He Says/ She Says: New Career

She says: I think I want to change careers.
He says: And do what?
She says: Be a doctor, well, a physician assistant.
He says: Why?
She says: Because I’ve always thought it would be cool to be a doctor, and rich.
He says: Well I think it would be cool to be a sports broadcaster so I’m going to quit my career and do that.
She says: Are you making fun of me?

So maybe it’s another phase of mine, but he can’t be keepin a woman down.

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Nicole says:

OMG…I have actually had this conversation with MY husband before! Yes PA and sports caster and all!! And yes he was making fun of me and made me cry…I was like 7 months pregnant LOL

Lol. Your hubs is too cool. He reminds me of mine! I keep telling my hubs that I still would like to be a cashier at wal-mart someday. It’s just something about scanning stuff while talking and figuring out what folks are cooking based on their items that appeals to me. He says I can do it as long as I don’t mind keeping both jobs. Not the point.
Anywho, PA’s have all the perks of a doctor as far as giving orders and prescriptions. The pay isn’t too bad either!

Andrea says:

My DH would be the same, I love how he always plays devil’s advocate to help me really think something through and then totally backs me up when I go for it.

PA can be an awesome job, very demanding as well, I’m sure you’d be great at it too if you decide to go for it.

Dalia says:

you and your hubby crack me up!! I know how you feel, i get the same reactions from my husband.

Mrs. K says:

That’s why God put these men in our lives. I can appreciate the realness. My hubby does it all the time. But for real, if you are REALLY thinking about becoming a doctor or PA go for it! Being a doctor is a tough job though–I am one and I’m married to one. I guess we all think about doing something different at times. My husband always wanted to be a pro baseball player but he sometimes say his future career is a math teacher or a janitor (he goes back and forth). Of course, I hope he sticks with his current day job until we at least pay off our gazillion dollars in student loans debt. I’ve always wanted to be a waitress. We’ll see 🙂

Sarah says:

I’d recommend NP over PA. I think you would miss the news though!

Kellie says:

My dream career is to be a news reporter. Can I have your job when you switch careers? Like seriously I’m just looking for a break. Majored in Journalism however I don’t have a tape to show for a job. Any advice?

Emily says:

I’m an NP and while I love my job, I’m not currently working with patients because I couldn’t find the right fit when I moved (I’m working at a college of nursing instead and love it!). Just remember that with any job in the medical field, the hours are going to be pretty sucky (long days, weekends, holidays). I have no doubt that you could do it! (Of course, there are exceptions to all rules…maybe you’d find the perfect fit!)

Your husband is hilarious! love He Says/She Says. Kinda adds humor to the book I have to read called They Say/I Say….pretty drrrry.

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