He turned 30

I met him when he was 21. Fresh off the mission just 6 months prior. He was cute, slightly socially awkward, but oh so funny.

He swept me off my feet with his sense of compassion, a strong spirit, and good taste in music. He continues to amaze me to this day. In fact, we went out to lunch for his birthday and during our conversation I stopped and said: “Wow, you are seriously the perfect person for me…” We get each other.

Aside from being my best friend, he’s the best father. Lil’ J was beyond excited to shower him with gifts, songs, hugs and kisses all day for his birthday. She even told me to “go away” when I went in to get her this morning. Then when he went in, she exclaimed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!”

You don’t see him on my blog often, and he usually avoids the paparazzi side of me, but he agreed to let me take photos for his birthday and not complain. He’s thirty, flirty (with me) and just as hot as that adorable little RM I met 8 years ago.

A Happy Birthday to my Boo. May the next 30 years be even better than the first!

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Sharon says:

Beautiful pictures of you husband and daughter. They are such keepsakes. I love the look of pure joy on Baby J’s face. Lovely pictures….Lovely family. You are truly blessed.

Vanessa says:

awwwww Lil’J LOVES her Daddy. Such gorgeous photos… and he looks like such a lovely man. Thanks for sharing.

JJ says:

Oh so cute. Love the father/daughter interaction. Happy birthday to your hubby!

jessica says:

cutest…thing…ever! what a beautiful family you have!

So sweet! What great pictures you took. I wish you lived closer to me..I would hire you in a heartbeat!! Thanks for sharing.

Priceless pics! Happy Birthday to your hubs!

Aww these photos are soo adorable. I need to take some photos of my little one and her Daddy..

YUMMommy says:

Love the photos! Glad you all got to celebrate as a family. Wishing the Mr many more birthdays!

toi says:

lovely pictures. happy 30th to your boo and Lil J’s dad 🙂

Quiana says:

Happy birthday to your Mr! 30s are awesome =)

Emily says:

This is so great!

Kathy C. says:

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Oh my goodness… the love is so strong between those two… definitely daddy’s lil princess! Happy belated birthday to your hubby! Hope it was a blast!

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