Heading into the New Year With a Tool to Stay Organized

I was waiting in line to checkout at the grocery store with two kids in tow at the time (this was before they invented grocery pickup, my new BFF). I was bribing my kids for good behavior when I realized I couldn’t pay for our groceries. I’d forgotten my wallet at home.

I resisted the urge to stomp my feet, throw a tantrum and cry my way out of the store. But I told my kids what happened and we abandoned the shopping cart.

If you’ve ever been in this situation you know how bad it sucks. Especially because let’s face it, shopping with kids is an accomplishment in and of itself, and to not be able to reap the rewards of actually bringing the groceries home–Tragic.

I live in a sort of organized chaos. But living that way means there are times I completely forget things. Whether it’s forgetting to buy something at the grocery store, or forgetting my keys in the car (and locking them inside), I’m a hot mess.

But you know how it is. Especially with a baby, when you’re running out the door there are so many things to remember: baby carrier, phone, diapers, wallet, snacks, etc etc etc.  I’ve forgotten each of these things at various outings all with embarrassing outcomes. And now there’s a new tool to help us hot mess moms be a little less messy.

It’s an organizational device called Adero. You attach a Tag to your main bag and add a taglet to each main item you want to make sure you don’t forget. When you’re ready to go a quick press of the tag will let you know if those important items are all gathered where they should be or if something is missing.

Let me break it down to a couple of personal scenarios where something like this would have saved me.

Scenario 1: Forgetting a baby carrier  

Standing around and holding a baby isn’t as easy as it looks. That’s why I’ve usually got Lee Lee wrapped in some kind of carrier. There have a been a few disastrous experiences where I forgot a carrier and had to fumble with paperwork and two big kids while shifting a baby back from hip to hip. One time I asked a friend to help hold my baby during cheer practice and my baby proceeded to spit up all over her again and again.

Had I stuck an Adero taglet on my carrier I would have been notified that I didn’t have it before we left the house. I could have stuck her in if and multitasked ok and my baby would have just spit up all over me. But it’s ok. I’m used to it.

Scenario 2: Forgetting diapers

I’m a little surprised at how often I forget diapers. It’s not that I forget to bring the diaper bag, it’s that I forget to restock it with diapers. A few weeks ago I went digging for one and only came up with one diaper that was two sizes too small. I made it work cause I had to, and prayed she wouldn’t have to go before we got home.

With Adero, I can stick a taglet to my diaper pouch to make sure that when I restock it, I remember to stick it back into my diaper bag.

Scenario 3: Forgetting my wallet

We’ve all been there. For me, my latest occurrence was after a fun afternoon out with the kids. I said we could swing by Sonic and grab dinner on the way home. After I placed the order at the intercom then waited my turn at the window I went digging into my diaper bag for my wallet… Which was nowhere to be found. That’s because it was at home, on my kitchen counter.

I profusely apologize to the teen who felt bad for me, and my kids because now they had to endure a night without french fries.

With Adero, I can always be alerted before I leave the house without my wallet, diapers and baby carrier.

It can also come in handy on business trips when you don’t want to leave without your laptop charger; help you remember to put your tennis shoes in your gym bag; or your passport before an international trip.

A fun little tool to help keep you organized this year.

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Ana says:

Jennifer, would you pay $120+ out of pocket for this device, had they not provided it to you free of charge? Please answer honestly.

Jennifer says:

Hey Ana! For a forgetful close friend or relative who’s lost countless headphones/wallet/iPads on airplanes/ in hotels or airports? Absolutely! I think it’s a neat product for forgetful people (especially if you tend to lose or forget expensive items) which is why I shared it. But feel free to ask me any more questions about it if you have any! <3

Sara Anderson says:

Very clever device!

Jennifer says:

I think it’s pretty neat too!

Great organization advices !!

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