I secretly hope she’ll keep a special place in her heart for him a very long time, just as I did for mine.

And every time she pushes his hand to hear the thumping of it’s heart, I’ll smile and remember what that sound meant to me.


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Bree M says:

I have a heartbeat bear for my second child, I love it, an she’s just starting to like it too.

Tasha says:

I always want to remember carrying my son. From the time I thought I might be pregnant to now, my love for him is constant and grows. I want to always remember that feeling!

Heidi says:

I will never forget the night when I laid Addy down to sleep and she asked for her Bear. She never had done that before and she has tons of bears so I grabbed on and gave it to her. Now she can’t sleep without him! 🙂

Desi says:

what a cute idea!

Elaine says:

I have a “Teddy” too and He is sooo loved!

Latonya says:

My girls have just resurrected their first Build a Bears. My four year old has been carrying it around everyday since I told her it’s story.

Seana says:

How sweet! I may have to do the heart beat bear for this 3rd baby! Wish I had done for my 2 others!

Kristina says:

I hope I always remember the little things: her looking up at me as she nurses, the way she smiles big, the way she shakes her head “no”, … all that little stuff that is so DARN CUTE!

Sheylo says:

I never want to forget the little things: morning hair, shy smiles, funny things they say, and definitely seeing big brother and baby sister together when I’m not loking. I keep a running Word document of random things I don’t want to forget about each one and each year I make a 100 page scrapbook through Shutterfly of all the good stuff so hopefully they can relive their childhood again and again when they are grown!

Tori says:

I have a dog with my son’s heartbeat in it that I got at my 3D ultrasound. I couldn’t bear to part with it, so it sits on my dresser. My son has his own ratty dog though, that we got a thrift store for 50c. 🙂

Rachel says:

that’s so sweet! I love the heartbeat.

Shaky Mommy says:

I want to always remember the way he looks at me while he’s nursing. It’s a special look only I get 🙂

Stephanie says:

What a beautiful post! I LOVE this idea. I may have to remember it for this little one. 🙂

My husband and I still have our childhood stuffed animal. My son has a “teddy” and my daughter has a “kitty”. She has expressed interest in having a “teddy” like her brother. I’d love to get her one like your daughters.

The girls says:

I want to remember the sheer sweetness of my girl. I know it won’t last forever, but it will melt my heart forever.

I had a bear I loved from the time I was three. Recently, I discovered my mom still has the bear! I’m trying to convince (bribe) her into sending it for my daughter.

Elana says:

From my childhood I like to remember things that I did with my dad. He passed away when I was a young adult (early 20’s), so all of my memories of him are from my childhood/teenage years. I need to save those memories so that they don’t fade.

I’ll always remember my own teddy bear, naked or in a dingy white dress, with her nose mostly rubbed off because I kissed her so much!

Addison hasn’t really attached to a stuffed animal yet. I had a bear growing up that I loved and I hope she can have that too!

mk says:

This is a silly question…but where is the widget?

B&U+2 says:

yes, I’m not seeing the widget either

To see the widget you need to click the post title. You can see the widget from this direct blog post link but not from the main babymakingmachine.com 🙂

Robyn says:

I will always remember how he smells and how he looked right at me and smiled when my midwife laid him on my chest.

I wish I had known about this bear, I would have gotten one!! Awesome!!

Amber says:

I want to remember the cute quirks she will only have when she is this age. (16 months)

Nicole says:

That’s such an adorable idea!

I want to remember how her little face lights up every time she see’s me. I LOVE IT!!
Connie Gruning
CGruning at aol(dot)com

Jacquie says:

My and my JadaBear love build a bear! It is one of her favorite places to go in the mall!

melifaif says:

These pictures are so awesome. I started crying over the story. Geesh!!!! Sappy sap sap. 🙂

YUMMommy says:

Always remember their first smiles. They just made my heart melt and swell at the same time.

mk says:

Oh, thank you Jenn. I see it now.

When I was little, my grandma made me a silky blanky that I adored! My mom says that getting me to go to bed was easy…because I got to be with my blanket 🙂

I got my son a handmade little lovey on etsy. It’s silky on one side and nubby on the other with his name and a cute little whale embroidered. He likes it, but it doesn’t compete with his My Pal Scout (which knows his name and sings and giggles.)

linlalaland says:

My mom made my son a build a bear but he’s more partial to his teddy bear that I slept with for months before he was born 🙂

B&U+2 says:

I want to remember how much she adores me now. I know that as she grows older we will bump heads and disagree but I always want to hold on to those tight hugs and big kisses she gives me every day and how she seems to think I am Super Woman who can make everything better!

Mindy1024 says:

would love to win! My little one loves Build-A-bear

Awww so sweet. I actually had 2 of these that I made…in college. Haha.

avoirderma says:

Great Post! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. There are some very great ideas above.

John says:

That’s adorable that you got a bear like the one you had when you were little. It’s always fun to pass down things like that to children. My siblings and I each got a bear or a cabbage patch.

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